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Earth Environmental Governance can only be achieved successfully within the larger context of
Sustainable Developent and Earth Management

The environmental movement now has encompasses global aspects under the umbrella of one global Earth Ministry of the Environment, the Earth Environmental Governance. Earth Environmental Governance is the most importance and urgent challenge of the Earth Community.

Earth Environmental Governance can only be achieved successfully within the larger context of Sustainable Developent and Earth Management. All aspects are inter-related and affect one another.

A healthy environment is essential to long term prosperity and well-being, and citizens in Earth Community demand a high level of ecological protection. This is the 'raison d'etre' of the Scale of Human and Earth Rights.

In this way the Scale of Earth Rights gives us a 'sense of direction' for future planning and managing of the Earth. Earth management is now well defined and becomes a goal to achieve. We no longer waste energy and resources in things that are absolutely unimportant.

The Earth Community Organization found evident that the ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings. The stewardship of the ecological base has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global ecosystem. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. Supply chains have to be designed in a way, that the goods can enter after usage or consumption into natural or industrial recycling processes. If serious damages to persons, animals, plants and the ecosystem cannot be excluded, an action or pattern of behaviour should be refrained from. A measure for supplying goods or services should choose a path which entails the least possible impact on the ecological and social system concerned. This way functioning proven systems will not be disturbed, and  unnecessary risks will not be taken. Supply strategies consuming less resources should have preference before those enhancing more resource consumption. The Earth Community Organization has also extended the idea of sustainability to be a moral and ethical state, as well as an economic and environmental state, wherein sustainable consumption patterns respect the universal values of peace, security, justice and equity within the human relationships that exist in Earth Community. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern,  a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as oppose to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss.

Earth needs urgently a world system of governance. The United Nations fail to satisfy the needs of the people of the 21st Century. They have never improved upon the old ways and thinking of the middle of the 20th Century. Its voting system no longer satisfy the 6.157 billion people on Earth. The challenges are different and require a world organization up for dealing with the needs of all these people. Every nation member should be able to propose changes, including environmental aspects, without fear of the FIVE PERMANENT VOTING MEMBERS.

During the past several years, the Earth Community has been pleading the United Nations leaders to make changes in the UN organizational structure and ways of doing things. There has been an urgent need for fundamental changes in the United Nations organization. The world wants a true democratic world organization. The UN is not! Should we start from scratch? No! There are a lot of good things within the UN, and they need to be protected.

The Earth Community is requesting that the United Nations change its voting system to have one vote per million people. This way the rich North will have to deal with the poor in the South in order to obtain votes for decision-making. The eradication of poverty in the world will be achieved. Thousands of other good things will be achieved.

The most fundamental requirement of a world organization is a democratic voting system. Democracy must be a priority. The right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) is a human right. It should be respected. Surely, no one believes that organizations such as the European Union and the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or the like, are a substitute to a democracy. They are driven by profits only and are a form of "world anti-government".

In the Preamble of the Charter of the United Nations, it says "WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS " but in fact any of the five permanent members of the UN has the power to overthrow a proposal brought forward by any member. The words should really say "WE THE FIVE PERMANENT MEMBERS".

The Earth Community is proposing a voting system based on democracy: one vote per million people. In total there are 6104 votes. Taken apart the actual five permanent UN members would have a total of 1810 votes i.e., less than 30% of the total number of votes of 6104 votes. A basic democracy requires a 50% plus one vote for ruling.

The above calculations were counting all five permanent members together but in fact any of the five members has the power to overthrow a decision brought forward by any of the 189 Member States of the United Nations. This means 1/189 or 0.5% of the membership is more powerful than the remaining 99.5%. If that is not a dictatorship, what is it? It does not say much about democracy at the UN. More like a dictatorship of the five permanent members.

In actual fact, the general philosophy of the UN indicates that the more money a country has the more power that country has at the UN. Basically it is all about money.

The disrespect of democracy by the United Nations reflects on other worldwide organizations and their thinking with regard to Earth Management. For instance, leaders of the 34 member nations of the Organization of American States (all the independent nations in North and South Americas and the Caribbean, except Cuba) have met in Quebec City, Canada, to discuss hemispheric free trade which would eliminate trade and investment barriers on goods and services between member countries by 2005. They proposed to create the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) which would represent the world’s largest common market. Again here profit is the goal to achieve at the expense of democracy.

Why does the world needs to use and keep alive such an unfair system of voting? Fear?! Fear of the nuclear warheads madness? At the UN the five permanent members have the most destructive power of the entire world. Earth would not survive if they decide to unleash their malicious weapons of destruction. Surely democracy is not about muscles and destructive weapons. If it is then let us spell out the truth just as it is. The survival of the Earth Community and of life on Earth depends on every one being honest and responsible. Are we going to let the five permanent members put a weapon on our heads each time there is a decision to make to protect and manage the Earth Community, to create sustainable communities for future generations and to make any sound decision for the survival of our species?

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