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Peace amongst nations means respecting human and Earth rights.

The Global Community Peace Movement has many inter-related components: monetary, social, economic, environmental, democracy, and peace. The Global Community Peace Movement promotes new thinking to benefit all economies and societies – the true, fair, democratic and efficient solution to poverty. The Global Community has the productive resources to eliminate poverty and injustice. Humanity is now in the process of developing the democratic and transparent communications infrastructure which can bring this about. Our approach transcends left-wing/right-wing designations. We see both conventional capitalism and socialism as being two arms of a philosophy which concentrate power in an elite, to the detriment of society as a whole. Reforming the current money system, to empower each and every person, is a first step for peace. Global Justice for all life on the planet
Along with the Earth and human rights aspects and issues GIM Earth and human rights aspects and issues the Global Community women aspects and issues are also very important. Global Community women aspects and issues

Environmental education and raising of environmental awareness are the main columns of a sustainable society.

How can there be peace without a social system that supports peace. There are changes that need to be done. Certainly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one important change to be done. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and subsequently the Human Rights Charters of many nations, were good examples of failures to humanity. We developed rights and gave them equal importance. Nothing we can apply to any real situations. Nothing real! No where in Nature do we ever observe rights of equal importance. What is truly real is the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. It is a scale of social and Earth values. Just think about a situation where a group of people are watching a basketball game. Suddenly someone observed a hole in the roof and a dangerous structural fault. The roof is likely to fall anytime soon. That someone gives the alarm. Now what is the most important thing to do right now? If you think like someone with a good common sense, the most important thing to do right now is of course to have everyone out of the building. But if you think like those who developed the Declaration, you would still be watching the game (making sure that all basketball players follow the rules of the game as they have the same rights) and you would be dying later on along with everyone else in the building. Not a good scenario!

Scale of Human and Earth Rights

The scale of social and Earth values

What if it is a deadly gas coming into the building? a fire? an earthquake? a flood? What if the building is the Earth, home to all life we know of. What about climate change?! Green gases causing it. Deadly gases! The Kyoto Protocol is giving the alarm! What is the most important thing to do? That is the purpose of the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. It tells you what are the most important rights to sustain humanity now and in the coming future. An analysis has shown that the Declaration of Human Rights and Charters of Nations all over the world dont even consider these important rights. They are not even included. All because those who developed the Declaration were living in a different world where we live, where human beings live on Earth. They lived in an imaginary space where everything is just as important as everything else.

We have to rectify their failures of helping humanity. We have to throw away the Declaration and Charters, and adopt the Scale. Simple as that! The Declaration is another initiative of the U.N. organization and is a complete failure to helping humanity and all life.

What needs to be done is to replace the Declaration by the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. Scale of Human and Earth Rights in the Global Constitution

The Scale of Human and Earth Rights contains six (6) sections. Section 1 has more importance than all other sections below, and so on.

Concerning sections 1, 2, and 3, it shall be Global Governments highest priority to guarantee these rights to their respective Member Nations and to have proper legislation and implement and enforce global law as it applies and as shown in the Global Constitution.

Section  1.    Ecological rights and the protection of the global life-support systems

Section  2.    Primordial human rights

  • safety and security
  • have shelter
  • 'clean' energy
  • a 'clean' and healthy environment
  • drink fresh water
  • breath clean air
  • eat a balance diet and
  • basic clothing.

Section  3.    The ecological rights, the protection of the global life-support systems and the primordial human rights of future generations

Concerning Sections 4, 5 and 6, it shall be the aim of Global Governments to secure these other rights for all global citizens within their respective Member Nations but without immediate guarantee of universal achievement and enforcement. These rights are defined as Directive Principles, obligating the Global Governments to pursue every reasonable means for universal realization and implementation.

Section  4.    Community rights, rights of direct democracy, and the right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) and after voting representatives democratically

Section  5.    Economic rights (business and consumer rights, and their responsibilities and accountabilities) and social rights (civil and political rights)

Section  6.    Cultural rights and religious rights

Our investigation has shown that in the past very little importance was ever given to Sections 1,2,3, and 4 of the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. And it is made clear how urgent it is to replace both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Charters from all nations by the Scale of Human and Earth Rights.

Governments all over the world would then be required to offer their citizens universal health care, education, retirement security and employment services. In fact, they will be required to offer what is described in Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Scale, and do whatever possible to give their citizens what is described in the remaining sections.

Implemented through the Global Community with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states, the Global Community offers a practicable starting point for achieving:

(a)     a healthful, sustainable environment for every global community citizen,

(b)     universal health care, publicly supported,

(c)     education for all based upon individual capability,

(d)     creative/productive employment for every global community citizen, and

(e)     post-retirement security.

This effort will lead over time to an escalation of human and Earth values and symbiotical relationships transcending money centered economics.

The Global Community has developed a program that takes into account personal, social and environmental aspects when helping people, in particular children and youth, to adapt to changing ecological, social, economical, political and other conditions. Environmental education provides a person with knowledge on and responsibility for the state of the environment, provides guidelines how to behave appropriately.

Environmental education and raising of environmental awareness are the main columns of a sustainable society. Environmental films stimulate the emotional perception of ecological problems and motivate people’s action according to their moral principles and hence inspire them to preserve the environment for future generations. And this is very important. If mankind wants to survive, it must take immediate action. Video film demonstrations promote keen emotional perception and understanding of the present ecological problems, encourage interesting discussions and, most important, the wish to solve problems.

Earth rights are ecological rights and the rights that the Global Community has in protecting the global life-support systems. Earth rights are those rights that demonstrate the connection between human well-being and a sound environment. They include individuals and global communities human rights and the rights to a clean environment, and participation in development decisions. We define ecological rights as those rights of the ecosystem of the Earth beyond human purpose. They are those rights that protect and preserve the ecological heritage of the Earth for future generations.

Earth rights are the rights to life on Earth.
In order to build a sustainable global community, each individual, each local community, and national governments of the world must initiate their commitment to the Global Community, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.

In connection between human well-being and a sound environment, Earth rights are ecological rights and the rights that human beings have in protecting their global life-support systems. Earth rights are those rights that demonstrate the connection between human well-being and a sound environment. They include individuals and global communities human rights and the rights to a clean environment, and participation in development decisions. We define ecological rights as those rights of the ecosystem of the Earth beyond human purpose. They are those rights that protect and preserve the ecological heritage of the Earth for future generations. The Earth Court of Justice guarantees ecological rights in its Statute. The Court guarantees also the rights to a safe environment and an environment free from environmental degradation.

Earth rights are the rights to life on Earth.

Life often involves tensions between important values. This can mean difficult choices. However, we must find ways to harmonize diversity with unity, the exercise of freedom with the common good, short-term objectives with long-term goals. Every individual, family, organization, and community has a vital role to play. The arts, sciences, religions, educational institutions, media, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and governments are all called to offer creative leadership. The partnership of government, civil society, and business is essential for effective governance.

In order to build a sustainable global community, each individual, each local community, and national governments of the world must initiate their commitment to the Global Community, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of the Global Constitution principles and values with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.

Some of the principles and values are shown here.

1)     Respect Earth and life in all its diversity

a.     Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings.
b.     Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual potential of humanity.

2)     Care for the community of life with understanding, compassion, and love

a.     Accept that with the right to own, manage, and use natural resources comes the duty to prevent environmental harm and to protect the rights of people.
b.     Affirm that with increased freedom, knowledge, and power comes increased responsibility to promote the common good.

3)     Build democratic societies that are just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful

a.     Ensure that communities at all levels guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms and provide Every member of a global community an opportunity to realize his or her full potential.
b.     Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and meaningful livelihood that is ecologically responsible.

4)     Secure Earth's bounty and beauty for present and future generations

a.     Recognize that the freedom of action of each generation is qualified by the needs of future generations.
b.     Transmit to future generations values, traditions, and institutions that support the long-term flourishing of Earth's human and ecological communities.

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ever wonder why proponents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Charter of Human Rights of nations all over the world have never stood up against the invasion of Iraq?

Why the United Nations never put up hard sanctions against the USA for invading Iraq? Ever wonder about that?!

When you think about it the answer is very simple. Because from its beginning the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was designed and promoted by Americans and their friends. After a long and painstaking lobbying by the USA and their friends, it was then ratified by the UN. One could go in more historical details to show how this has happened. The point here is that very powerful American (and friends) lobbying groups actually created the UN and subsequently had the Declaration ratified. There is nothing new here. That is how it happened back then.

One could say that the Declaration is a good thing, and it actually helps a lot of people in the world. And that is true! It does help in many situations. Back then it was about helping the Jews still alive after WWII. To help the Jews, the creation of the State of Israel was one of the very first actions made by the UN. The UN only needed the approval of the five permanent members. It did not matter that over one billion people never approved the creation of the State of Israel. They never had a chance to vote.

Now where are we going with this?

By creating the State of Israel, the United Nations have perpetuated the archaic concept of land ownership, a concept that is threatening security in the world and all life on Earth. The UN never had a human criteria for the creation of a new nation. Israel was created by the United Nations because the United Nations still operate following precepts that were brougth forward 2000 years ago by the Roman Empire. The high concrete wall that the people of Israel have built around themselves is truly a remarquable acceptance of those precepts. In many ways, the UN is responsible of the erection of this wall around the State of Israel. It is best for humanity and the increasing world population to see ourselves as people living together or far apart but in constant communication with each other. A global community has no boundaries except of those of the heart, mind and Soul. Many conflicts and wars will be avoided by seeing ourselves as people with a heart, a mind and a Soul (a global community), and as part of a global community with the same.

All along the people of Israel claimed that their human rights were not being respected, and they needed help. So the powerful US military lobbying groups requested that the UN participate in defending Israel. And ever since its ratification, we saw many different people using the Declaration to suit themselves. Not that it was not used properly but because it was there, and they could get help. And I suppose we could say the same thing about the Charters of Human Rights of most nations around the world.

We still dont know where we are going with this. Be patient!

I always thought there was something wrong about the Declaration and the Charters but I was never quite able to put my finger on what was wrong with them. They never felt right to me but was never sure why. Let us investigate further! Oh by the way! This discussion is part of Global Dialogue 2006. Feel free to get into the dialogue.

What do we know?

1.    The five permanent members (USA, France, UK, China and Russia) of the UN designed and ratified the Declaration.
2.    The Declaration was meant to help the minority groups, and individuals as well, in needs of help against human rights abuses.
3.    Human rights were defined in the Declaration.
4.    The State of Israel was said to have been created because Jews human rights had been violated during WWII.
5.    Over one billion Moslims and Arabs were never given the right to vote NO to the creation of Israel.
6.    A lot of these Moselms and Arabs had a lot to do with the defeat of the Hitler Germans during WWII.
7.    A large portion of the oil & gas from the Middle East was used to help propel the war ships and planes that defeated the Germans.
8.    So in effect that one billion Moslims and Arabs were friends of ours or allies.

How is it possible that the five permanent members voted for the creation of Israel when in fact the land of Israel was a part of the land already belonging to that one billion Moslims and Arabs. The land had and, of course, still has a religious dimension, not just from a Jew perspective but also from other religions as well. So why voted to give it to a very specific religious group? Why was it given at all? Religious groups could have managed it without having created the State of Israel. Back in 1947, the United Nations should not have created the State of Israel because in doing so it was giving a land to a People, the Jewish People, a specific religious group, and telling the other religious groups to butt out. Instead the UN should have help creating an organization that would have included all religious groups and civil society, and set up an appropriate criteria to have them manage the region.

Everyone is afraid to face the problem because we all know something don't add up here. What piece of the puzzle is missing? What makes everyone so uptight when discussing the problem?

Self-interests! Simple as that! Self-interests from each one of those involved here. And everyone is involved, really! All life included!

Jews said that the land is theirs because God gave it to them, and they need a homeland.

Moslims and Arabs
Moslims and Arabs say the land was always theirs. Their rights were not considered by the five permanent members, and they should have had the right to vote NO. The process of creating a new nation was not defined anywhere. No principles were used. No Justice!

Palestinians say now they are refugees on their homeland.

Americans say they needed to create the State of Israel because they needed someone in the Middle East to stand for the USA. Why? Obviously to protect the supply of oil & gas shipments to the USA. It was also a military strategy. In exchange for defending the US interests in the Middle East, the US would help Israel with a continuous supply of money and with all the arms in the world, including nuclear. Plenty of money to make by selling arms to the Middle East nations. By taking over the Middle East economically and militarily, Americans would have a strong base to send Russia and China to kingdom come with nuclear war heads. So Israel was their Trojan Horse for the economic and military invasion of the Middle East and eventually the world. It seems to have worked out that way, so far. Today Israel is somewhat obsolete because Americans are in Iraq and will stay in Iraq for as long as there is money to make selling arms and oil & gas to have. But they said they were there to build a democracy. Well! Ya! That too! Have I missed something?! Gees! No, the idea of building democracy in the Middle East is for the good souls back home in America, you know those people back home who don't have a clue about what is going on, or pretend that they dont. Americans are in the Middle East for the long haul. The war industry in America needs to be in the Middle East, that is where the money is. The war industry in America gives jobs to about one third of the American population. So it is a matter of survival. And, by the way, you work for the war industry in any way at all, even voting for a White House foreign policy maker promoting war as a soltion to a problem, you are a soldier, just the same as the soldier pulling the trigger in the Middle East. So if war comes to America, you are not a 'civilian' but a soldier. In our estimate, that includes no less than one-third of the American population. During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, and Israel were the countries that sold arms to the people of the Middle East and to Afghanistan. They have shown no ethical and moral values in the activities of their trade. They have made trade a despicable act of dealing with one another between human beings and between nations. No laws! No regulations! No ethics! No moral responsibility and accountability! Everyone has the "freedom" of destroying the global life-support systems! Everyone has the "freedom" of human rights abuses! Now pollution, diseases, terrorism, poverty, social and economic injustice have no boundaries. Now, being in Iraq, Americans will have the opportunity to invade China. Invade China...!! Who said that?! Now, now! I did not say bombing China with thousand of nuclear war heads. That would be stupid! No, it will not happen that way. What have I said, money. Ya! Americans will get the Chinese people to work for them. Let the cow gives all its milk. How is that possible?? Very simple! And Americans have got very good at that. Get them to buy arms and make sure they kill each others in the process. Americans have mastered the arts of war from way back when. They have already made trillions of dollars in the Middle East. Everyone has been buying their arms. So China is the biggies. Lots of money to make. First, they will allow China to get their oil & gas from Iran. The chinese economy will be good because they have energy and the base products, oil & gas, from which they can make plastics. And with plastics they can manufacture all kinds of toys such as computers. Thousands of different products make use of plastics. Now the American have passed legislation to allow rich, powerful, American corporations to invest in China. Why?! Because of cheap labour! No environmental costs! Many reasons. The facts are that China now is working for American corporations. Now this is when the American war industry gets into the picture. They have to sell arms to the Chinese people. And how are they going to do that?! The war industry have had plenty of learning in the Middle East. They will make sure that a Chinese province or community is at war against another Chinese community. You know, there has to be a reason why people hate each other. So creating hate between the Chinese people will be a priority. Create a chaos! Remember the Iran-Iraq war... So easy! So well masterminded! If they hate one another then they will want to kill each other. This is when the American (and British) war industry sell their arms. So in effect, they all work for America. Yep! Cheap labour! And they all can go to kingdom come! And then America will bring up the flags of fighting for the establishment of democracy, freedoms, and 'whatnots'. Americans back home will love it! It is so pathetic that one would want to cry. People used to look up to America. But now Americans are just killers, criminals, invaders, predators, and arms dealers. It is not just about survival. It is about a civilization gone so bad that its people would do anything for money.

The British people have had their days (and centuries) in East India, China and the Middle East for a long time. They would rather let Americans to be in the Middle East protecting everyone supplies of oil & gas. Today, the British people would prefer planting primroses in their back garderns. Good for the soul! And again for the British, plenty of money to make by selling arms to the Middle East nations, and why not, to China. Heh! President Bush, said Blair, is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ally. President Bush is doing a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful job for humanity, democracy and freedoms. Gees! I just hope we can sell a hundred war planes to the Chinese, said Blair to himself. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful opportunity! Yep! Yep! Since we are in Iraq for the long haul we might as well make sure that our newly 'made-up' democratically elected Iraqi government buys our arms as well. Lots of them! We have to get ride of the terrorists. Democracy must succeed. We will also make a lot of money rebuilding Iraq. After the first bombing of Iraq, we had to kick out the German engineers, they were making all that money, and we were not. Ha! Everything is so, so, wonderful, wonderful and wonderful. Yep! Yep!

Russia, China and India
Of course, Russia, China and India don't like what is happening in the Middle East. They don't trust the US. China and India need the oil & gas very badly for their own economic growth and are not about to let the Americans invade Iran, or even bomb Iran. It is a matter of survival. Russia is actually making good money rebuilding Iran and don't want Americans coming along disturbing their taken, or even having to share it.

The United Nations
The United Nations stand by and do nothing. Why? Because the five permanent members are running the place. The US could invade Canada tomorrow for no reason at all and the UN would still stand by and do nothing. The UN is a non-existing entity. No life there whatsoever! Most member nations of the UN don't have a clue about what is going on. If and when they do they would rather close their eyes. Bullying is going on at the UN, and it comes from the five permanent members running the show at the expenses of the world. There is no democracy at the UN! No Justice! The UN raises up the flag of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights whenever it suits its own image. Gosh! It is so ridiculous! Even the US claims human rights abuses in the Middle East, and they say it is the reason why they are invading the region. And the UN goes for it! It is the most ridiculous lie to the world Americans could have come up with. And the world swallowed it. Powerful lobbying groups and nations practically run the UN. Many good examples! Remember when China had to vote for or against the invasion of Afghanistan. Four of the five UN Permanent Members, the United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia, had already agreed to invade Afghanistan. They got China, the fifth Permanent Member of the UN, to vote YES to invade Afghanistan, in exchange of China getting its membership into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Now if that is not a powerful lobbying what is it?! God knows what else is going in the backgound we are not told... I suspect that what is happening in the Middle East and the involvement of nations such as America, China, Russia and India has been thought about a long time ago. The Global Community does not allow powerful lobbying groups to govern the planet. It does not mean that there will not be any lobbying in the Global Community. It means all lobbying groups, and many other NGOs, professionals, etc, will be a part of the House of Advisors. Lobbying was further restricted by the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act.

All life on the planet
War is not sustainable. It never was. The military option, war, is against global sustainability and global peace in a big way. The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Farm products in fields and livestock are abandoned, there is no more control on toxic wastes, and water, air, and land are polluted. People are displaced and feel no longer responsible for the quality of life in their communities. Historically, the industrialized nations have caused the most damage to the environment, with their careless technology and policies. Emissions from factories and vehicles have caused ozone depletion, acid rain, and dangerous greenhouse gases have forced the global warming of the planet and the climate to change dangerously, the worst threat to humanity and all life. Leaders of the wealthier nations must be willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and to help pay the financial burden for environmental protection of the developing nations. This is the most damaging conflict of interests between the rich industrialized countries and those that are poor and struggling just for existence. The Global Community helps wealthy and poorer nations reach a better understanding of each other's needs. All aspects are interrelated: global peace, global sustainability, human and Earth rights and the environment. The poor is more concerned with ending starvation, finding a proper shelter and employment, and helping their children to survive. Environmental issues become meaningless to the poor. In reality, all concerns are interrelated. As soon as the environment is destroyed beyond repair, human suffering is next. Ecology has no boundaries. All nations suffer the effects of air pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, acid rain, ozone depletion, silting of streams, and countless of other environmental problems. This was the reason for developing the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. It allows humanity to see life on Earth in its right place and shows us how to protect it. The Scale gives a mean to arrest a new type of criminals because destroying the global life-support systems is a criminal act and must be punished severily.

Now! We still dont know where we are going with this. Be a bit more patient!

So far, we have established that the Declaration is non-valid. And by default so are the Charters of all nations. We have established that the Declaration was used by powerful interest groups, for greed, for creating a new nation, and for invading nations, including the Middle East nations. Actually one could really come up with a lot of concrete examples to prove what we are saying here.

The Declaration is supposed to help a person be a better human being. And in doing so it would help humanity. The Declaration resides in the fact that it gives equal emphasis to cultural rights, economic and social rights, and civil and political rights.  But then how meaningful is the right to life or to participation in political life if the ecological base (the base of life) and the global life-support systems are seriously threatened:

*    wilderness is vastly disappearing; species of the fauna and flora becoming extinct
*    fisheries are out of control and will cease to be a part of our diet within a few decades
*    the global Oxygen supply in the air we breathe is dangerously affected by both the burning of petroleum products and deforestation; our ways of life affect the capacity for photosynthesis
*    losses of forest cover and of biological diversity
*    climate change affects everyone and everything
*    the ozone layer is dangerously damaged by man-made chemicals
*    global warming causes major local and global problems and forces the climate to change
*    our drinking (fresh) water is becoming more polluted and the increase in population requires much more fresh unpolluted water;our ways of life affect dangerously the water cycle
*    clean air no longer exists; air contains chemicals affecting life all over the planet
*    farmers do not generally engage on their own in investment in soil conservation and despite all other efforts the world is losing its best soils; global food production systems should be made to feed people as oppose to be competing for money
*    everyone wants to consume more products, and thus use more of our resources, and no one seems to know what to do with wastes; wastes of all kind including nuclear and release of radiation
*    wars destroy not only human lives and community infrastructures but also other lifeforms and the environment; wars feed the economies of war makers, weapons manufacturers, and predator nations in control of the last 100 hundred years left of oil supplies in the world
*    chemicals produced for human use and not found in nature and, eventually, reaching the environment with impacts on Earth's waters, soils, air, and ecology

I found evident that the ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings. The stewardship of the ecological base has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global ecosystem. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. Supply chains have to be designed in a way, that the goods can enter after usage or consumption into natural or industrial recycling processes. If serious damages to persons, animals, plants and the ecosystem cannot be excluded, an action or pattern of behaviour should be refrained from. A measure for supplying goods or services should choose a path which entails the least possible impact on the ecological and social system concerned. This way functioning proven systems will not be disturbed, and  unnecessary risks will not be taken. Supply strategies consuming less resources should have preference before those enhancing more resource consumption. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern,  a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as opposed to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss.

The Global Community organization aims at representing every human being on Earth. That is truly a Revolution. If true revolution changes the rules on how to change the rules, then we must arrive at global concepts that transform the very concept of the Global Community. That is exactly what the Global Community organization has been doing over the past two decades: researching, developing and promoting new global concepts now shown on our websites. Back in 1985, we have defined the expression 'the Global Community' as that being:
"The Global Community is defined as being all that exits or occurs at any location at any time between the Ozone layer above and the core of the planet below." Glass Bubble concept of a global community
and that included all of humanity and all life on the planet, past, present and future. The Global Community is this great, wide, wonderful world made of all these diverse global communities we see everywhere.

The Global Community organization will bring proper changes to help humanity and all life on the planet. We will not be able to fix all the problems our ways of life have created but we will have a better chance of survival as a species. Global peace is the end product of our efforts.

Once a member state is with the Global Community , those rights are ours to protect.

Responsible and accountable government and global citizens are what humanity needs. Accountability of all global citizens, including in business and trade. The Global Community deserves nothing less. "We the Peoples" want an accountable global leadership.

It is the Global Community ’s commitment to make government and global citizens responsible and accountable. The Global Constitution can certified to that commitment.

Governance of the Earth will make the rule of arbitrary power--economic (G8 Summit, WTO, FTAA, NAFTA, EU), political (UN), or military (U.S.A. and NATO)-- subjected to the rule of Global Law within the global civil society, the human family. Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant. Earth governance does not imply a lost of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. A nation government can exists within the framework of an effective Global Community Earth Government Global Community Earth Government protecting common global values and humanity heritage. Earth governance gives a new meaning to the notions of territoriality, and non-intervention in a state way of life, and it is about protecting the cultural heritage of a state. Diversity of cultural, religion, and ethnic groups is an important aspect of Earth governance. Earth governance is a balance between the rights of states with rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of the the Global Community, the human family, the global civil society. Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of the Global Community rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states. Although the Global Community ensures state governments that it will obey the principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs, it will also stand for the rights and interests of the people within individual states in which the security of people is extensively endangered. A global consensus to that effect will be agreed upon by all Member States.

The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

The Global Community has established the criteria of 'a global community of a million people'. There is no need of having a piece of land at all costs. We have shown that a community is not about a piece of land you acquired by force or otherwise. A typical global community may be what a group of people, together, wants it to be. It can be a group of people with the same values. It can be a group of people with the same cultural background, or the same religious background. Or it can be people with different values, cultural background or religious values and beliefs. The people making a global community may be living in many different locations on the planet. With today's communications it is easy to group people in this fashion. It can be a village, or two villages together where people have decided to unite as one global community. The two villages may be found in different parts of the world. It can be a town, a city, or a nation. It can be two or more nations together.

A global symbiotical relationship between two or more nations, or between two or more global communities, can have trade as the major aspect of the relationship or it can have as many other aspects as agreed by the people involved. The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.

The emphasis of a global symbiotical relationship is not so much on how much money a nation should have or how high a GDP should be although money can be made a part of the relationship. We all know developed countries live off developing countries so the emphasis has no need to stress out the profit a rich nation is making off a poor nation. The emphasis of the relationship should give more importance to the other aspects such as quality of life, protection of the environment and of the global life-support systems, the entrenchment of the Scale of Human and Earth Rights and Global Law into our ways of life, justice, peace, cultural and spiritual freedom, security, and many other important aspects as described in the global ministries (health, agriculture, energy, trade, resources, etc.).

A typical community of a million people does not have to be bounded by a geographical or political border. It can be a million people living in many different locations all over the world. The Global Community is thus more fluid and dynamic. We need to let go the archaic ways of seeing a community as the street where we live and contained by a border. It is best for humanity and the increasing world population to see ourselves as people living together or far apart but in constant communication with each other. A community has no boundaries except of those of the heart, mind and Soul. Many conflicts and wars will be avoided by seeing ourselves as people with a heart, a mind and a Soul (a global community), and as part of a community with the same. You should seek forming a Global Government (GG) with nations of similar beliefs and interests. We should seek to de-centralize the Global Community by creating GGs.
In the past, the Global Government of North America (GGNA) has given its support to Israel by accepting the State of Israel as a member nation of the GGNA. But now this is no longer the case. Israel is no longer a nation and had to be dropped from the group of nations forming the GGNA. Global Parliament has categorically rejected Israel.

Global Government of North America

Some important members of the Global Community: the global civil society, the Earth Community, the human family, all different ways of expressing the same people. The global civil society is made of people from all aspects of life who have a greater understanding of the problem whatever it may be. The global civil society is the mind, heart and Soul of Humanity, the human family. They maybe NGOs, businesses, agencies, scientists and professionals, religious groups, or other groups. They have a voting right during all meetings of Global Parliament. They are given an important status in the Global Community . And that is the 'raison d'etre' of the House of Advisors in the Global Community . You will be required to send representatives to your House of Advisors. In this way, The Global Community has made lobbying restricted by the Global Constitution and Global Law. The Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act defines further the conditions and limits of lobbying groups.

The Global Community is promoting the settling of disputes between nations through the process of the Earth Court of Justice. Justice for all is what we want. Justice is a universal value for anyone, anywhere, and in any situations. Justice is to be applied to the military as well. Everyone! Every business and organization!

A very important Global Community legislation is the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act which, after its approval by Global Parliament, will define rights, responsibility and accountability of all global citizens. Each and everyone of us will make decisions, deal with one another, and basically conduct our actions as per the Act.

The best way to win the war against terrorism is to live a life with principles and showing by example. We need to educate the coming generations with good principles, being compassionate, and sustainability being some of them. The Preamble and the first few Chapters of the Global Constitution do define and describes in details those principles.

All religions are required to conduct positive actions for peace, join the Global Citizens Peace Movement, and re-examine scriptures, precepts, practices, ethical and moral values in light of ecological concerns. The global community is facing a global environmental crisis. It is very important that every person on Earth accept of being part of the process in protecting the global life-support systems. The ecological crisis is as much about saving children as it is about saving other lifeforms on the planet. Our objective is to find statements from all religions that promote the respect, stewardship, protection, ethical and moral responsibility to life and of the environment, the Earth global life-support systems, and statements that promote a responsible earth management. We are also asking for specific statements on environmental conservation such as those expressed by the Islamic religion.

The war industry is the "mother of all evils" of our world. It must be shelved. War products and equipment and weapons of mass destruction from all nations must be decommissioned. Join the Global Citizens Peace Movement. Today the war industry is exploiting the issue of terrorism for profit. Everyone knows terrorism cannot be fought by conventional warfare but that would not deter the industry from saying it is the best way to get rid of terrorists. Our governments are now spending tax dollars used for social and environmental programs and services to pay for more war products and equipment. Terrorists have committed the horrible acts of september 11 because the war industry brought terror in their homeland and is continuing to do so today in Afghanistan, in the Middle East, and in Palestine. In the "Letter to the people of the Middle East", the Global Community has asked Muslims not to buy war products and equipment from the West or from any country in the world. The only way to fight evil is by not buying its products. The industry should die eventually, hopefully. But now the war industry is organizating a massive international media campaign to make taxpayers pay for their expenses. More illusions about protecting the humble people from nuclear war heads being sent from one continent to another. The terrorist act of September 11 has shown that if terrorists wanted to use war heads they would not use intercontinental missiles. Throughout the 20th Century, the war industry has created the worse evil humanity has ever encountered: the business of conflicts and wars. It is a business that has made trillions of dollars (American) and will continue to do so. It is the "mother of all evils" created by human beings. It has no moral value, no understanding about Life, no respect for anyone or anything, no law except the ones that it makes for itself, and all its products are meant to kill and destroy. It has sold its products to the enemies for the purpose of making more profit. It has subdued governments all over the world to make them buy its products. It has given trade and way of doing business a bad reputation and, therefore, it is a threat to the establisment of business. Although the war industry has a good public image, it does not really matter who is the buyer as long as he pays good money. The proof of this reality was easily verified by finding out what war products and equipment were being used by Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle East countries. Over 90% of all war products and equipment were made in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia. Four out of five of these countries are Permanent Members of the United Nations and that means they have a 100% control on any proposal submitted to the organization. The fifth Permanent Member missing here is China. Shortly after the September 11 event, the UN Security Council has approved war against the people of Afghanistan. To get China to vote YES they gave China a membership in the World Trade Organization(WTO).

The Global Community is promoting the settling of disputes between nations through the process of the Earth Court of Justice.

On the Scale of Human and Earth Rights wars are the worst criminal offenses.

War is the greatest violation of human rights that one people can inflict on another. It brings deaths and injuries, starvation, diseases, millions of people losing their homes and livelihoods, and massive destruction of property. Children and teenagers are placed in internment camps, and several are often forced to serve as soldiers. War not only corrupts the morals of soldiers, it leads to a decline in the morality of the whole nation. Political and military leaders are always convinced that their particular war is justified. From their point of view, there are several reasons to go to war: loyalty to allies, religion, a thirst for power, greed, ancient grievances to be settled, or the desire to alleviate suffering among their people. A nonviolent settlement to a conflict would always be more advantageous. War is self-defeating because it cannot secure what it sets out to achieve, protection against attack. The hatred for the enemy whipped up by war and the desire for revenge among the losers leads to an accursed vicious circle from which there is no escape. The difference between agressive and defensive, or just and unjust wars, is ridiculous. They are tags each side adopted to suit its interests. War and militarism destroy civil liberties within a nation.

What happens to a person's conscience when he/she wears the uniform of the soldier? It is enslaved to the state. He must kill when ordered. No government, whether democratic or despotic, can allow the soldier to decide what to do according to his conscience. That would undermine discipline and the power to fight.

The Global Community claims that everyone on Earth should be able to live in peace. This peace mouvement is about courage. Not the courage it takes to go into battle but the courage to organize resistance to war when a bloody taste for it inflames the world, and the threat of prison in a nation where the human rights and freedom of expression have diminished significantly. It is about the courage to say NO to the war industry. It is an industry that destroys life on Earth, corrupts society, and violates morality. Military intervention in the affairs of other nations is wrong. There are other ways, there are peaceful ways, ways that are not based on profit-making and the gain of power for itself. We are conscientious objectors, "nonresistants". That word comes from Jesus, opposing the use of violence: "Ye have heard that it hath been said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: but I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

The axe of evil: the war industry, our consumer-driven society and money. Together they bring up the worst in every human being.

The evil is the war industry. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus develops the ethic of nonviolence and love of the enemies. Early Christians were probably the first individuals to renounce participation in war unconditionally. "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." And he told Peter, "All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." Christ has taught us to show mercy, to forgive enemies, to put up patiently with oppression, to return only good for evil and love for hatred and, therefore, war is inconsistent with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. This shows that a Christian should take no part in war, never, in any way. This all means that violence is futile in the long run. To respond to violence with violence is only perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence.

God prohibits killing, and no exception at all ought to be made to the commandment that it is always wrong to kill. The sanctity of human life is unconditional. A short while ago God, Allah, has spoken to humanity once more. The New Revelations are His Word. His Revelations are to be added to previous ones revealed thousands of years ago. Together they are God's Word, and they will guide humanity for the thousands of years to come. His Word reinforce His compassion and love for humanity and His care for all living inhabitants on Earth and of Earth itself. God has said:

"Thou shall banish war as a solution to problems between communities. All Souls involved with war, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified. All Souls involved in the making of weapons, war product and equipment shall be facing the Soul of Humanity."

There are several reasons for objecting to war: religious, moral and political. People have different degrees of refusal to go to war. Absolute pacifists, such as the Global Citizens, will not cooperate with any preparation for war as decided by the war industry, let alone war itself. Others will accept some kinds of service so long as they are not forced to fight. And others are willing to fight in "just wars." The idea of the "just war" began with St. Augustine. Late in the fourth century he argued that the good Christian, barred from doing violence on his own behalf, could take arms in a war that was just. Several theologians now say that the standards for a just war are:

a)     War must be the last resort and used only after other means have failed.
b)     War must be declared to redress rights actually violated or for defense against unjust demands backed by the threat of force. It must not be fought simply to satisfy national pride or to further economic or territorial gain.
c)     The war must be openly and legally declared by a legal government.
d)     There must be a reasonable chance of winning.
e)     The means used must be in proportion to the ends sought.
f)     Soldiers must distinguish between armies and civilians and not killed civilians in purpose.
g)     The winner must not required the utter humiliation of the loser.

It can be debated whether any war has ever satisfied all these reasonable conditions. There werer always Christians who rejected violence. They believed Christ's way was the pursuit of peace. During the Crusades, from the eleventh to fourteenth centuries, Christians fought to recover the Holy Land from Islam, and the Church plunged into extreme violence and cruelty. Even then there were some who had the courage to criticize the theory and practice of their time. They were like the early Christians in denouncing war. Only now they were not rebelling against a heathen empire but against the wordly Church. In their opposition they formed sects, separate from the official Church. Their pacifist convictions found their source in a return to the Bible. These awakened Christians went back to the fundamental ideas of Christianity, to the New Testament, and took the Sermon on the Mount as their ideal.

War is not sustainable. It never was. The military option, war, is against global sustainability and global peace in a big way. The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. The UN has shown bad leadership! Failure to help humanity! An accomplice of the war industry. An accomplice of the oil and gas industry to make it easy for the industry to make our planet unsustainable and destroy the global life-support systems. All world leaders just pretending to resolve global warming and its effects on the global climate have broken Global Law and are dangerous criminals and will be prosecuted. Also, because of the UN bad leadership, Israel built a wall around itself and is now at war against Lebanon, and the US invaded the Middle East. The UN should have insisted in giving hard sanctions to Israel for building the wall and attacking Lebanon, and the US for invading Iraq.

The people of the Global Community are dedicated in using all its resources to resolve conflict, promote democracy, and fight hunger, terrorism, disease, and human rights abuses. In order to bring about the event of peace, the Global Community is offering other good organizations around the world to work together to bring warring parties to peace. We can accomplish this task by concrete actions such as:

a)     Tracking armed conflicts within and between nations around the world and offering assistance in dispute resolution;
b)     Promoting human rights and democracy;
c)     Monitoring democratic elections;and
d)     Educating the public about the advantages of a peaceful solution to any conflict.

The Global Community has given back responsibility to every citizen on Earth. The Global Constitution and the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act were developed to do just that. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of life within the Global Community. We will work together in working out sound solutions to local and global problems. It would be wrong and dishonest to blame it all on the leader of a country. Most problems in the world must find solutions at the local and global community levels (and not assume that the leader alone is responsible and will handle it). There is a wisdom in the ways of very humble people that needs to be utilized. Every humble person deserves to have ideas respected, and encouraged to develop his or her own life for the better. Sound solutions to help manage and sustain Earth will very likely be found this way. Everyone can help assess the needs of the planet and propose sound solutions for its proper management, present and future. Everyone can think of better ideas to sustain all life on Earth and realize these ideas by conducting positive and constructive actions. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as opposed to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss; that is the grassroots process. The Global Community can help people realized their actions by coordinating efforts efficiently together.

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