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Letter to Israel Major General Dan Halutz concerning the Global Community Arrest Warrant against you
July 19st, 2006

The person who makes the decisions in Israel now is you, Major General Dan Halutz, not the government. You are a person lacking moral inhibitions and a professional soldier. From a moral point of view there is no difference between the "rightist" Halutz and your predecessor, the "leftist" Ya'alon. You are both responsible for the brutal policy against the Palestinians. The fact that Ya'alon suddenly comes off as a moral knight in shining armor and the hero of the left is outrageous. During his tenure, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) policy toward the Palestinians was crueler than in the past. And surprise, surprise - the moment he was dismissed by the defense minister, the senior partner to this policy, the heads of the kibbutz movement, those bastions of morality, came out to protest the dismissal. The man that was responsible for dozens of targeted killings, for the destruction of hundreds of houses and the imprisonment of an entire public, is described as a man who embodies a moral Israel and an integrity that is now disappearing before our very eyes. Your appointment will therefore help rip away the remnants of the mask of morality that the IDF wears. When the man at the top of the pyramid is one who formulates his moral principles in a callous and hard fashion, it will be very difficult for the IDF to continue holding seminars on human rights, human dignity and freedom and purity of arms, or to commission an ethical code from a philosopher.

For having declared war against Lebanon, and as well for having attacked the Palestinians, there is now a Global Community Arrest Warrant against you, Major General Dan Halutz.

Israel no longer qualifies to represent a global community. It cannot be called a nation either. A nation is defined primiraly by its people, its communities, and it has a properly established government. Israel is run by a military leader who, at the moment, is you, Major General Dan Halutz. Ever since its creation by the United Nations in 1947, Israel has been at war for the gradual invasion of the Middle East by the United States. It has been given continuous amounts of money, arms, war products and equipment, war planes, weapons of mass destruction, and has used them. Therefore, Israel is a military organization and has nothing to do with a People forming a government and a nation, much less a democracy, and even less a global community.


Germain Dufour
the Global Community
Global Community Earth Government

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