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A successful Global Civilization for all Life

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In this paper it is shown that saving humanity, all life on Earth, requires that Global Civilization be a civilizational state.

Love the world, save the world! Rise up global citizens! You are needed! Life needs you, now.

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Because of modernization, global politics today are being re-drawn along cultural lines and civilizations. And of course, Global Civilization is finally giving its historical place as the global solution to saving humanity and all other lifeforms on Earth from complete extinction. Peoples and countries with similar cultures are now interacting together. Strategies that used to produce changes as a result of ideology and superpower relations are giving way to thoughtful strategies defined by culture and civilization. The components of order in today's more complex and diverse world are found within and between civilizations. The core states of civilizations are sources of order within civilizations, and through negotiations with other core states, between civilizations.

In modern era, Western civilization, the West, is referred to the European-American civilization. The development and evolution of the West are in large part the factors which enabled the West to take the lead in modernizing itself and non-Western societies. Over time, characteristics of Western civilization have been defined by religion and moral principles, human rights, language, ancestry, history, ethnic groups, customs and laws, maintaining a meaningful independent existence, and ways of life. America is the distinct core-state civilization of the West. Inevitably, the fate of the United States and the West depends upon Americans asserting strongly once more their commitment to Western civilization and today, their commitment to the Global Civilizational state which is seen by global citizens as the guardian, custodian and embodiment of Western civilization.

Within the Global Civilizational state of Western civilization, the United States is the first rotating strong leader of the nation-states, other member states would include Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, and perhaps other nation-states from Latin America or elsewhere in the world. All nation-states within the Global Civilizational state share similar cultural commonalities and core values. These nation-states also agree to developing close forms of economic and political integration to supplement their security collaboration in NATO. Political integration also mean being part of a Global Government. A statement on Governance, and particularly on core values by America, would be a necessary prerequisite to a Global Dialogue and meeting of the nation-states interested in forming the Global Civilizational state.

As global crises of all sorts further intensify, the Global Community may have no alternative but to show solidarity and help each other out of crises, and such solidarity can only be built on the basis of harmony and moderation, and on respecting the political and cultural diversity of this troubled world. A successful Global Civilizational state for all Life on Earth is on the horizon. Let us lead the world toward a Global Civilizational state.