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The Global Community has had work concerning the green tax aspects and issues ever since 1985. A short list of our previous work concerning the green tax aspects and issues. Green tax

For more recent work concerning the green tax aspects and issues read the following table.

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 February 10, 2007   Raising global taxes, by Germain Dufour, The Global Community proposes a Green Tax Shift Policy Approach to financing local-to-global public goods. There is a troublesome and painful contradiction in the lives of many of us who are working for peace, justice, poverty eradication, debt cancellation and sustainable development. While our hearts and minds focus on building a better world for everyone, each day we hand over fistfuls of dollars to build weapons of mass destruction, fuel dangerous, dirty and polluting technologies, and subsidize huge conglomerates which concentrate the wealth of the world in the control of the few. But together we can end tax tyranny and align our visions and values with how we finance our governments. The Global Community was looking for a method of raising global taxes, of redistributing incomes to the poorest communities, of providing debt-free technical assistance to non-industrial and developing countries to help them out of poverty and to meet environmental and social standards, but there it was all along right on our eyes.   Read Raising global taxes aspects and issues


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