Chapter V     The establishment of Global Communities
Article 1:    Principles
The Global Community and its membership, in pursuit of the Purposes stated earlier in the Preamble, shall conduct actions in accordance with the following Principles:

1.     The Global Community shall establish local communities of one million people each for a total of about 7,000 elected representatives throughout the world; the number of representatives will change according to the change in Earth's population; the election of representatives shall follow a democratic process properly supervised;

2.     The Global Community is based on the principle of the equality of all its elected, nominated or appointed representatives;

3.     All Members shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Constitution;

4.     International disputes shall be resolved peacefully with no threat to international peace, security and justice;

5.     International relations shall refrain from using threat or force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any national government;

6.     The Global Community shall not intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any national government;

7.     The use of armed forces against any national government is prohibited. When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as opposed to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss. This Principle applies to all disputes and conflicts.

8.     The Scale of Human and Earth Rights shall be used as guiding light for the decision-making process; and

9.     The Statement of Rights, Rersponsibilities and Accountabilities of a Person and of the Global Community shall also be used as a guiding light for the decision-making process.

Article 2:    Birth right of Global Community citizens of electing representatives democratically

Everyone is part of the Global Community by birth and therefore everyone has a right to vote. It is our birth right of electing a democratic government to manage Earth: the rights to vote and elect our representatives. Everyone should be given a chance to vote. Decisions will be made democratically.
Article 3:    Complying with the "Belief, Values, Principles and Aspirations of the Global Community and Earth Government".
Every member shall uphold the Global Constitution and comply with these "Belief, Values, Principles and Aspirations of the Global Community and Earth Government". The Preamble and Chapters 1 to 10 of this Constitution describe these "Belief, Values, Principles and Aspirations of the Global Community and Earth Government"

1.     Membership in the Global Community is open to any person (group, NGO, state, businesses, city, Member Nation, or any global citizen) which accept the obligations contained in the present Constitution and are able and willing to carry out these obligations.

2.     The admission of any such global community to membership in the Global Community will be effected by a decision of the Earth Executive Council.

Article 4:    Formation of global communities

Article 5:    Portal of the Global Community
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Article 6:    Portal of the Global Community of North America Portal of the Global Community of North America
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Welcome to the Portal of the Global Community of North America. Portal of the Global Community of North America
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Article 7:    Portal of other global communities
We invite all Nations of the world to participate in the development of global communities everywhere.




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