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Profile of  Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament  Michael Ellis
Dr. Michael Ellis
Minister for Sustainable Civilisation, Peace and Disarmament
Appointed by Global Parliament
Other initiatives
Chief Editor, Co Publisher and Creative vision behind The New Paradigm Journal
He is an English trained Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience both in the UK and in Australia. He has higher qualifications in general medicine and paediatrics. He has a special interest in mind/ body medicine and in optimizing the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual. As well as his medical qualifications, Dr Ellis also has an Honours Degree in Literature, Arts, Philosophy and Social Psychology. He also has Naturopathic qualifications. He is Founder of The Centre For Change and The Medical renaissance Group The Centre for Change in the Third Millennium is an open forum and ongoing dialogue for humankind on key issues affecting sustainable survival and the search for solutions. It is a global ‘think tank’, a global ‘watershed, bringing together humanity’s most inspired and creative thinking – a convergence of the spiritual, scientific and humanistic. The aim is the creation of a planetary ‘peace culture’. Dr Ellis has a keen interest in the plight of the ordinary GP and is concerned about creating a more sustainable future for both doctors and the community. Because of this, he established The Medical Renaissance Group in Australia in 2001. The Medical Renaissance Group aims to bring together the global community of doctors and community to lobby their respective governments for the creation of a healing culture which places priority on the health of the individual rather than on the illness of the individual. In this respect, it supports preventative, nutritional, mind / body medicine and Wellness Medicine and sees healing as being a unique partnership between the doctor and the patient. Dr Ellis has conducted seminars on Globalization, and Wellness at the Post Graduate School of Medicine Swinburne University, Melbourne. He can be contacted on and or on 0414 543 397. He practices Nutritional and Environmental, Integrative , Mind Body and Anti Aging Medicine in Kalorama Victoria.

Other professional qualifications
Research & Published Papers

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