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Global Dialogue
Earth Community Organization (ECO)
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Robert E. Cobb
Forelaws on Board

for Discussion Roundtables #55 4, 7, 21, and 36

Table of Contents

1.0    A Democratically Planned Global Economy - Societal Sustainability A Democratically Planned Global Economy - Societal Sustainability
2.0    Evolutionary Forelawsship: Realizing Human Potential in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy on Earth Evolutionary Forelawsship: Realizing Human Potential in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy on Earth
3.0    RDIL - NASA Kepler MissionRDIL - NASA Kepler Mission

A Democratically Planned Global Economy - Societal Sustainability

Humankind - inwardly cognizant of its own complexity (the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in a single human if extended linearly would reach from one end of our solar system to the other), and outwardly cognizant of its "observable universe" (13,000 million light years in all directions) - possesses the capability for embracing an intergenerational  ethic consistent with individual uniqueness/interconnection with nature-life-infinity.  Evolutionary panaltruism represents qualitative progress in human altruism from individual action concerned with the general welfare of society to individual action dedicated to stewardship encompassing the wholeness of all life, in consonance with "human behavior arises entirely within a causal context" (The Center for Naturalism).

A Democratically Planned Global Economy (DPGE) - Evolutionary Panaltruism
(Toward a Terror-Free Society by the Year 2010)

A democratically planned global economy (DPGE) - reflecting the fundamental unity and aspirations of all humanity - owes its feasibility and certainty of success to scientific research establishing the biological basis for human cooperation (Emory University).  Proposed for implementation through the United Nations, a democratically planned global economy offers the world community a rational, effective response to impending trade wars and other instances of human despair arising from the contradiction between "free trade" practices and national "job protectionism."  The "outsourcing of jobs," a further contradiction in the present system, does not serve to address full employment in the recipient country, much less in the country outsourced.  Launching a democratically planned global economy at the earliest practicable time will bypass the thirty-year time frame projected for equalizing labor costs between underdeveloped national economies and those of the more developed national economies - while reversing the deterioration of social and environmental conditions traceable to an economic system increasingly antithetical to global unity and human aspirations.

Human cooperation marshalling with meaning and purpose previously untapped energy and resources on a worldwide scale provides the driving force for achieving and sustaining a planned global economy democratically embarked upon by all member-states of the United Nations.    Recognized as priority goals in this effort are: (a) a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen, (b) universal health care, publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon individual capability, (d) creative/productive employment for every planetary citizen, and (e) post-retirement security.   In the same vein objective  evaluation by the global community of all cultural phenomena - leading inexorably to major overhaul of many cultural institutions - is critical to ending for all time the scourge of global terrorism.   Cultural evolution based upon intrinsic human cooperation (proceeding with inclusion of this reality in the preamble to the charter of the United Nations)  promises to give rise to a new epoch for humanity defined by societal sustainability and lasting world peace. 

  A  democratically planned global economy implemented through the United Nations with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states  will occupy concerted focus at the proposed  first and successive world summits on societal sustainability.Evolutionary Panaltruism:   Paradigm Shift in the Twenty-First Century
All challenges facing evolutionary panaltruism presently and in the millennia ahead (including A Democratically Planned Global Economy (DPGE) - even if only incrementally successful with each generation)  bear directly and/or indirectly on the basics of human altruism described in the foregoing.  Twenty-first century education committed to advancing human empathy and compassion toward societal sustainability and a terror-free global community by the year 2010 - in keeping with "concern for others and for those who will succeed us . . . . ." (The Center for Naturalism) - receives impetus from "The Golden Rule is a natural consequence of the recognition of the unity of being" (Esme Wynne-Tyson, The Philosophy of Compassion, Centaur Press, 1970), and from The Biological Basis for Human Cooperation (Emory University).  The virtual certainty of eventual contact with planets in stages of panaltruism routinely disposed to the sharing-relay of interplanetary/intergalactic communications (JLCP) leaves little doubt as to the cosmic character of panaltruism in the progression of human enlightenment.  Individual self-realization motivated, uplifted, and inspired by the altruism ethic in the forefront of both dualism and naturalism (a new era for science, philosophy and religion inseparably linked to human mate selection, the nurturing of offspring, and early childhood education) remains key to the coming of age of humankind - in company with all planets whose panaltruism (and "observable universes") overlap . . . . . and overlap . . . . . and overlap . . . . . to infinity.

Progress in panaltruism on Earth is directly proportional to the degree to which oneness-of-life science, philosophy and religion, in concert with the constant of human empathy and compassion, is manifested singularly in the continuum of all life on Earth and in the human quest to "know from whence we came."

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Evolutionary Forelawsship: Realizing Human Potential in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy on Earth

Subject: Evolutionary Forelawsship: Realizing Human Potential in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy on Earth
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 11:21:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Forelaws on Board

Global Community -

Universal forelaws of empathy and compassionan seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life, holding the promise of evolutionary forelawsship moving humanity to a compassionate global society culminating, inexorably, in active membership in the cosmic community of intelligent life, speak volumes for human unity and optimism destined to characterize the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth.

A compassionate order on Earth can begin with new cornerstones and new guidelines for the United Nations:

1) World summitry on economic/societal sustainability,

2) A democratically planned and shared global economy,

3) The DEMOCRATHON Process,

4) Global freshwater equilibrium (Project Ice-SHARE/Green Earth).

Dating from the landmark and pivotal work of Louis Pasteur in 1859 disproving spontaneous generation - opening an important threshold for life-centered cosmologies - the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth manifests in modern times revolutionary research and discovery in astrobiology (panspermia) and in astronomy (reinterpreting quasar redshifts) led by the late Sir Fred Hoyle, by Chandra Wickramasinghe, Brig Klyce, Halton Arp, and others.

"Life comes from space because life comes from life." - Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Research Trust

Human potential fully realized in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth rests, finally, on resolution of deep human needs to know from whence we came, safety and security, meaning and purpose - consonant with life-centered cosmologies recognizing the cognitive and formative basis of all compassionate global societies: mate selection, the nurturing of offspring, and early childhood education in a healthful, sustainable environment.

Toward human potential, fully realized,

Robert E. Cobb

Forelaws on Board

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RDIL - NASA Kepler Mission

February 24, 2012

Global Community -

Early successes of NASA's Kepler Mission (logically inferring that in a Universe of infinite Earth-like exoplanets "we are not alone") launch the age of empathy and compassion and transition on Earth to a compassionate/cooperative society.

"Without in any way ceasing our direct attack upon the institution (war), we may well consider the effects if we cut the umbilical cord to its mother evil, the animal abattoir." - from Diet and War, The Recovery of Culture, by Henry Bailey Stevens, 1949.

As empirical attributes of cosmic genealogy defining the cosmic community of intelligent life, universal forelaws of empathy and compassion (seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life) underlie, particularly, reciprocal propagation and dissemination of intelligent life from infinity to infinity by intelligent life (RDIL.) This overarching cosmic reality, involving comets and asteroids as apparent/specific DNA carriers, interacts with the further reality that no two star systems with intelligent life (in terms of solar radiation) are exactly the same - explaining "races" (superficial genomics before amalgamation) in the makeup of intelligent life. The search for parent planets of humankind (SPPH) - addressing the deep human need to know from whence we came - creates new frontiers in nascent astrobiology.

"Life comes from space because life comes from life" - Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Research Trust.

"The first message from an intelligent extraterrestrial civilisation may not emerge from a radio telescope but, instead, from a DNA sequencing machine" - John Walker, Fourmilab Switzerland..

A cosmic morality with roots in universal forelaws of empathy and compassion, reciprocal propagation and dissemination of intelligent life by intelligent life (RDIL) is testament to intelligent life as a gift with indefinable promise. Exemplars of the gift and promise of intelligent life on Earth at this time, leading to RDIL participation by humankind, include ethnicity revisited, progress toward global water equilibrium, the merger of astronomy and biology (astrobiology), discovery thus far of over 2000 exoplanets, and NASA's OSIRIS-REx which will lift off in 2016 and return to Earth in 2023 with samples from asteroid 1999 RQ36.

In forelawsship on board,

Robert E. Cobb

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