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Dr. Michael Ellis

Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament   Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament  Michael Ellis
Chief Editor, Co Publisher and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Journal
Founder of:
The Centre For Change and
The Medical renaissance Group

Table of Contents

1.0     Dr Michael Ellis Curriculum Vitae
2.0     Letter of understanding concerning the position of Global Civilization Minister of Global Peace and Disarmament
3.0    Reclaiming Our Global Dignity as Human Beings---We must Be The Change! Satyagraha- The process of non violent action
4.0    Religion, Ecology and Globalisation
5.0    Our Malfunctioning Medical System and The Global Health Crisis
7.0    Global Citizens for Peace
8.0    Comments and opinions concerning the Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemaker
9.0    Global Security, Globalization and Planetary Demise
10.0    Fukushima: A Global Solution to a Global Threat

Dr Michael Ellis Curriculum Vitae

For more information see

Dr Michael Ellis Curriculum Vitae
Chief Editor, Co Publisher and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Journal

He is an English trained Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience both in the UK and in Australia. He has higher qualifications in general medicine and paediatrics. He has a special interest in mind/ body medicine and in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual.

As well as his medical qualifications, Dr Ellis also has an Honours Degree in Literature, Arts, Philosophy and Social Psychology. He also has Naturopathic qualifications. He is Founder of The Centre For Change and The Medical renaissance Group

The Centre for Change in the Third Millennium is an open forum and ongoing dialogue for humankind on key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. It is a global ‘think tank’, a global ‘watershed, bringing together humanity’s most inspired and creative thinking – a convergence of the spiritual, scientific and humanistic. The aim is the creation of a planetary ‘peace culture’.

Dr Ellis has a keen interest in the plight of the ordinary GP and is concerned about creating a more sustainable future for both doctors and the community. Because of this, he established The Medical Renaissance Group in Australia in 2001. The Medical Renaissance Group aims to bring together the global community of doctors and community to lobby their respective governments for the creation of a healing culture which places priority on the health of the individual rather than on the illness of the individual. In this respect, it supports preventative, nutritional, mind / body medicine and Wellness Medicine and sees healing as being a unique partnership between the doctor and the patient. Dr Ellis has conducted seminars on Globalization, and Wellness at the Post Graduate School of Medicine Swinburne University, Melbourne.

He can be contacted on and
or on 0414 543 397. He practices Nutritional and Environmental, Integrative , Mind Body and Anti Aging Medicine in Kalorama Victoria.

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Reclaiming Our Global Dignity as Human Beings---We must Be The Change! Satyagraha- The process of non violent action

Saint Augustine said that
"And men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains, the mighty billows of the sea, the broad tide of rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars and pass themselves by"

Indeed I think here St Augustine is attempting a measurement of the soul. Petrarch the Italian poet in 1336 said that
the soul is a spacious as the grand vistas before us. Space is internalized, Soul is externalized. In fact we are on a continuum nature is so full of soul and has to now be painted that way with subtle gradations of color and perspective and we are full of space and vast countries and landscapes of soul.

Our soul is the very nexus of change that has occurred through evolution from the initial big bang 13 to 15 billion years ago. After that initial explosion from fiery hot dense magma, the universe became a sea of hydrogen. By 1 billion years the galaxies had started forming. From those galaxies eventually came the Milky Way and human life. We can say that we come from hydrogen atoms and yet that hydrogen has since blossomed into elephants and roses and human beings. There is a creative principle at work in the universe of which we are very much a part.

Brian Swimme like Ouspensky the famous philosopher and disciple of Gurdjieff sees nature as being an extension of us. There is for them like for Petrarch a subtle voice and presence within the context of nature which in our more receptive moments we can sense and feel.

According to Otto Scharmer who teaches business studies at Stanford University there are two kinds of knowing. One is the kind of knowing which is old paradigm stuff in that it is it is linear, replication and rote. It is the kind of knowing that is based on text books and authority and uses a logic which has been described as coming from the left side of the brain.

The other type of knowing is based not on downloading information but based on retreat, reflection and intuitive response. Unfortunately within the context of our society our collectivity and preconceptions often block the intuitive process.

This blockage has been called by some brainwashing by MEMS or the subtle encoding of our brains by the expectations and current values and preferences of a materialistic society. In the spiritual traditions it has been called delusion and is represented by a lack of awakening.

In a society in rapid change we have to take into account the prevailing tendencies, the big changes we are facing now are;

1. Globalisation

2. Creativity

3. Individuation on a global scale

In terms of politics we are now subject to more overarching transnational or global institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and also subject to the immense power of transnational companies.

In terms of creativity our society is becoming more interconnected by transport and by the internet. More effort is being put into entertainment and also design in all aspects of human activity especially the internet. About 10 years ago about 8% of people were involved in America in creative pursuits .Currently the number is around 20%. This creativity is also tapping into the spiritual side of people. This spiritual side is an aspect of consciousness or interiority which is separate from institutionalized religion.

Because of the rapid explosion of knowledge and information particularly within the context of the world wide web people are having a greater say in how they feel and how they express themselves. Nowadays a reputable website has to have a blog on it where people can post their views. Blogs represent the individuation of interconnected freedom.

What this says about business and about the system generally is that a new social technology is being created in which we need to navigate between the levels of collective capacity and individual action. What this means is that in order to contribute creatively to the emerging whole we need to pay particular attention to our souls.

In this global society of rapid transformation and change to access our soul is to access the very nature of who we are. It is a journey within, a pioneering approach to the depths of our minds in the past recognized as God. The 21st Century indeed is an era of exploration of God consciousness which is seen to be a process of inner enquiry and meditation.

This process is a work of individual evolution enhanced by collective ideal. Brian Swimme says we are now at a phase shift in evolution. This means that the changes that we are facing now are as vast as the extinction of the dinosaurs 95 million years ago. And indeed our planet is currently undergoing enormous ecological change and an extinction rate of 30,000 species a year, which is 100,000 times more than normal.

So the question is can we access and explore the spiral of conscious evolution and yet embrace all others at different levels of their journey.

This is where the process of Satyagraha comes into force. This word coined by Ghandi literally means clinging to the truth that we are all one under the skin and that there is no such thing as a win/lose confrontation because all our important interests are really the same, as we all want unity and peace with each other. Satyagraha is the process of non violence which Ghandi the great avatar used Ghandi came to this understanding and realisation through a period of systematic discipline and intense personal growth. In Africa in the early 20th Century he launched a careful campaign to rescue the dignity and rights of 100,000 Indians. The great work that he subsequently did in India he had prepared for over many years.

The essence of Satyagraha is based on the essence of truth in every individual which can never be destroyed. It is been called reason and a kind of humane awareness. It is also spirit of humanity, an ability to awaken the dormant humanity in another individual. Indeed the new science of consciousness shows that we possess mirror neurons and vibrational patterns within ourselves especially within the brain and the heart which mirror and can also entrain other people’s brains, hearts and minds as we pick up external vibrations like sensitive tuning forks. We are all very much connected.In a state of coherence and love we can influence people around us to entrain into a similar state which thereby creates empathy and rapport.

The basis of Satyagraha is probably the most significant process we can use to change the world by recognizing our interconnectedness and interdependence with all humanity and all life.

With so much injustice occurring on the planet the non violent process of Satyagraha is a way of achieving resolution of conflict. The Satyagraha means that violence can never be used in the process and that injustice is not attacked in terms of person but in terms of the system. The whole purpose is to set in motion forces that will lead to a new equation of reconciliation.

AT the moment in the history of the planet there needs to be a reconciliation on many fronts including reconciliation between families, communities, businesses and governments and also with nature herself.

The change requires a letting go of old notions and letting a new self emerge. This process is almost like letting go of your preconceptions and going forth into a different world which although uncertain can enable the creative imagination to work more effectively. In this process there are two questions which are, Who is myself?---What is my highest possibility? And secondly What is my work? --- What am I here for?

This form of meditation is in fact a collective process. In meditation we may suspend our thoughts, redirect ourselves and let go to higher possibilities. And in the process we effect not only ourselves but also the people around us.

The individual within the collective and the collective within the individual is the new spirituality. When one person is able to participate in the process of emergence and evolution on this planet accessing deeper realms within his or her soul or consciousness this directly affects society, space and time and contributes towards collective emergence.

The new Copernican revolution shows that we are all connected, that everything maintains itself at the expense of everything else and that the universe and our environment is in fact a biological quantum reality whose infrastructure is pure love. This realization where the observer influences the observed whether it be living or non living has been up to now against the very tenets of science. The added corollary to this statement is that the whole nexus of that which is interior and that which is exterior is joined by this powerful force and energy of love. This love is not an imposed hierarchical authority but a ground work of the universe itself and is accessible by all humanity.

"Psyche is endowed with a dignity which philosophically gives it a position equal to the physical being" Carl Jung

"The human being is that space in which the comprehensive compassion that pervades the universe from the very beginning now beings to surface within consciousness. That’s the only difference, we didn’t invent compassion, but it’s flowing through us – or it could." Brian Swimme

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Letter of understanding concerning the position of Global Civilization Minister of Global Peace and Disarmament

Dear Germain

It is a great honour for me to be Global Civilisation Minister for Peace and Disarmament of Global Community Earth Government (GCEG)

To go on a quest, to have a mission larger than our individual families, to improve our society in which we live in, to search for meaning within ourselves, to work at our human potential, to search for spiritual paths that suit us, to express our deepest selves and to seek for the meaning in our dreams and our behavior is the quantum leap we all need to make if we are to create a transformed Global Society.

By connecting with the healing nurturing properties in ourselves and our living Planet and Cosmos we begin to understand that we are all connected as humanity with all of life and this new paradigm and way of thinking is one of inclusivity rather than exclusiveness.

My Ministry will bring this understanding of our need to grasp the notion of global peace and global cooperation. We need to break through the egg shell of ignorance in order to become the new human beings with expanded consciousness, and the ability to use love as a fundamental ground work with which to create a new unified global society in which all of life is respected as sacred.

The current horrors of exploitation, inequity, wars, the emphasis on the creation of wealth at the expense of individual human freedom and the associated enormous growth of the military industrial complex, and the pharmaceutical industry are all antagonistic to our well being and good health. Pharmaceutical products are there for profits and are purely band aid as they do not respect the natural cellular functions of the body.

The epidemic of degenerative disease and depression in the World I believe means we need to look at the role of faith and belief in curing illness and the effect our thoughts and modus vivendi have on our immune systems. In the US there are said to be 50 million cultural creatives who are looking at new ways of thinking, and doing to create a more sustainable world environmentally and through consciousness change which they call paradigm shift (change in the way we construct reality) People are talking about Critical Mass Change and people all over the Planet are now seeking spiritual change within themselves. In order to express themselves in a more complete and whole way they hope that when a critical number is reached on the planet we may become more cooperative and less destructive.

Martin Luther King said

"Peace is attainable if we give it a chance and that time is now. We must be the change we want in the world.” He also said “ Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

Martin Luther-King was not a solitary dreamer. In fact his dream has transcended time and space because it was a dream of universal proportions and lives in our hearts today. A dream for a better world, a safer world and a sustainable world, and it did not die with him

Over the past few years I have seen tremendous growth in science particularly with the development of knowledge of the brain and mind and consciousness. This is intimately tied up with the technological revolution in computers and bioengineering. This marks a new phase in the evolution of humanity. However as Peter Russell said in his book The Awakening Earth we are forgetting that we are all connected and have hidden and wonderful potentials that we possess but are not expressed.

He calls current Humanity skin encapsulated egos. We are still unable to realize our common ground of existence with all of life and the global interdependent community of humanity, despite all the aid we give as climatic and natural disasters are increasing.

The aim of my Ministry is to enable us to realize that we are connected and to increase awareness so that we begin to understand the deception placed on us by the old system and the old paradigm.

The old paradigm is being forced on us to an even greater extent by the neo-conservative Orwellian, economic rationalist regime of Western Society. This gradual intrusive process is by its very nature eroding creativity and freedom of expression of art and culture.

Leadership when it is narrow cruel and inhuman effects human beings in a very significant way.

We are all aware of the illegality of the preemptive strike of America against Iraq and the unnecessary suffering caused to thousands of Iraqi citizens and children by years of trade restrictions followed by the massive air strikes which have left thousands without electricity and water.

Our Global Society indeed is becoming a Society governed by economics at the expense of anything else. I am sure this is why I see so many patients with their immune systems compromised by stress and depression and pharmaceutical treatment. Stress and depression in one in six people in Western Society are surely signs that in terms of community, support and caring we are losing out. People are competing for survival and work rather than creating friendships and developing mature relationships and families.

Unless governance becomes more participatory and people have a real say at what they want in terms of their dreams and how they can express themselves in terms of real values and positive attitudes our society will become dictatorships run by cruel bureaucratic elites and watched over by a very wealthy minority.

We need to get back to the concept of true education and true healing if we wish to see a society which will flourish in every way including economically

Yours Sincerely

Dr Michael Ellis

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Religion, Ecology and Globalisation

The world’s religious believers have, as a group, been cautious about making changes towards a more sustainable planetary future. Considering they are the majority of humanity, this will have to change.

Harvard University’s Forum on Religion and Ecology ( is the largest international multireligious project of its kind. The overall aim of its work is to find what connects rather than what separates us in terms of religions and ideologies. The environmental crisis, especially the loss of biodiversity, highlights our need to connect with the common ground of our interconnectedness with all of life and the need to highlight our deep respect for the sacredness of all of life

Download full WORD document by same author

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Our Malfunctioning Medical System and The Global Health Crisis

Despite modernizing hospital infrastructure and treating patients earlier, the Labor Party has still not sufficiently addressed the malfunctioning medical system.

Download full WORD document by same author

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Global Citizens for Peace


Global Citizens for Peace is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity. We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources with tremendous inequality of distribution our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.

Download full WORD document by same author

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Comments and opinions concerning the Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemaker

Subject: Re: Bibek Anand
w: The Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 23:28:35 +1000
From: "Michael"
"Dr. Leo Rebello",, "Charles Mercieca",,,, jvargas08@berkeley.ed,,,,,,

"President of India", "Vice President of India", "Prime Minister of India", "Sonia Gandhi",, "Dr. Pranab Mukherjee",, "Samajwadi Party",, "",,,,, "Sharad Pawar",

Dear Germain,

I am very interested in your views regarding the Dalai Lama and I can understand how Tibet, up until recently, has been under a theocracy ruled by a few aristocrats and priests and lamas.

The gist of your article is that the Dalai Lama has been extremely stubborn in not agreeing to any kind of negotiations over enhancing Tibet as a semi autonomous republic, although still attached to China.

Your point is that Dalai Lama in fact is a war monger who allies himself with the United States and by encouraging riotus behaviour of his subjects is attempting to destabilize the whole of China which would have severe repercussions for the surrounding regions.

I agree with you that the Dalai Lama is treated like some kind of messiah. He now has a great deal of power because of the support of the western powers in his mission to liberate Tibet from the so called yoke of China and the fact that he is the summit of a very, very significant theocratic hierarchy. Not many people realize that he in fact is also the head of Tibet politically as well as spiritually.

The aim of course of western democracy is always to enhance the division between church and government.

According to your article, China has made tremendous efforts to try and liberate the Tibetans enhancing their quality of life through education and health.

What I believe is unbalanced in your essay is the fact that I believe that the culture of Tibet is not only being modernized but that the spiritual essence that Tibet is, is being destroyed by China’s economic drive and growth.

Because you are a God fearing man and believe in God it would seem that you do not realize that the spiritual essence of Tibet is founded not just on Buddhism but also on the Essene traditions of Christianity which in fact go back 4000 BC. 30% of the bible which contains the basic message of Christianity and the understanding of the spiritual essence of esoteric Christianity and reincarnation was lost to the world at the Nicean Convention in 400AD under emperor Constantine.

What we have in the current Christian religious tradition is the St James version of the bible which is a readers digest version and has no parallel with the truth that the great avatar Jesus Christ actually taught, which is the same as what the Buddha taught.

The Dalai Lama preaches, I believe, a somewhat distorted version of this. I believe that his presence on the world stage means that his teachings are to a certain extent venerated without adequate understanding. He, for example, doesn’t recognize the nature of the soul and believes in the void as the basis of mind which is something which was discussed and then clarified by Tien Tai the great Buddhist Sage and teacher to the emperors of China in about 400AD who systematized the teachings of the Buddha and was able to express the great secret law of life itself, which is in fact the secret hidden within the penultimate teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha, namely the Lotus Sutra.

However, the Dalai Lama does preach complete compassion for all humanity and does express a deep reverence for the interconnectedness and oneness of all life.

Because of this I do not think he is a hypocrite and I feel that we have to understand that a so called feudal Tibet is not necessarily an impoverished Tibet, when the essence of the sacred teachings going back to 4000BC (which are kept there in the Buddhist Temples) are in fact based on compassion, wisdom and happiness.

Perhaps the Dalai Lama does realize that our materialistic western so called democratic society is currently on the throes of a turning point and disequilibrium .

Perhaps this is something that you do not realise when you so passionately advocate economic rationalism and materialistic rewards as the basis for quality of life.

I think we have to be very careful about the nature of Chinese imperialism and the fact they have no respect for the procedures required in their own country to prevent climate change. I have noticed that the Chinese are extremely materialistic and that their government is very, very hierarchical and extremely feudal in its approach to its people.

As the Chinese government relies on hierarchy and economic rationalism to rule its people , I think this may be a worse form of feudalism than that which would be being imposed on Tibet by The Dalai Lama.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Michael Ellis

Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament
President Global Citizens For Peace
Founder and Editor New Paradigm Journal
Executive Board of the Australian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA),
Executive Board of World CME
Executive Board of Child Watch
Co Founder Medical Renaissance Movement
Founder Centre For Change
Australian Representative Institute Noetic Sciences
Honorary Adviser, World Unity & Peace Education Department
City Montessori School, Lucknow, India

The Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama  request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemaker
Links to previous Newsletters are shown here
Volume 6       Issues 5    May  2008
Politics and Justice without borders

The Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama  request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of its leadership as a peacemaker

The Global Community consider the Dalai Lama as a dangerous religious extremist. He ought to be brought to justice. His crimes include:

a)     organizing and leading deadly riots in Tibet for the purpose of putting down the Tibetan government and destabilizing China;

b)     associating himself with President Bush and the White House; President Bush is a wanted criminal and the White House along with NATO have been shown to be rogue organizations worldwide, and criminal in nature; to give speeches at the White House for the purpose of obtaining military help; to make a deal with the US that would allow the US to build a military base in Tibet in exchange of military help; to help the US continue destabilizing China;

c)     violating the human rights of those workers in Tibet whether they come from another part of China or not;

d)     planning to destabilize China and that will have immense destructive and deadly consequences far beyond the area of Tibet and are a serious threat to

*     global security as defined by the Global Community,
*     global life-support systems,
*     the global environment, and
*     human and Earth rights on a global scale.
The fact that the Dalai Lama is aware of those consequences makes him even more dangerous.
Table of Contents
The Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemakerThe Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama  request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemaker
 Introduction Introduction
Who owns Tibet? Who owns Tibet?
Historical facts Historical facts
Ways to create nations Ways to create nations
What is freedom? Does freedom bring up Peace? or war? Does living at Peace make demands on freedom? What is freedom? Does freedom bring up Peace? or war? Does living at Peace make demands on freedom?
Pathway to Peace amongst nations Pathway to Peace amongst nations
Pathway to war and destruction Pathway to war and destruction
Global Community criteria for sovereignty Global Community criteria for sovereignty
What is a Tibet at Peace and sustainable? What is a Tibet at Peace and sustainable?
Global voting on the Dalai Lama claim of being the leader of Tibet and a peacemaker Global voting on the Dalai Lama claim of being the leader of Tibet and  a peacemaker
Dalai Lama claim of being a peacemaker
What is the Nobel Peace Prize ? What is the Nobel Peace Prize ?
Why was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore in 2007 ? Why was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Al Gore in 2007 ?
Why was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Dalai Lama in 1989 ? Why was the Nobel Peace Prize  awarded to the Dalai Lama in 1989 ?
Dalai Lama claim of being the leader of Tibet in exil Dalai Lama claim of being the leader of Tibet in exil
Global Justice Movement aspects Global Community Justice Movement aspects
Global Community Peace Movement aspects Global Community Peace Movement aspects
Global voting on the sovereignty of Tibet and its future Global voting on the sovereignty of Tibet and its future
Global rights in Tibet Global Rights in Tibet
Conclusion Conclusion
1)     What have I learned from the history ? What have I learned from the history ?

2)     Global impacts of being associated with the United States Global impacts of being associated with the United States

3)     Position of the Global Community concerning the Dalai Lama Position of the Global Community concerning the Dalai Lama

4)     Global Community principles:
Global Community Peace Movement Global Community Peace Movement
Global Justice Movement Global Justice Movement

5)     Recommendations to the:
a)     Dalai Lama Dalai  Lama
b)     Tibetan officials Tibetan officials
c)     Global Citizens Global Citizens
Guy CREQUIE, Germain Dufour, Danny Fortson, Nicole Itano, Sandhya Jain, Dr. Charles Mercieca(2), George Naylor, Dr. Leo Rebello,  Jean Jacques Saussey, Prof. Rene Wadlow, Rebecca Young,
and Ben, Ricken, Iain, Galit, Paul, Graziela, Pascal, Esra'a, Milena

Achievements of Global Community WebNet Ltd.
Germain Dufour
Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
(short Bio)

The Editor
Global Information Media

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Global Security, Globalization and Planetary Demise

Submitted January 3, 2011

Eisenhower in 1961 warned that the US had been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportion in which 3.5 million men and women are directly engaged in the defence establishment and the annual expenditure on military expenditure, he said, was more than the net income of all US corporations. It was then that he said famously warned against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex.

Of course, the so called free university has been influenced by research within the context of the industrial military complex. Indeed it could be said that the scientifically technologically elite are being engaged for creating advanced technology for war weaponry. The amount of money spent by the European Union on arms is utterly enormous amounting to about 200 billion dollars.

The European multi nationals are competing with the US competitors for research into the nature of security and it is an extremely profitable process with the introduction of myriad local and global surveiilance systems. The introduction of bio metric identifiers, electronic tagging, satellite monitoring, less lethal weapons and para military equipment for public order and crisis management identifies the agenda. In this sense technological advances in law enforcement are being introduced within Europe without any critical response from the public.

In October 1999, the secretary of Nato, Mr Javier Solana, took up his post as EU high representative for common and foreign security policy and in November became Secretary General of the WEU military alliance. His vision is a secure Europe in a better world. This European strategy closely resembles the infamous neo-conservative project for a new American century published in 2000. With the emphasis on global policing of global threats, pre-emptive threat prevention and military intervention in failed states.

The European Union is a global player having 25 states with 450 million people producing a quarter of the world’s GNP (Gross National Product).

What is worrying is that biometrics is being increasingly deployed in all aspects of social and material life in the European Union. Some of this information is in a report from the European Union’s joint research centre. These kinds of bi Technlogies of control including biometric systems and radio frequency identification chips will create a market which will use the media to gain market acceptance. These kinds of biometric markers are not expensive. There is a crimson project which is a virtual reality technology to enable security missions to rehearse responses to urban crises. There is also a concept of principle availability and inter operability where all data held by one law enforcement agency in one state will be automatically available to all.

Thus we have evidence of the prophecies of George Orwell in his book 1984 where Big Brother plays an increasing role in maintaining vigilant observation, monitoring and control of the general population. This seems to be actual occurrence in Europe at the moment.

Technologies of control:

  • restraint systems
  • firearms
  • less-lethal weapons
  • pursuit management
  • surveillance
  • unmanned aerial vehicles
  • interception of telecommunications
  • satellite monitoring
  • location tracking
  • concealed weapon and contraband
  • detection
  • explosives detection and remediation
  • chemical and biological defence
  • transportation infrastructure security
  • communications interoperability
  • biometric identification
  • information sharing and analysis
  • cybercrime investigation
  • forensics
  • DNA profiling
  • nanotechnology
  • risk assessment
The question we need to ask is whether war is an innate propensity of humanity and whether we are programmed to be tribal and to fight each other no matter how enormous the population of the tribes are. Or is the global industrial military complex which has grown so rapidly in the past 100 years an expression of subtle distortion of the infrastructure of our lives by a process by which we have acquired so insidiously that we do not realize the effects that this kind of conditioning has on the total social environment.

The word conspiracy theory tends to white wash reality as the word suggests that it is just some kind of sinister idea which has no relevance to the democratic society in which we live. However perhaps when we look at the current state of our world we realize that the basic motives that drive our thinking and our ideas are not only driving us to a tipping point of survival but also when looked at rationally are completely distorted.

The world is divided into rich and poor. The richest 2% own more than half the household wealth in the world. The bottom half of humanity owns less than 1% of the wealth in the world.
  • In 2009, 34 million people were added to the global unemployed, swelling the ranks to 239 million, the highest ever recorded.
  • By 2030 more than half the population of the mega cities of the global south will be slum dwellers.
  • Global climate change is rapidly advancing claiming 300,000 lives and 125 billion dollars in damages every year.
  • The atmosphere has warmed up by 1 degree in the last 30 years.
  • 50% of the tropical forests in the world, the lungs of our eco system, are gone.
  • 90% of the big fish in the sea are gone.
  • Half the world’s wetlands, the kidneys of our eco system, have been destroyed.
  • Species extinction is at a rate of 1,000 times greater than before humans existed. We are at a point of sixth phase extinction of bio diversity on the planet. The last time this occurred was 65 million years ago with the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Our lakes, rivers and streams are being polluted to extreme. We are mining our groundwater faster than we can replenish it. Wastewater and sewage are being discharged in to the world’s water at an enormous rate.
  • Nearly 3 billion people don’t have running water within 1km of their home.
  • A child dies of water borne disease every 8 seconds.
  • The World Bank says that by 2030 demand for water will outstrip supply by 40%.
  • Wealthy countries know that there will not be enough food or water for all in the near future and are now buying up land in the developing world for agriculture.
Environmental deregulation, unbridled financial speculation, unlimited growth and unregulated free trade based on globalization, relentless resource exploitation globally, institutionalized fraud and financial manipulation, market rigging, the interplay of powerful economic actors, and the appropriation of enormous amounts of wealth by a small global monetocracy are feeding an impending global social catastrophe.

As has been shown above, Western governments serving the interests of economic elites are installing big brother police states with massive powers for surveillance and with a mandate to confront and control all forms of opposition and social dissent.

IT is evident that under global capitalism, mounting poverty and ecological disaster is not the result of a scarcity or lack of human or material resources or some kind of overriding natural catastrophe. Quite the opposite holds true.

The economic inequality on the planet is marked by a process of disengagement of human resources and physical capital. People’s lives globally are being destroyed by an economic manipulation of social inequality leading to global impoverishment of at least 50-60% of the population as well as the demise of middle and upper middle income groups.

There is innovation, energy, social innovation, proper education, literacy, water and food available for all on the planet. If we use new science with new sustainable energy technologies and new forms of agriculture which are not polluting or toxic we can free ourselves from the tipping point.

However the powerful elites have no desire to change the status quo. The power currently resides with the controllers of the economic market and the military industrial complex. As we currently stand, we are not dealing with a narrowly defined economic crisis or recession. We are at the culmination of the advance of a global financial architecture which for several thousands of years has sustained strategic and national security objectives.

In our contemporary global situation, the US NATO military agenda serves to endorse a powerful business elite which relentlessly overshadows and undermines the functions of civilian governments.

As long ago as in 2006 heads of state and heads of government met to enhance the 26 members of the enlarged NATO, including countries in the geo political orbit of Soviet Union. In order to challenge Moscow’s influence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia the meeting was used to build a European consensus on America’s long war, particularly dealing with US NATO’s military build up in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

The Centre for research on globalization in a recent article Preparing for WW3 stated that humanity is at dangerous cross roads War preparations to attackiran are at a state of readiness. The escalation is part of the military agenda where Iran is the next target with Syria and Lebanon coming next. This strategic military deployment also threatens North Korea, China and Russia.

Quote “ Since 2005 the US and its Allies including America’s NATO partners and Israel have been involved in the extensive stockpiling of advanced weapons systems. The roles of Egypt, the gulf states and Saudi Arabia within the extended military alliance are of special relevance.

This war economy, the article says, is financed by Wall Street which stands as the accreditor of the US administration. The US weapons producers are the recipients of the US departments of defence multi billion dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems. In turn, the battle for oil in the middle east and central Asia directly serves the interests of the anglo american oil giants.

At present there are three separate middle east, central asia war theatres, Iraq and Af-pak and Palestine. The article says that what we are dealing with is a carefully globally coordinated military design controlled by the pentagon involving the combined arms forces of more than 40 countries.

The global multi national military deployment is by far the largest display of advanced weapons systems in world history. The unified command structure is based on a strategy of militarization at the global level with the US having military bases in 63 countries . Brand new military bases have been built since September 11, 2001 in several countries. There are over ¼ million US military personnel deployed world wide. There are US military bases on every continent of the world divided into 7 areas of command and responsibility. See map. The surface of the earth is structured as wide battlefield (Jules Dufour, World Wide Network of Military Bases, global research July 1, 2007).

The geo political situation in the world of 2010 is vastly different to the one 20 years ago. The Cold War 1947–1991) was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (primarily between the Soviet Union and the powers of the Western world, particularly the United States At that time it was east versus west and Russia versus America. Now it seems that we have a global theatre which is called war against terrorism which appears to be a euphemism for the war for accessing scarce resources and claiming people’s hearts and minds through a process loosely called democracy.

Media misinformation constantly misleads people as to the true nature of the reality of which they exist. We still emphasise the essence of quality of life in terms of economic success, power and wealth at the expense of true human values, cooperation and a spiritual understanding of connectedness.

When there is one soldier for every 49 people in the world and one doctor for thousands of people we realise the basic inequality in our values and the misinformation which is given to us from school onwards to universities which are so divided in their disciplines that there is no integration or understanding of how wisdom in its very essence is inter linked and connected a whole just as our spirit, body and minds are units in a greater whole.

A new world order controlled by a vastly wealthy elite is surely not the destiny of our own human individual needs and requirements for freedom health and happiness. It is important that we understand what we are up against in terms of a controlling, exploitative global monetocracy and a global military industrial complex which seeks only for control for the sake of the needs and requirements of this elite.

Ref 1 Arming Big Brother
The EU's Security Research Programme
Transnational Institute


The Centre for research on globalization

Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran

Part I: Global Warfare

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Fukushima: A Global Solution to a Global Threat

November 6, 2013

Take action today to tell the United Nations and the Japanese Government that the crisis at Fukushima is a global threat that requires an international intervention.

"There is no excuse for deploying anything less than a coordinated team of the planet's best scientiests and engineers. We have two months or less to act" ~ Harvey Wasserman, Energy Secretary for the Green Shadow Cabinet.

"We call for the following actions to be taken immediately:

- That the government of Japan transfer responsibility for the Fukushima reactor site to an international engineering firm overseen by a civil society panel and an international group of nuclear experts independent from TEPCO and the IAEA as outlined in this open letter to the United Nations [See].

- That the global media be permitted around-the-clock access to accurate information throughout the entire process of removal of the spent fuel rods so that the international community can be informed of any risks to its health."

Join the three days of global actions on November 9 through 11 to coincide with Armistice Day and the 32 month anniversary of the disaster calling for an independent international effort to clean up Fukushima.

For more information visit and

A Global Call for International Assistance with the Crises at Fukushima

The crisis situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan is deteriorating and threatens not only the survival of the population of Japan but could also become a significant global disaster. We express our deepest sympathies to the people of Japan for the tragic loss of life, habitat and infrastructure they are continuing to suffer as a result of the triple disasters – earthquake, tsunami and nuclear, that began on March 11, 2011. The potential for additional massive radiation releases now is cause for grave international concern. The attention and resources of the international community must be focused on Fukushima to resolve this crisis in the safest and most transparent way.

Decommissioning of the entire Fukushima nuclear power plant will take many decades; however, there are two urgent situations that require international intervention. First is contaminated water at the site and second, and more dangerous, is the spent fuel rods, particularly those in Building Four. TEPCO has not demonstrated the capacity to manage these problems nor has it been forthcoming in a timely way about the magnitude of the problems at Fukushima.

TEPCO delayed public admission about the problems with groundwater that is flowing from the surrounding hills into the site. The water presents two dilemmas: it undermines the structural integrity of the damaged reactor buildings and it must be contained because it becomes contaminated when it flows through the site. TEPCO is pumping the contaminated water into temporary storage tanks, some of which are already leaking. Each day, contaminated water leaks into the Pacific Ocean. The capacity to physically hold this contaminated water on site is diminishing. TEPCO lacks an effective long-term solution to this problem.

In November, 2013, TEPCO plans to begin removal of more than 1,300 spent fuel rods located in the heavily-damaged Building 4. The rods are in a pool that is 100 feet above the ground. The roof over this pool was destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami two years ago and debris litters the pool which further complicates removal of the rods. Under normal operation, these rods were moved by computer-assisted cranes that knew their exact location, but that equipment was destroyed. The rods must be removed under manual control because of the debris and damage that has displaced them.

This is a task that requires great skill and precision. If a spent fuel rod breaks, gets too close to another rod or is exposed to the air, there could be a massive release of radiation into the air. According to Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, “If you calculate the amount of cesium 137 in the pool, the amount is equivalent to 14,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs." This could badly contaminate the Northern Hemisphere.

Removal of the spent fuel rods is urgent because another earthquake could also lead to the release of radiation. However, it is imperative that this task be performed with the greatest accuracy and transparency. TEPCO vice president, Zengo Aizawa, admitted in August, 2013 that “we need support, not only from the Japanese government but from the international community to do this job.”

The risks of these tasks are global and require assistance from the planet’s best experts. Therefore, we, the undersigned, call for the following actions to be taken immediately.

? That the government of Japan transfer responsibility for the Fukushima reactor site to an international engineering firm overseen by a civil society panel and an international group of nuclear experts independent from TEPCO and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as outlined in this open letter to the United Nations.

[See letter here:]

That the decommissioning process be done safely so that workers at the Fukushima site are protected from exposure to hazardous materials, are compensated fairly and are provided with all necessary support given the tremendous risks that they are taking in this disastrous situation.

That the Japanese and global media be permitted around-the-clock access to accurate information throughout the entire process of removal of the spent fuel rods so that the Japanese people and the international community can be informed of any risks to their health.

In addition, we call for three days of global action focused on the crises at Fukushima on November 9 through 11 to coincide with Armistice Day and the 32 month anniversary of the disaster.


Green Shadow Cabinet Sub-committee on Fukushima:
Jackie Cabasso, Secretary for Nuclear Affairs
Dr. Margaret Flowers, Green Shadow Cabinet, Secretary of Health
Bruce Gagnon, Green Shadow Cabinet, Secretary of Space
Steven Leeper, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, adviser to the sub-committee
Dr. Jill Stein, Green Shadow Cabinet, President
Harvey Wasserman, Green Shadow Cabinet, Secretary of Energy

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