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Global Civilization has found that people from Wall Street live a dream life. Article for the animation.

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President Obama: concerning your speech in Montreal, June 6, as usual you were promoting the benefit of the free-market economy, democracy and capitalism systems we live in. And again, what you believe in and thinking are wrong. Listening to your speech, I also thought you knew you were wrong but still was repeating the old lines to your crowd. Those institutions we live in, business and governmental, have created wars, chaos, overconsumption, and are gradually crumbling, degrading, disintegrating, and eventually will be destroying the global life-support systems and eco-systems of our planet. We all know that. Obviously, our current way of life is unsustainable. Our ways of life gives rise to the high-energy/mass-consumption configuration of privileged societies. We need to recognize the failure of fundamental systems, and to abandon the notion that what there is to do is recalibrate the institutions that structure our lives today. And certainly, Wall Street being one of them, should be controlled to benefit society and its survival, and not for making priviledged people rich. To survive, we are the first species on Earth that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves and activities. We need to realize that the way we thought things would work out truly is gone.

Germain Dufour
June 7, 2017

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This article and its animation are an addendum to June 2017 Newsletter paper.

Can we really believe this world can go forward indefinitely, a few decades? We are seeing the end of the era of cheap fossil energy, and there is no viable large-scale replacements for that energy.

It's time for us to come to terms with reality. In the real world, Global Civilization has found that the health of the planet is not what Wall Street is showing us.

The reality is that we see more trends such as :
  • groundwater contamination;
  • high levels of toxicity in our fresh water and air;
  • topsoil loss;
  • widening inequality in the world;
  • strengthening intensity of social violence and chaos;
  • war over oil and gas, and fresh water resources, for survival;
  • extensive and more destructive floods, forest fires and weather systems;
  • the acute, penetrating, and discriminating desperation that so many people feel at every level of society;
  • widespread poverty and hunger in more than half the world population;
  • more robotic technologies replacing human beings at work and causing outrageous, scandalous, and shameful unemployment; large corporations profiting of community paying and educating the young to create such technological advances;
  • diminished source of income for raising a family;
  • climate change actually impacting major cities survival;
  • dwindling tolerance and compassion for one another;
  • world overpopulation; as population increases the respect and value of a human life is in decline;
  • human activities accelerating dangerously the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, thus altering permanently the amount of Oxygen in our atmosphere so needed for life survival;
  • insufficient protection and prevention for global health;
  • fauna and flora species disappearing at a fast rate;
  • global pollution reaching unhealthy peaks in the air, water and soils;
  • the gradual crumbling, degrading, disintegrating, and eventual destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet;
  • economic and military invasion of nations by the United States and NATO; grabbing hold of natural resources, predatory wars, pursuing and gaining power for itself being the main reasons;
  • permanent lost of the Earth's genetic heritage; it has taken several billion years of evolution on Earth to procreate, engender and bring into being trillions of lifeforms on our planet, our heritage;
  • absence of fair and democratic global governance at the United Nations and European Union;
  • the global environment and global life-support systems are critically threatened daily;
  • because of world overpopulation and our never satisfied consumer societies, natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate; agriculture faces an increasing challenge in feeding the growing world population;
  • more serious civil unrests which can include a form of protest against major socio-political problems, the breakdown of orderly society, of which examples can include: illegal parades, sit-ins, riots, sabotage, and other forms of crime; on occasions it is typically intended to be a demonstration to the public or the government, and can escalate into general chaos and a change of government; the severity of civil disorder can get out of hand leading to a riot; and
  • the world is moving towards a BRICS "gold marketplace", a "new financial architecture" which has already been built today; Russia and China have established systems to do global trade bypassing the US dollar; the USA dollar is losing values to the yuan which is progressively replacing the US dollar's reserve status with the new gold-backed system; and a Russian version of Visa/ MasterCard is being used in at least 90 percent of ATMs in Russia and are able to operate in the form of the Mir payment system.

Is this a sustainable system? Obviously, our current way of life is unsustainable. We need to recognize the failure of fundamental systems, and to abandon the notion that what there is to do is recalibrate the institutions that structure our lives today. And certainly, Wall Street should be controlled to benefit society and its survival, and not for making priviledged people rich. To survive, we are the first species on Earth that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves and activities. We need to realize that the way we thought things would work out truly is gone. Our ways of life gives rise to the high-energy/mass-consumption configuration of privileged societies. We must set-up measures to stop Wall Street speculators from benefiting from the misery of others, by punishing corrupt politicians, and by collectively understanding that bankers are rich because we have placed our money in their hands.

Ultimately, unless we begin to see the world as a whole, globally, in which things are truly interconnected, our governments will continue their hostilities, and natural resources will keep on decreasing faster, inefficiently, unproductively, and wastefully, and when the time comes for us to complain, we will be faced with the guns of the police whom we have helped to create with the payment of our taxes.

We need ways of organizing ourselves to help us live in a world with less energy and fewer material goods. We need to recover a deep sense of community that has disappeared from many of our lives. The world is in global crisis, and Global Civilization has declared a planetary state of emergency. We are exploiting our natural resources, minerals and fuels faster than we are gaining access to alternative sources. We are polluting the natural environment faster than the environment can regenerate itself to reach the level suitable for human needs and life survival on Earth. We are changing the global climate dangerously. Our attitude and way of life show a moral degradation toward the existing forms of life on the planet. It's time for us to protect what is left to protect: life itself on Earth. This was the reason for the creation of a planetary biodiversity zone.

A sustainable development in the world would mean finding a sound balance among the interactions designed to create a healthy economic growth, preserve environmental quality, make a wise use of our resources, and enhance social benefits. Free trade cannot proceed at the expense of the environment, labour rights, global rights and the sovereignty of a nation. Free trade leads to an increase in poverty by giving investor rights priority over government decision-making. Employers will be looking for more concessions from workers. Small businesses will find it more difficult to grow and compete against large corporations.

Over its long past history trade has never evolved to require from the trading partners to become completely responsible for their products from beginning to end. At the end, the product becomes a waste, and it needs to be properly dispose of. You manufacture, produce, farm or create a product, you become responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end (to the point where it actually becomes a waste; you are also responsible for the proper disposable of the waste). People in our society often argue that their manufacturing products and the trading principles or rules that regulate their actions are all legal! But what about ethical values and moral principles that protect life on Earth?!

Global Civilization ethic for a business offers fundamental moral behaviors and irrevocable standards that every corporate citizen and, to some extent if applicable, the public at large, may adapt as their own vision for life's survival on our planet. Global Civilization ethic for a business proposed here provides no direct solution for all the extensive problems of humanity. The ethic is giving humanity the moral foundation for a better corporate citizen.

Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of Global Civilization rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states. Global Civilization offers both a short term solution and a long term solution to the people of all nations to assure the survival of life on Earth. Both solutions require the acceptance of the Scale of Global Rights as our guide for survival. What would be preferable is that all nations unite amongst themselves to form a more meaningful union of nine (9) or more Global Governments. A Global Government is concerned not only with economics and trade, but also with the environment, health, agriculture, energy, food, social, cultural and many other essential aspects of community. We want each Global Government to take a larger share of responsibility of the specific region where it operates, and be more accountable to the people of that region. The Federation of Global Governments would be the place of meeting between Global Governments.

We, citizens of Global Civilization, hereby resolve to establish a federation of all nations, and to govern in accordance with Global Parliament Constitution. Global Parliament shall be composed of four (4) bodies, designated as follows:

1. the House of Elected Representatives,
2. the Federation of Global Governments,
3. the House of Advisers, and the
4. Executive Council.

A working Global Parliament Constitution is the only way for us all to guarantee essential services, Justice, and protection to every home. Global Parliament is not a World Government or Earth Government. No! It is the Federation of Global Governments. Global Parliament and its Constitution were researched and developed from fundamental principles as opposed to kitchen recipe types of Constitution that follow a set of instructions for a world parliament of some kind. Or as opposed to using the old USA Constitution with its military overtones to invading the world and lobbyists base democracy.

The very first step of the Federation, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of essential services amongst the participating member nations. The Global Protection Agency (GPA) will enforce the law, Global Law, defined in the Constitution. And that is a long term solution to the planetary state of emergency. And that is also how we can solve the global problems facing this generation, thus largely improving the quality of life of the next generations, and that is how we will bring about the event of peace amongst us all. Global Civilization has researched and developed such services. Many of them are already in operation on a small scale.

Let us participate together in all life's survival on our planet.