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Dr. Andrej Steiner
Slovak Republic

for Discussion Roundtables 3, 4, 5, 7, 24, 26, 27, 36, and 41

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ETP Slovakia

ETP Slovakia is a non-for-profit educational and consultating organisation. ETP Slovakia is a continuation of the international USAID initiated program Environmental Training Project for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which began in 1992 in 6 CEE countries and finished in 1998. Since its foundation, ETP Slovakia has worked cross-sectorally with public authorities, non-governmental organisations, and entrepreneurs to build and strengthen their environmental management and sustainable regional development capacity.

ETP Slovakia meets the urgent need for improved communication and decision making on the local and regional level in Slovakia and other CEE countries.


To strengthen cross-sectoral and participatory approaches in sustainable development problem solving.
To develop human capacities required to change and improve strategic development.
To create space for discussion on environmental, social, and economic issues and possible solutions to problems.
To support public participation in decision-making, mainly regarding regional development and environmental issues.

Major current programs and projects

Sustainable Cities in Slovakia
This international CEE program facilitates the process of sustainable change at the local and regional level by providing city representatives tools and techniques for improving municipal environmental management.
Preparing City/Regional Representatives of CEE Countries for the EU Accession
This program focuses on building public officials' capacity in the field of EU environmental requirements for local/regional authorities.
Introducing the Environmental Management System (EMS)
This multi-sectoral project focuses on educating local government representatives on EMS principles benefits from its implementation into municipal management.
Implementing ISO 14 001 in the Management of Pilot Cities
This Slovak - USA multi-partnership project involvesETP Slovakia; four Slovak cities; the Union of Cities and Towns, Slovakia; and Barr Engineering Ltd., MN working together to achieve the goal of systematically improved municipal environmental management through implementating international standard ISO 14 001.
Preparing an Integrated Plan of Regional Sustainable Development for Underdevelped Regions in Slovakia
This fully participative and cross-sectoral program is being tested in two pilot regions in north-east Slovakia (Levoca and Sabinov).

Raising Public Awareness and NGO Consciousness of the European Union
This program works to improve environmental NGOs understanding of EU environmental policies and procedures to increase their ability to influence the accession process.
Councillosr as Guardians of Sustainable Development
This educational project increases city and regional public decision-makers awareness and accountability for sustainable development.
Your Land
This grant-giving program provides USAID technical assistance to support NGOs and small villages in four areas. community development, advocacy, women-minority-tolerance issues, and rural development.

ETP Training Activities Feature

a cross-sectoral audience when possible - local government, business, NGOs and universities intensive and interactive forms of training paired with relevant case studies, small group interaction, and experiential learning a participatory and collaborative approach capacity building of local training institutions and training of trainers

ETP Slovakia represents the Slovak Republic in the CEE network of training institutions "Environmental Management Training Centres" and is a member of ICLEI in Freiburg and a member of the network ETP - International.

ETP Slovakia's Executive Team currently consists of 12 full-time employees in two offices (Kosice-headquarters and Bratislava). The organisation also relies on approximately 30 external consultants on ETP projects. The Executive Team, which has intimate knowledge of the local, regional, social and political context, is composed of university graduates with extensive experience in innovative research projects, trainings, consultations, project design, and grant-management.
Board of Directors

Vladimir Ira, Chairman

Executive Director:
Andrej Steiner

Major Current Partners of ETP Slovakia

Association of Healthy Cities in Slovakia
Barr Engineering, Minneapolis
City of Presov, Sabinov, Levoca, Lipany, Spisska Nova Ves
Ekopolis-EPCE Foundation, Banska Bystrica
ICLEI, Freiburg
IDe&A, London
Ministry of Construction and Regional Policy, Bratislava
MVO People and Water, Kosice
MVO Sosna, Kosice
Regional Environmental Centre in Budapest and Bratislava
Sustainable Cities Campaign Office, Brussels
Technical University, Kosice
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Union of Cities and Towns in Slovakia

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