As a species we no longer need to procreate by the millions so quit making children Peoples, for God sake give it a rest

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Soul of all Life

Authors of research papers and articles on issues of overpopulation worldwide
Introduction to issues of overpopulation worldwide
Authors of research papers and articles on issues of Global Peace Authors of research papers and articles on issues of Global Peace
As a species we no longer need to procreate by the millions so quit making children Peoples, for God sake give it a rest As a species we no longer need to procreate by the millions so quit making children Peoples, for God sake give it a rest
For our survival as a species and for Godís sake one child per family is more than enough.
Let us restrain ourselves!
Let the community be the other child our child needs as a companion.
Let the Soul of all Life be our guiding hand!

To bring about Peace in the world we must first understand main causes not making the event of Peace happening, and then do something about that. Those causes stem from the three different faces of warfare, and the killing, waste, destruction and pollution associated with them.

During this lesson we will go over the causes. The subject of Lesson #2 will be about describing solutions to bring the event of Peace in the world. Those solutions are truly results from Global Dialogue 2011 to be published in September and will also make the subject of Lesson #2.

Peace will be with all Peoples on Earth when all Peoples manage instabilities existing amongst themselves, and between themselves and the Earth life-support systems. The three different faces of warfare that cause instabilities worldwide are:

1. The military and its armament industry

The U.S.A. has military bases in most nations of the world and has two goals:

a) invade nations to acquire or control their resources;
b) invade nations to support the corporate elite in economic warfare. The military is also interested in creating instabilities between nations i.e. the more conflicts in the world the better.

2. Uncontrolled economics and overconsumption

The corporate elite has created a large gap between rich and poor in the world. Their actions are strengthened by the worst kind of economics and by governments claiming "freedom" and "democracy" as an excuse for change toward submission to the corporate elite. The media industry, also owned by the elite, is fuelling this kind of propaganda and brain-washing.

Journalism has gone as far as taping phone (phone-hacking) conversations and emails to please the elite, the 21st century "Big Brother", and destroy people' lives. We see the IMF and World Bank, along with the banking institutions worldwide, controlling people from most nations, telling governments what they should do or not do, creating poverty for most people, and acquiring the heritage assets of people and nations for profiting. These wrong economical systems also allow taxpayers money to be overused for the military and its industry, thus creating more internal friction within a nation as less money is used to keep people and their environment healthy.

3. Overpopulation

The world is overpopulated. Procreating is in the nature of every species to propagate itself. Human beings have by far propagated beyond survival safety everywhere on the planet to the point where all other species are threatened with extinction. Many species have already disappeared because of human activities.

An overpopulated planet is the cause of instabilities such as:

  • "Peak Oil" and its implications of the end of civilization
  • widespread diseases
  • lack of basic resources for survival
  • pollution worldwide into land, air, water and food
  • overfishing
  • waste, and its disposal into the environment
  • a constant global economic crisis
  • human rights abuses becoming widespread throughout society
  • overconsumption
  • moral and compassionate values becoming a rare quality
  • urbanisation and its implications of out-of-control people with no care to the laws
  • conflicts and wars
  • famine
  • forest fires
  • civil unrests

Those instabilities from the three faces of warfare affect society in the provision of basic human needs and create increase pressure on current Earth resources and the environment. Earth cannot support continued population and economic growth. Today's global economic crisis has propelled nations to take steps to stimulate their economies without making a determination as to what level of economic activity is best for long term survival of the Global Community.

4 areas most affected are:

1. Food

The number of people to feed and their changes in dietary habits have caused the demand for agricultural products to increase. This in turn has added more pressure on already stretched resources themselves ill adjusting to impacts of climate change on global food production.

2. Water

Food production uses 70% of water consumed globally. The more demand for food, the more water will be needed. An increase of world population is also an extra pressure caused by a growth in demand for drinking water and industrial processing. An increased pressure on water contributes to river, ocean and ground water pollution. Polluted water, and the lack of quality drinking water, will in turn creates an instability, civil unrests, and health problems.

3. Urbanisation

Cities in the developing world are expanding fast, and will be adding another three billion urban inhabitants by 2050. This expansion will cause instabilities due to overcrowding, poor sanitation, inadequate waste management, overused transportation systems, and pollution causing extensive health problems. Those instabilities, along with unemployment, will cause civil unrests.

4. Energy

The above described instabilities will more than double the demand on the sourcing and distribution of energy. The energy sector is already under increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate and ensure security of future supply.

The capacity of the world's oceans, continents, and atmosphere to absorb the substances we must dispose of is limited. Even as a waste or pollution disposal site, the world is finite. The global ecosystem is already under considerable stress. The Earth's ability to accept, recycle, cleanse, and dissipate waste has already been stressed. An increase of world population will only make everything worse and add stress to living.

Today signs of stress to the Earth's ecosystem:

  • disappearing wilderness
  • accelerating emissions of greenhouse gases
  • acid precipitation
  • melting permafrost
  • massive deforestation in the tropics
  • collapsing fisheries
  • falling water tables
  • desertification
  • ozone depletion
  • climate change
  • disappearing polar ice

Our planet shows all these signs of stress today. What will happen when developing nations reach developed nations standard of living? What will happen when world population will add another 3 billions?

Today signs of stress to society worldwide:

  • loss of trust in government
  • overpopulation
  • civil unrests
  • conflicts and wars
  • becoming less and less compassionate
  • abuses to human rights worldwide
  • unemployment
  • increase gap between rich and poor
  • disappearance of the middle class worker and worker rights to unionize
  • famine
  • spread of diseases to larger population

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