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Press Release 3
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Letter to the United Nations Secretary-General

Earth Government for Earth Community

November 1st, 2000

Kofi Annan
United Nations Secretary-General

Dear Mr. Secretary-General:

We appreciate the great work you do in the world and we thank you. Government members of the United Nations do their very best they can to keep the Peace in the world and make it a better and a safer place to be. Certainly they deserve to be thank for their effort, and we do.

The United Nations has a remarkable history. It is a most needed institution and we want its work to continue throughout the millennium.

Perhaps it is time now to improve upon the organization that are the United Nations. There is a need to change, to add one more echelon to this great organization. The world evolves very rapidly and we question the fact that most people of Earth population cannot and will not catch up with this rapid growth. Most people are not given an honest chance to life.

I was born in a country where a sustainable global society embraces universal values related to human rights, economic and social justice, respect of nature, peace, responsibility to one another, and the protection and management of the Earth. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of life within Earth Community.

In my country we recognize that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Human rights and democracy are closely intertwined. Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is one of the characteristics of a democracy. The typical fundamental freedoms of a democracy (freedom of expression, thought, assembly, and association) are themselves part of human rights. These freedoms can exist everywhere. Fundamental freedoms are far from being enjoyed by all people on Earth.

Democracy is a political system based on the participation of the people. It foresees the separation of powers among the judiciary, the legislative and the executive authorities, as well as free and regular elections. I have learned to appreciate democracy. It is a great system, the only system I would want to live in.

The United Nations organization is not a democracy. You more than anyone else know that the organization badly needs an overall upgrading. You probably see a thousand ways to improve the system but you cannot do it. Even if you could improve the system it would still not be a democratically elected government. And most people on Earth would not feel that they belong to an organization that cares. A sense of belonging is inexistent because people were not asked to elect their representatives to govern Earth. They dont feel they have a voice, a friend or friends at the United Nations. People feel cut out of what should have been a home.

One could discuss this state of affairs and perhaps you would want to participate in a Discussion Roundtable on Earth Management - all Peoples together to be held August 2002. Your insights would certainly be of a wonderful start to improvement.

During the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1, members of Earth Community (previously called The Global Community organization) and myself have thought about many ways to make the world a better place to be for all people on Earth. We believe that the one most important change that should be made is the election of a democratically elected Earth Government. We have no doubt that Earth Government would connect us all together, coordinate all efforts efficiently, and would give everyone a fair chance to life. A vote is what counts! A vote would make me feel I belong! My vote would make me feel that the United Nations have acknowledged my human rights. And if I had happened to be born in a very poor country than my vote added to the millions others in the same country would be powerful enough to bring changes for the better. I certainly hope so! Hope is what this great movement for change is about. Hope is a great thing that can give a person a will to make changes.

We call our organization Earth Community (previously called The Global Community) as we managed to make contact with people from all countries in the world. Our members are from over 90 countries. Earth Community is in the process of forming Earth Government, a truly global governing body based on universal values, global concepts and democracy. We have already started to form the Interim Earth Government. The Interim Earth Government for Earth Community will govern for as long as necessary to create the democratic structure of the government and put in place the voting system that it requires. I am the first President for the Interim Earth Government (over the past several years we have invited the whole world to participate in forming the Earth Community organization; I was the only one wanting to be President during the World Congress and the great majority of our members have accepted me; in the meantime we changed our name to Earth Government but the global concepts, universal values, democracy are all the same; just the name has changed) . There is an urgent need to fill the following positions: Vice-president, Secretary-General, Minister of Environment, Minister of Resources, Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Earth Negotiations, Minister of Earth Council and Earth Charter. There are more positions! We are proposing that the Secretary-General of the United Nations be the Secretary-General of Earth Government. Perhaps Earth Government may become or merge to become the next best thing to the United Nations organization. Again your insights would be very appreciated here.

The deadline for forming the Interim Earth Government is August 2002. Would you please consider our proposal? You are very welcome to participate in our search for a better life to... all life forms on Earth.



Germain Dufour
Interim Earth Government

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