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John R. Ewbank
Reform-activists at 86 and 88
Seeking sustainable justice through decentralist-federalism

Table of Contents

1.0     John R. Ewbank Curriculum Vitae
2.0     Articles and books
4.0    Paper

John R. Ewbank Curriculum Vitae

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John R. Ewbank is an 89 year old Intellectual Property attorney who continues to prosecute patent applications. At 21 he was in the upper 1% among those taking the Indiana Bar Examination in the summer of 1937. His disdain for the "tax guidance" industry, and his recognition that tax reform was futile, prompted his interest in world federalism as a ratifiable drastic transformation simplifying taxation.

He and his wife were officers of the Peace Now Movement which campaigned to end WWII through a reconciling federation. He was an officer in the Fellowship for Intentional Communities, and for 54 years active in the voluntarist community having a website at www.bryn More than six decades of activity in various Supra-National Federation advocacy groups.

He and his wife have been the unpaid officers and staff of Home Rule Globally having a website at\~decentralist including an essay on SCUTTLE THE POLITICIANS.

My gratitude for your acceptance of me as a participant is appreciated far more than you might expect.The Internet evolved after my "job-hunting" era, so that I do not have a "blog" to send you. My dad was graduated from U. of Michigan with an LLB degree at age 30 in 1895 but was enough of a financial failure that when I was born, the family was renting a house in Indianapolis. Such house was inexpensive because it was next door to a Negro residence.

Shortly after my 21st birthday, I was in the upper 1% among those taking the Indiana Bar Examination. I was among the youngest when I was registered as a patent attorney in 1940. and at 90 am among the oldest still prosecuting patent applications. Three periods of unemploymen reminded me that I lacked both job-qualification skills and the talents for attracting wealthy clients. My peak earnings were less than $50,000 per year. Since retirement in 1982, I have usually been below federally taxable income with social security as my largest classificatio of income. In politics, I was Secretary of the Southampton Republicn Club in 1944, and Finance Chariman for the Eighth Congressional District 1945. I had Senatorial endorsement for Judge for what is now the Federal Circuit Fo Court of Appeals and for Assistant Commissioner of Patents.In 1979 I shiftesd to the PA Libertarian Party, of which I was a vice chair 1990-91. I was Supreme Court Justice Candidate in 1982 and Attorney General Candidate in 1992. We were immersed in Quakerism prior to Pearl Habor. I was a delegate from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to the Frineds World Committee in Sydney, Australia, act active in Right Scharing of World Resources. I have been active in most World Federalist organizations since 1940, and have stressed the importance of the trustworthiness of the indivbiduals for the Initial Administration. Jurisprudence issues are of relatively minor significance because the primary need is for making most nationaa less dangerous as regards their external clout. One of the chambers of the World Parliment might well be a tabulation nof the prefrences in local groups expressing their prefrences. Moreover, such local discussions should be an important part of the path toward federation. Married for more than 65 years with one adopted son and zero grandchildren. . Enhoys water volleyball.

When I was "job-hunting" I had biographical data available. In recent years I have been concerned with the "withering away" of my propensities as an adolescent to be a an ambitious politician. Learning to "accept" each individual as they now are, cherisging the many diversities, and focusing on the "here and now" instead of glorifying either the past or future, is not an easy task. Such has been my effort for several decades.Whether I have made progress in such "withering away" of the propensities for fp,omsyomh yjr ;obrd pg pyjrtd od yp ,mr gst ,ptr o,ptysmy yjsm job qualifications.

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Articles and books

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I am quite disappointe with the wordiness of my response. I have little time right nowand hope to submit something better within a month. Meanwhile, I have no ojection to your posting my excessively wordy analysis, because it might stimulate some interesting controversy. Whether ANT competion is useful is controversial. I am a virorous opponent of the type of ruthless competition , condoning of whatover pme can get away [ eg. i Tolerating the existence of nations having monetary authority and/or miliary authority, assures ruthless competiton globally. Although some modifications of the ttreaty system might be advantagous, the great need is for making nations less dangerous by "defanging all antions" so that none has either military or monetary power, and then the fair competiton of the defanged nations will be manageabel. Within less than a score of millennia other global reorganizations will be needed, and it is stressing the need for perennially ongoing fir competiton of ideas that has permitted humans to survive this long and that may be even more important than any of the temporarily manageable reforms. ce hockey] and enthusiastic for fair competion as sometims isseen in volleyball,.

Fair competition is a concept that recognizes that "market" is a term embracing the efforts of various entities to promote different ideas or concepts. Scorrres of books about parenting are published every decades, but the maket concerning approaches on parenting is extremely larger than the book sales. The actual behavior of parents as parents is what creates the market. Many of our remote ancestors imagined that they knew the right answers, and sought to impose "cultural" standards requifing compliance by all parents. That hierarchal approach essentially sought to impose a "monopoly" or an :ologopoly" on the parenting market instead of fosstering a free market concerning parenting. Several authoritative churches have created hierarchal monopolies in various areas. Within the USA,some areas, but not others, permit a plausible degree of fair competiton among religion, and grant individuals the freedom to be unchurches, atheists, baptists, methodistcs, muslim, hindu, orthodox catholic, Roman Catholic, etc. Individuals desirably should have both the responsiblity and the freedom about almost everything that they do in areas truly cherishing the great diversities of religious denominations competing fairly within an area. This imposes far greater responsibility upon individuals than some are prepared to take, because any individual freedom involves a significant price of assuming corresponding individual responsibility. To the extent that there is truly adequate fair competition, trivial regulation of any church entity is somewhat superfluous because the opportunities for new groups to evolve and for old groups to wither away, provides some degree of potentiality for fair competiton to be sefl-sustaining. However, unrestricted competition can also lead to much hellishness.

In the 1920s, the competition among the porotstent denominations seemed to indicate the most denominations were focusing significantlyu uponforegiveness, love, social responsibility,etc.Avery few iny segment of America attended "independent" churches that were bible=centered, but such a tiny minority as to have trivial impact. Today, that fundamentalism is tending toward a glorfication of the Bibical prediction of Armageddon, and seeking Pentagon support for Israel because of the aspiration for accelerating the battle of Amageddon. Because politicians tend to focus on helping their freinds, most governments tend toward fascism, with governmental prolongation of the ologopilid domination by a few giants and the substantial lack of opportuntiy for newcomers to enter a market. Under such fascist condition, the need for governmental regulation skyrockets so much that it i almost impssible to distinguishe among teh conspiracies of the giants and the governmental regulation

The giarns generally dominate any regulator body for their own benefits within two or three degcades after any governmental regulation system is established. Without an adequate number of competitions, without adequate opportunities for a newcomer to enter a field, the market cannot be self-regulating. If the governmental regulation is primarily on presrvign fair competition, however, then the number and smallness ofthe competitors can stimulate widespread support for preserving such fair ccompetiton.Restrictions upon what percentage of tht total market the top five competitors have adn limits on what share of the market any participualr competior can have during any 3 o4 4 years of a running decade can stimulate dorportions to spinn off, etc. so that the potentiality of government supervise fission is avoided. Whatever giant bureucracies do in regulating is sure to have some unforseen consequesnces. Individuals haveing committment for stewardship, sustainability, etc. and a spirit of social responsibility will spontaneously seek to manage enterprises for achieving sustainability.,.Relying upon criminal laws for dealing with a tiny minority of criman evaders because of lacking such stewardship responsibilities might have a trivial benificent effect. Those failing to appreciate the imorantce of the fiar competiton sometimes imagine that criminalization is beneficial by itself. Global Community Earth Government wrote:

John Ewbank continues to seek recognition as a Minster of Fair Competition and contends that he should not be rejected merely because Leo Bello sent a copy of an email to Ewbank. The Cosmology at 90 is an essay scheduled for distribution at the 90th birthday party on Sunday Afternoon at the Bommunity Center at Bryn Gweled Homesteads, an intentional community that has successfully relied on pure voluntarism and contractual obligations, and the complete absence of threats of coercion for 88 years, while successfully adminstering an 76 home village on 240 acres [3.5 acres per hom] approximately one mile north of Philadelphias northernmost tip. The essay clearly emphasizes Ewbank's emphasis upon the wisdom, proficiency and altryuism of the members of the cabinet for the Initial Adminstration of the Federation. I hope I can send you such essay:

Cosmology at 90

It is not unprecedented for a 90 year old to write an essay for his/her birthday. This universe is so complex and so inter-related that the conglomeration of philosophical perspectives tend to be individually unique. I am prepared to share my views only with an emphatic disclaimer. I am not seeking to impose on others any of my philosophy, religion, politics, etc. Each reader can enhance the usefulness of his/her own unique cosmology by reflecting thereon, desirably within a silent worship group.

My emphasis upon the reader’s own “feedback” instead of “Ewbankisms” derives in part from my respect for the writings of Robert K. Greenleaf, a Quaker Management Consultant. He stressed teamwork coordination, seeking feedback from subordinates and participants through Servant Leadership, thereby achieving both greater profits and greater happiness for all concerned. I contend that the differences between the typical management patterns of the 1920s and the 21st century clarify why altruistic problem solvers are both abundant and are “miracle workers”. The success of the Robert K Greenleaf Center in stimulating, on all occupied continents, thousands of executives and thousands of students to study and practice Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership provides realistic hope that a global reorganization of the institutional matrix might be attained prior to the 22nd century.

The great uncertainty about the nature of life after death enhances the beauty of a human death. I have hopes for retaining my memory and capacity for making choices, but am quite agnostic about most of the details about life after death. Possibly I will be weightless and capable of shifting to any part of the universe. Possibly I will be able to invade the minds of extra-terrestrials and/or humans and expedite some inter-planetary transfers of technology. Possibly I can join brigades of other souls in expediting the healing of particular bodies of intelligent creatures. Because mediums and channels seem to be of questionable reliability, I contemplate spending trivial time in communicating with humans. I expect to continue to focus significantly upon the trustworthiness of the members of a cabinet for an Initial Administration of a Supra-National Federation but far less effectively than I have with a useful body. I accept the doctrine that the life after death for which I hope is an automatic feature of the universe, and has been for humanoids for many millennia. Because I have faith that fatalism is only a minor component of the universe and that there is no contemporary intervention by God, I comply with some definitions of an atheist. Even before I discovered Quakerism, I labeled myself as an atheistic mystic, and I still do after about 7 decades.

Time can be experienced as a midpoint of an ongoing score of years. Those concerned with sustainability can try to experience time as a midpoint of an ongoing score of millennia. To the extent that sustainability is sought voluntarily by individuals having stewardship perspectives, it is an attainable goal. Without adequately widespread stewardship commitments, and relying merely upon laws punishing crimes invented by conflicting experts, the goal of sustainability might enhance a stampede toward human extinction.

Choices about time perspective, servant leadership, etc. must be made on a one by one basis without any reliable guarantees [but plausible estimates of probabilities] about future millennia. I encourage realistic hope because my analysis is that the world is far more endangered by the cynicism explosion than by any of the many other recognized explosions.

Copyright 050806, John R. Ewbank, Suite J-112, NewtownPA18950-2401

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[This nonprofit might possibly have been more accurately names as


John Ewbank, President of HRG, relied upon the computer skills of others for donated Webmaster services until about 16 months ago. The incentive for rejuvenating this website arises from the desire to publicize some globally significant federalist activities in Bangkok, Thailand during the week March 23-29, 2003. John Ewbank has purchased his plane ticket for Bangkok and paid Registration Fees to be a Delegate for the 6th Provisional World Parliament [PWP] utilizing the Federation of Earth Constitution [FEC] that is in the public domain. Previously John and/or Marjorie Ewbank have made about a score of trips on behalf of the FEC, and this will be John’s fifth overseas trip on its behalf. Many cause organizations undergo squabbles and threats of schisms. Recently there were reports of court litigation in New York City concerning alleged irregularities concerning an election within the Association to Unite Democracies, a world federalist organization going back to 1939. John Ewbank is baffled about connotations of squabbles within various corporations known as the World Constitution and Parliament Association. . A new organization, Institute On World Problems[IOWP] having an address at the home of Dr. Glen T. Martin at 313 Seventh Ave, Radford, VA 25141 also promotes study of the FEC, which is in the Public Domain. Individuals interested in the Lakewood, CO office of the World Constitution and Parliament Association [WCPA] can obtain a year’s subscription for the periodical ACROSS FRONTIERS by sending $30 to WCPA at 8800 14th Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215.

Many groups, including the Conference of Chief Justices have endorsed FEC. Any ratification by any nation would necessarily be contingent upon the ratification by an appropriate group of other nations. Prior to 2003, no nation had made such contingent ratification of the FEC. Because FEC clarifies the types of problems inherent in any federalization, millions have read the FEC and its encouragement of PWPs thereunder. Delegates or observers for the 6th PWP can register through IOWP at 313 7th Ave, Radford, VA 24141. Those seeking HRG-accredited Observer status can send $250 Registration Fee using a form at an internal link. HRG focuses primarily on emphasizing the criticality of seeking widespread trust in the members of the cabinet for the Initial Administration of a Supra-National Emancipating Federation [SNEF] and the liberation of each century by encouraging the custom of all entities seeking, during the last decade of each century, to choose by competitive ratification, the sets of constitutions to be used for the next calendar decade. Delays in achieving a SNEF cost humanity about a million lives per month and probably more than a billion dollars per month of loss of potential Global Productivity. By scheduling the replacement of the constitutions at the end of each century, there might be greater willingness to adopt a SNEF. The failure of many national constitutions to durably enforce the restrictions intended by the writers of the constitutions has been among the factors delaying the launching of SNEF. The combination of more reliable procedures for assuring literalist interpretation of constitutions [thus stimulating appropriate use of the amendatory process instead of ignoring or stretching a constitution] might help to stimulate acceleration of the launching of SNEF.

The desirability for the biodiversity of Mother Nature is better understood than even a century ago. A correspondingly extreme diversity of cultures should similarly persist forever. Arrogant dominance by outsiders has created turbulence for scores of millennia, but particularly in recent decades. Submissiveness to unnecessary uniformity has eroded but not destroyed the passion for local autonomy. Many local communities seek to minimize avoidable interference from unwanted meddling by outsiders. A desire for adequate local autonomy can be shared by both an indigenous tribe in a pristine wilderness and by the residents of an island having only million dollar mansions. The absence of adequate local autonomy can sometimes be described by terms such as colonialism and neocolonialism. John and Marjorie Ewbank have been seeking the gentle displacement of both colonialism and neocolonialism for the 62 years of their teamwork as reform-activists. Appropriate decentralist federalization is the drastic transformation needed to promote the withering away of some of the injustices arising from colonialism and neocolonialism.

HRG estimates that it will take from about a billion to about a trillion dollars of advertising to launch a suitable SNEF. Such advertising can be quite poisonous if it significantly resembles the kind of advertising typical of political campaigns. Because each of the alternatives is extremely complex, choosing a SNEF must focus far more on the trustworthiness of the members of the cabinet of the Initial Administration. HRG offers a Contest Appraising Voluntary Emancipating World Government [CAVEWG] as a useful route toward launching a SNEF. The use of "Emancipating" connotes the aspiration for liberating


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