Water conservation aspects and issues
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The Global Community has had work concerning water conservation aspects and issues ever since 1985. A short list of our previous work concerning water conservation aspects and issues. Water conservation

For more recent work concerning water conservation aspects and issues read the following table.

 Month/year  Theme and Author  Read contents
 May 29, 2007   Earth, Inc. Sliding Into Bankruptcy, by Stephen Leahy , Inter Press Service Build a shrimp farm in Thailand by cutting down mangrove forests and you will net about 8,000 dollars per hectare. Meanwhile, the destruction of the forest and pollution from the farm will result in a loss of ecosystems worth 35,000 dollars/ha per year. Many leading development institutions and policy-makers still fail to understand that this ruthless exploitation for short-term profits could trigger an Enron-like collapse of "Earth, Inc.", experts say.   Read  Earth, Inc. Sliding Into Bankruptcy
 February 13, 2007   Global water crisis looms, by Ved P. Nanda , Ved P. Nanda is an Evans University professor and director of the International Legal Studies Program at the University of Denver Source: Denver Post It recommends a sharp rise in spending levels as well as in the share of foreign aid spent on water projects. The water crisis indeed presents a grave challenge to humanity.   Read  Global water crisis looms
 February 10, 2007   Water Conservation Portal & Search Engine, by Dr. Glen Barry , and Ecological Internet (EI) Achieving Environmental Conservation, Byte by Byte Insightful original Earth essays placing environmental sustainability within the context of other contemporary issues including peace and freedom.   Read  Water Conservation Portal & Search Engine


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