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Earth Community Organization (ECO)
the Global Community

Mr. Netra PRASAD Kaphle
Environment and Community Development Organization (ECDO)
Kathmandu, Nepal
South-East Asia
Environment and Community Development Organization (ECDO) is a non-government, non-profit making volunteer organization based in South East Asia Katmandu, Nepal. It received legal status on Dec.'97 and further govt.endorsed to Social Welfare Council (SWC) Kathmandu. It was formed by a group of committed, interested and experienced people who have already worked in the field of environmental awareness, bio- diversity conservation, women empowerment, Child Right and community development programs. ECDO started out as a coordination committee for all volunteer who have worked in these programs in order to work in the field of development and environmental conservation and to help strengthen and sustain the various grassroots organization and self-help groups in the different area.
Being a Non-Governmental Organization, we are very much interested to share and involved in Earth Management - all Peoples together and GCAC.Please let us to know more information on the subject matter. If there is any queries please write on following address, I would be glad to answer your queries.

for Discussion Roundtables 37, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45

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