2.0     Report on the measurement of the Gross Environmental Sustainable Development Index (GESDI)

The GESDI of a home and the community it belongs to


Joseph-Germain Dufour

First published January 1990 with the title

Home Environmental Audit:
The rating of Environmental Sustainable Development of a home and of the community it belongs to

The present report was further developed during Spring of year 2000.
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In recent decades, our way of life on Earth has changed dramatically and greatly diminished our planetís ability to assure the continuation of life. The world is facing global problems that must be understood and care for by every able and responsible person on Earth. There are warnings that we are polluting the planet at a rate that threatens the world: the global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, acid rain, spills of oil and other hazardous substances, improper management of toxic substances and wastes, degradation of water resources, wildlife species gone extinct, deforestation, inappropriate agriculture practices and degradation of our natural environment.

The major environmental challenge which industrialized countries are facing is the wise management of natural resources for sustainable economic growth. The degradation of the basic resources such as water, soils, forests, fisheries and wildlife species tend to be incremental and cumulative. It is our interest that Earth manage its natural capital as efficiently as possible and with the same concern as is accorded the efficient use of other physical, financial and people capital.

As responsible persons and inhabitants of the Earth, we must adjust our ways and lifestyles to protect and preserve the environment, our habitat. Let keep in mind the vision that the next generations will be living in a healthy environment without the fear of the future.

This report is a progress report on the measurement of Sustainable Development. The first measurement was made early 1990s and, every year, more measurements were made and summarized here.