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The process of developing the Charter of the Earth Community has been an ongoing process since the publication of a major research work including 450 environmental policies on Global Changes. The report was writen and published in Calgary, Canada, January 1, 1988. The report was then submitted to the United Nations, the Alberta Government, the Government of Canada and to several organizations and professionals.

This process was further continued as a part of Global 2000 held August 1-22, 2000. We had over 600 participants from 130 nations presenting 280 research papers. The theme was World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1. Proceedings are found at

There was a workshop session whose purpose was to help further design such charter. The manager of the workshop was
Mirian Vilela
Costa Rica

After the Global Dialogue all values, ideas, recommendations, comments obtained were used to obtain what you can read on our website at

Although the actual writing of some sections were from the Earth Charter, the ideas, concepts, principles were those of the Earth Community Organization since 1988 and were used by several organizations throughout the world. We allowed Ms.Vilela to submit her version in the spirit of co-operation.

The Charter of the Earth Community is still being improved upon and we certainly accept help to do so. A partnership is not what we want. A partnership is a 'made-up' concept for people who wish to control others. A trick! What we would accept is a 'symbiotical relationship'. A symbiotical relationship is probably new to everyone but in effect symbiotical relationships have existed for billions of years. They are everywhere around us in Nature and in our society. The EU is an economical symbiotical relationship. There are all types for the good of all. Doing good and the well-being of the 'other' is the basic building block of any symbiotical relationship. Life itself is about symbiotical relationships. And it is the theme of Global Dialogue 2004. Just as we have told Ms. Vilela, everyone is very welcome to participate in a workshop session related to the Charter develpment in the coming dialogue. Understand this is in the spirit of global cooperation and symbiotical relationships.

We have already developed several global ministries and we are forming Earth Government, its foundation. Someone might want become a minister whose job would be the further development of the Charter of the Earth Community. It is open to anyone with the expertise. Earth Government is only at the stage of development but it will be a reality sooner you can imagine. The world has not much choice here. Earth Security is gradually becoming a necessity, and it is only a matter of time before several other types of global cooperation (global ministries) become also a necessity. And eventually Earth Government will make a lot of sense to everyone. When that happens partnerships has everyone understand them today will no longer exist. Instead symbiotical relationships will flourish and be successful.

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