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Resume of Germain Dufour
Joseph Germain Dufour
Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Global Community
Global Community
Global Parliament

Global Community WebNet Ltd.
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Project Officer
Earth Community Organization (ECO), and theGlobal Community
Portals of the Global Community, the Global Civilization, and of the Global Community of North America
The Global Constitution
Global Dialogue
Global Governments Federation
Global Exhibition
Mount Benson Preservation Society

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186 Bowlsby Street
Nanaimo,   British Columbia
Canada    V9R 5K1
Phone:    (250)   754-0778

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M.Sc.  (Honours),   Physics,  University  of  Québec  at  Trois-Rivières,   Québec,   1982
B.Sc.  (Honours),   Physics,  University  of  Victoria,   British Columbia,   1976
Scientific publications and internal reports prior to 1985 are shown at
Research and devlopment conducted after 1985 shown at

In 1985, developed and defined the global concepts of 'Global Community' and 'Global Dialogue'. Established a Global Dialogue between people, businesses, communities and nation governments. The global concepts are concerned about:

A)     humanity resolving global problems in a peaceful way for the benefit of all Peoples and Life on Earth;
B)     promoting Peace in the world through dialogue;
C)     finding sound and equitable solutions to local and global problems; and
D)     helping humanity survive this Century, taking along and protecting as much as possible other lifeforms.
Measured environmental, social and economic indicators to evaluate global societal sustainability.

Developed policies, strategies and legislative documents for the Earth Community Organization (ECO), the Global Community.

Proposed to the United Nations (U.N.)  a federation of all Nations, Earth Government, and the Global Constitution, a governing body based on democracy for all Peoples on Earth.

Established the process to obtain the ECO Award, Global Citizenship, and the Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship (CCGCC). Global Community WebNet Ltd., a federal corporation of Canada, was the first corporation on Earth to qualify and obtain the the CCGCC, and is a unique way to show the world that our ways of doing business are best for the Global Community.

Conducted the research and development of humanity's new vision which is about living a life and seeing the world through the:

  •     Scale of Human and Earth Rights;
  •     Politics and Justice without borders;
  •     Life is protected by Global Law;
  •     Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act;
  •     Statement of Rights, Responsibilities and Accountabilities of a Person and the Global Community;
  •     Building of global symbiotical relationships between people, institutions, cities, provinces and nations of the world;
  •     Global Constitution; and
  •     Portal of the Global Civilization, Global Protection Agency.

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