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Interim Earth Government

Governance of the Earth
(for a model based on a democratically elected Earth government)


We define governance as the traditions and institutions by which authority in a country is exercised for the common good. This includes:

(i) the process by which those in authority are selected, monitored and replaced,
(ii) the capacity of the government to effectively manage its resources and implement sound policies with respect to the Scale of Human and Earth Rights and the belief, values, principles and aspirations of the New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium,
(iii) the respect of citizens and the state for the institutions that govern economic, environment, Earth resources, and social interactions among them,
(iv) the freedom of citizens to find new ways for the common good, and
(v) the acceptance of responsibility and accountability for our ways.

During the past decades various changes have taken place in political, economic and social institutions. Economic reforms, changes in national policies, and global concerns have contributed to redefine the roles of these institutions for sustainable development. The 'New Age Movement' is a social, political and religious movement in the sense of having a broad organizational structure and an ideology aimed at governing. The environmental movement, within the New Age Movement expresses the concerns of groups of people regarding depletion of water, clean air, climate change aspects, degradation of land and other changes in ecosystems affecting traditional patterns of natural resource exploitation. The Earth Community has taken the role of helping these groups in protecting and managing the environment by coordinating efforts.

The environmental movement now has encompasses global aspects under the umbrella of one global Earth Ministry of the Environment, the Earth Environmental Governance. Earth Environmental Governance is the most importance and urgent challenge of the Earth Community.

Earth Environmental Governance can only be achieved successfully within the larger context of Sustainable Developent and Earth Management. All aspects are inter-related and affect one another.

A healthy environment is essential to long term prosperity and well-being, and citizens in Earth Community demand a high level of ecological protection. This is the 'raison d'etre' of the Scale of Human and Earth Rights.

In this way the Scale of Earth Rights gives us a 'sense of direction' for future planning and managing of the Earth. Earth management is now well defined and becomes a goal to achieve. We no longer waste energy and resources in things that are absolutely unimportant.

The Earth Community Organization found evident that the ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings. The stewardship of the ecological base has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global ecosystem. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. Supply chains have to be designed in a way, that the goods can enter after usage or consumption into natural or industrial recycling processes. If serious damages to persons, animals, plants and the ecosystem cannot be excluded, an action or pattern of behaviour should be refrained from. A measure for supplying goods or services should choose a path which entails the least possible impact on the ecological and social system concerned. This way functioning proven systems will not be disturbed, and  unnecessary risks will not be taken. Supply strategies consuming less resources should have preference before those enhancing more resource consumption. The Earth Community Organization has also extended the idea of sustainability to be a moral and ethical state, as well as an economic and environmental state, wherein sustainable consumption patterns respect the universal values of peace, security, justice and equity within the human relationships that exist in Earth Community. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern,  a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as oppose to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss.

Morally right actions or policies are those that result in the greatest number of people. The Earth Community Organization asks how meaningful is the right of the greatest number of people if they agree to damage the ecological base of the Earth. The greatest number of people cannot and will not be allowed to supersede the rights of the ecological base of Earth.

The Earth Community Organization asks how meaningful is the right to life or to participation in political life if poverty, gender inequality, destitution and epidemics prevent individuals from enjoying freedom of movement, freedom to vote, to marry and so on? The Earth Community Organization found evident that economic and social rights are the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all other rights (other than ecological rights) recognized for human beings. This was the reason for organizing the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1 held on August 2000.: to find the best ways to sustain us all. The developing countries are having a harder time than others to achieve the exercise of these rights on a lasting basis, with the problems of economic globalization presenting new challenges. We must therefore beware of enforcing economic rights alone to the detriment of individual civil rights and the rights of all individuals to decide their own fate and the future of their country, their political rights. The universality of human rights recognizes the right of all individuals to participate in the cultural life of their community and of other country, to receive education and training, and to be informed. During the World Congress, you were asked  to list universal values that were the most important, very important, important, not so important, and values that should be let go in order to sustain all life on Earth.

The Earth Community Organization is aware that religious beliefs, traditional customs and standards could burden the sustainability of all life on Earth. They could burden Earth society or any society forever, and holds individuals in a straitjacket. We cannot accept that. No one can! There are choices to be made and you must make them. Cultures can develop and can go on developing. Even religious beliefs may evolve. We are living now and we are able to create these changes. We are at least as bright, most certainly brighter, than the people who were living thousand of years ago.  As far as the Earth Community Organization is concerned, cultural and religious differences cannot be a reason or an excuse or a pretext for not respecting human rights including and most importantly the ecological rights. Quite the contrary, all kinds of cultures may promote human rights and especially cultural rights. They are different in their achievements, but they are equal in dignity where they are expressions of  freedom. At any time or in any given place, men, women and children use their culture to invent new ways of making human rights a living reality. Diversity enriches us if it respects the dignity of each individual, and if it takes account of  human rights as a whole.

The Earth Community Organization (ECO) found a way of dealing with globalization: global ethics. In the past, corporations ruled without checks and balances. From now on global ethics will be a basic minimum to do business, and there will be checks and balances. Our judgement will be based on global ethics. Global ethics must always be grounded in realities. But realities are changing constantly and are different in different places. We live in a world that makes progress toward democracy. Ethics and morality exist only when human beings can act freely. In our free society, rights are tied to responsibilities. Corporations are committed to improvement in business performance and want to be seen as 'good corporate citizens' on a local and a global scale. Corporations have social responsibilities as they are an integral part of society. Global ethics recalls that those realities, on which others build upon, have to be protected first. ECO has found that universal values and human rights as described above were the foundation of global ethics.

ECO has now at hand the method and framework to conduct societal checks and balances of a global sustainable development. A more balanced world economy will result of annual checks and balances. Corporations will take their social responsibilities and become involved in designing, monitoring, and implementing these checks and balances. Several corporations have already done so.  Results will be taken into account in the evaluation of sustainable development. Earth Environmental Governance under the umbrella of the Earth Ministry of the Environment will evaluate and implement all aspects. Corporations are required to expand their responsibilities to include human rights, the environment, community and family aspects, safe working conditions, fair wages and sustainable consumption aspects.

Allowing the corporate sector to review their own activities and conducting their own checks and balances is like letting the fox guard the chicken coop, i.e. multinational corporations have a vested interest in making sure that they make money and go unpunished for breaking global ethics and much more. By the time we realize it was wrong to choose a world economic model based entirely on profit, it will be too late. The Earth ecosystem, our life-support system, will have been destroyed beyond repair. That is why there is a need right now of the Earth Ministry of the Environment. Even if there is no other Ministries created at this time, Earth management would be best starting now with the Earth Ministry of the Environment.

What to do about this situation? Choosing an economic model  not totally based on profit making. Choosing an economic model based on co-operation between nations. Nations of the world have co-operated together to fight terrorism now they can also co-operate to fight against an even greater threat: the destruction of the global life-support systems.

Global consumption is a very important aspect of sustainable development. Consumers should be concerned with the impact of their decisions on the environment but also on the lives, human rights and well-being of other people. Since one of the key functions of families as a social institution is to engage in production (selling their labour in return for wages) and consumption (using those wages to buy goods and services), then the role of families has impacts on sustainable consumption and development.

Just as corporations have  social responsibilities and so do consumers in societies. Consumers are socialized to improve the quality of their lives. Quality of life is a multi-dimensional, complex and very subjective concept. For instance, someone who has changed their consumption habits to better ensure that their choices will make a better quality of life for themselves, the environment and future generations, may be seen by others as having a lower or inferior quality of life since they have removed themselves from the materialistic mainstream characteristic of our consumer society. Someone may feel that an absence of violence and abuse in their life leads to a higher quality of living even though they have fewer tangible resources, money, or shelter; peace of mind and freedom from abuse has increased the quality of their daily life relative to what it was like before. There are universal quality of life values which lead to "human betterment" or the improvement of the human condition. In addition to the value of species survival (human and other living organisms), they include: adequate resources, justice and equality, freedom, and peace or balance of power. A better quality of life for all people of  Earth Community is a goal for all of us and one of our universal values.
The event of the Peoples Revolution was first discussed in May 2001 Newslette. The question we ask today "Is our species evolutionary leap for survival caused by the New Age Revolution?"

During the past thousand years humanity has lived with the "life program information" transferred into the brain via two ways: our genes, and education and upbringing (IMPRINTING theory). The mechanism of biological information protection did the rest. We are lock, stock, and barrel with the old stock. In a way! Today our species is evolving to rid itself of the old thoughts that are threatening its future and survival. This is a survival reaction and is very real. Our species will accomplish the evolutionary leap within a generation. The next step is the creation of new thoughts, thousands of them. Healthy thoughts! The kind that will sustain Earth.

Humanity has taken a new direction with globalization and the creation of planetary trade blocks. This new direction will lead to human misery and war, and our species reacts very strongly to such destructive ways. Business leaders are determined to rule the world in ways that will bring about the Peoples Revolution of the New Age.

Throughout History there have been major changes happening that have revolutionized our ways. They were social, political or religious revolutions. Political revolutions were always accompanied with deadly encounters. The most recent revolutions were the Bolshevik Revolution, French Revolution, American Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. Because of the lack of human compassion and disrespect of Earth and its community, planetary trading blocks will cause the event of the Peoples Revolution.

There is a way to make things right for all life on Earth. We have to face the fact that the New Age Revolution is here and is growing. We see today the seeds of the Revolution: the Peoples Revolution of the New Age which includes all social, political and religious aspects of our lives. All of our ways and values are changing and evolving. Unless the Peoples Revolution is given the proper guidance, it will be more deadly than all we have seen in our past history put together. We can still avoid such an encounter. Actions by government and business leaders that lead to revolution and war must be curtailed. Power based on greed is not in the best interest of humanity as it leads to the violation of human rights and destruction. This time people will revolt against the business leaders and the establishment of business. They are the new leading body of the world. Businesses have taken the role of government and now hold largely the responsibility of wrongdoings. They will be held accountable for anything from the pollution of the planet, poverty, human rights violation, resources depletion, and disasters such as flooding and climate changes.

The world we see today aims at "making a profit" the most important aspect of our lives. The European Union uses an economic model based entirely on improving its economic edge in the world. Asia is following in the same step. Now the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) would also use a similar way of dealing with the other trade blocks of the planet.

Globalization and trade blocks are at the roots of the New Age Revolution. They are causing it. Our species evolutionary leap for survival is caused by the New Age Revolution.

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