Restoration of the planet, our home

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of the
Global Community Assessment Centre ( GCAC )
for discussion and joint action
on issues of local and global concerns

and for the restoration of the planet, our home

3. Theory, measurement, valuation and management of Sustainable Development and
the Scale of Values and measurement of the Gross Environmental Sustainable Development Index (GESDI)
3.1 Report on the measurement of the Gross Environmental Sustainable Development Index (GESDI)
3.5.1   Historical information about the site
3.5.2   The site
3.5.3   Criteria for home environmental designs to build a healthy home
3.5.4    Management of pollutants in the home
3.5.5   Waste management in the home
3.5.6   Water management in the home
3.5.7   The home transportation system
3.5.8   Shopping habits
3.5.9   Home maintenance
3.5.10    Environmental behavior when you are outdoors
3.5.11   Environmental behavior at work
3.5.12   Environmental behavior in your yard
3.5.13   Environmental sustainable community development
3.5.14   Energy auditing and management of the home
3.5.15  Energy Management and Conservation Programs in the Community
3.5.16   Air Quality in Buildings
3.5.17    Lighting System in Buildings
3.5.18    Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
3.5.19    WHMIS
3.5.20    Health and Safety Hazards
3.5.21    Occupational Health and Safety Committee
3.5.22    Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
3.5.23    National Building Code
3.5.24    Environmental Hazards
3.5.25    Building Systems Management, Operating and Maintenance Programs
3.5.26    Building Custodial Services and Minor Repairs
3.5.27    Project Management
Province of Alberta

4.1 Transboundary Assessments
4.2 Impact Assessments
4.3 Policy Assessments
4.4 Assessment of local/global indicators
4.5 Integration of local/global indicators to give a sense of direction to The Global Community
4.6 Integration of scientific understanding to policy
4.7 Management of Global Changes

5.1 Environmental Sustainable Development
5.2 Sustainable Home and Community Development
5.3 Sustainable Economic Development
5.4 Sustainable Resources Development


8.1 The Global Community Overall Picture
(i) Energy
(ii) Poverty
(iii) Land
(iv) Biodiversity
(v) Ecological
(vi) Consumption/Production
(vii) Population
(viii) Forests
(ix) Fresh Water
(x) Climate Change
(xi) Financing
(xii) Hazardous Substances/Wastes
(xiii) Ozone Depleting Substances
(xiv) Opportunity for Youth
(xv) Improving Quality of Family Life
(xvi) Developing Healthful Life Styles
(xvii) Home and community Development
8.2 Four Major Quality Systems
i) Environment
ii) People
iii) Availability of Resources
iv) Economic Development
8.3 Global Community Action 1

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