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What Peace amongst nations means?

Dr. Charles Mercieca Leslaw Michnowski Guy Crequie Dr. J.G. Vargas-Hernández  White House DR. MICHAEL ELLIS Mme Gabrielle SIMOND Dr. Leo Semashko The Soul of Humanity Germain Dufour Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Katie, Medea, Nancy, Rae,Tiffany, Samantha, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Willie Nelson & many more.. Dr. Leo Rebello

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Dr. Charles Mercieca
In every era of history, we always had a group of countries which were drawn together by mutual common interests and benefits.

Leslaw Michnowski
Peace will be with everyone when everyone knows how we can sustain us all. We need the Sustainable Development Global Information Society to conduct research, educate and inform everyone.

Guy Crequie
Vaincre la pauvreté est l'une des contributions d'humanité susceptible de favoriser la paix et l'harmonie.

Dr. J.G. Vargas-Hernández
We must first look at relationships of cooperation and conflict.

We want a Department of Peace at the White House.
The Peace Alliance
Our current focus is the campaign for a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace.

The aim is the creation of a planetary ‘peace culture’.

Mme Gabrielle SIMOND
Honorer les Hommes et Femmes de tous pays, de toutes nationalités, de toutes origines, de toutes familles religieuses, spirituelles associatives, qui oeuvrent pour la Paix, sur le plan mondial, national, individuel.

Dr. Leo Semashko
A new culture of peace, preventing wars, terrorism and poverty, is generated when a natural order of social harmony gives priority to the well-being of children, parents, and caregivers, who make up 50 to 80% of the population in any given country.These groups are basically peace-loving, and provide the social foundation for a harmonious, new culture of peace.

Germain Dufour
Global Peace will be with all nations when all nations beging to connect with one another, the Earth and the Soul of Humanity. The large gap between rich and poor is connected to ownership and control of the planet's land and of all other Earth natural resources. We, the Global Community, must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all.

Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Katie, Medea, Nancy, Rae,Tiffany, Samantha, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Willie Nelson & many more..
Throughout history, fasts have been used to end wars, gain the right to vote, free political prisoners, improve conditions for workers. Our goal is to bring the troops home.

The Soul of Humanity
The Soul of Humanity is helping to bring about the event of Peace in the world. Knowing that Earth is a spiritual entity as well as a physical entity in space and time in the universe we begin to have a better relationship with Earth and with all its living inhabitants. This way Earth management will become a spiritual and a natural process whereby each person is responsible and accountable for its management the best they can. Peace in the world and Earth management have for far too long been in the hands of and affected by government and business leaders, in the hands of a few people on the planet, as opposed to being in the hands of all of us working together to keep our planet healthy. We are the keepers of the Earth.

Dr. Leo Rebello

If humanity is not to become extinct then it is about time we reverted to exciting inquiry into collective intelligence and the power of connection.

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