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Earth flag
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Design of the Earth flag


A campaign to create the Earth flag is going on right now and I call upon and encourage students from all over the planet to participate in the design of the Earth flag. It will be their first unified achievement. Prices will be given during the Closing Ceremonies of Global Dialogue 2004. More information will be made available later. Interim Earth Government is accepting proposals for the position of Minister of the Earth Flag. 

Children's education is also part of the theme for this global dialogue. There is a need to train the next generation in the skills of collaborating in the future management of global change, which will be vital to survival. Students of all levels (school, college, technical, university) are invited to participate in Earth Community projects. They are asked to produce any creative work of their vision of what Earth Management - all Peoples together can accomplish ~ in the fields of zoology, biology, on history, on geography, on social and political sciences, on agriculture, energy, earth sciences, forestry, communications, wilderness, pollution, on the water supplies of the world, poverty, employment, social justice, human rights, universal values, global concepts, business and economy, availability of resources and so on. 

Design Proposals for Earth Flag

Proposal #1

Dr. Galina Gutina
Gymnasium 1532

Dr. Galina Gutina has sent the design proposal from one of her students.

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