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Global Community Peace Movement main page  Peace now means Voting  is part of our we the people democracy. It is a the global referendum. It is direct democracy. You have been giving the freedom to choose. We want you to tell us the choices of your local community on global issues. Portal of the Global Community

Peace amongst nations means the building of global communities for all life and the making of a global symbiosis society.

Building global communities GIM Previous work on  Global Communities Sustainable Cities aspects and issues require understanding of global problems this generation is facing. There are several major problems: conflicts and wars, no tolerance and compassion for one another, world overpopulation, human activities, as population increases the respect and value of a human life is in decline, insufficient protection and prevention for global health, scarcity of resources and drinking water, poverty, Fauna and Flora species disappearing at a fast rate, global warming and global climate change, global pollution, deforestation, permanent lost of the Earth's genetic heritage, and the destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet. We need to build global communities for all life on the planet. We need to build global communities that will manage themselves with the understanding of the above problems.

Results from previous Global Dialogues have showed us that the governance of Earth through global cooperation and symbiotical relationships was the only possible option for a large population such as the Earth's population, and so, to help achieve this goal we have developed the Global Constitution and the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act to govern ourselves as member nations of Global Community.

Building global communities requires a mean to enforce global law that protects all life on Earth. Here again we have the Global Protection Agency (GPA). The GPA will train and lead a global force, bypassing traditional peacekeeping and military bodies such as the United Nations and NATO. This is a great opportunity for globallateralism.

To explain with an example what I mean by a global symbiosis society, the best example I know is described in an article titled Canadian society: a vibrant, modern, symbiosis global society. So I refer you all to the article.  Canadian society: a vibrant, modern, symbiosis global society

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