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A grassroots process 

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The Interim Earth Government will be formed now. 

The interim Earth Government for Earth Community will govern for as long as necessary to create the democratic structure of the government and put in place the voting system that it requires. Officers and Ministers of Earth Government will be required to work as a team. Mr. Joseph-Germain Dufour was elected the first President. (He was in fact elected by acclamation during the World Congress. Over the past several years we have invited the whole world to participate in forming the Earth Community organization; during the World Congress, he was the only one wanting to be President and the great majority of our members have accepted him; in the meantime we changed our name to Earth Government but the global concepts, universal values, democracy are all the same; just the name has changed) Those interested to become officers or ministers please submit your CV, three references, and a five pages essay on why you want to become an officer or a minister. There is an urgent need to fill the following positions: Vice-president, Secretary-General, Minister of Environment, Minister of Resources, Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Earth Negotiations, Minister of Earth Council and Earth Charter. Several criteria will be taken into account: qualifications of the candidate for leadership, past record as a good citizen, no criminal records, your own financial support (we dont have any funds to pay anyone and for anything), and proven experience and competence in the position. Candidates work strictly on a volunteer basis. You are also required to have accepted in your heart and mind universal values, global concepts, democratic principles, and human rights as obtained and defined in the previous global dialogue. The immediate goals of Earth Government are to help humanity and other governments in the world. For now, several of our objectives are very similar to those of the Global Community Assessment Centre. The deadline for submission of your proposal is January 1st, 2001. 


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