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Is towards a totally spiritually ethical politics possible?
February 26, 2007

Livia Varju
Universal Alliance Servitor for Switzerland
4 Chemin du Repos, 1213 Petit-Lancy
Geneva, Switerland
Tel/fax: 41 022 793 0771

I have spent over 15 years working for two UN Agencies in Geneva where the staff represent a microcosm of humanity. There are dozens of nationalities, some had come to work toward the creation of a better world, some to make a career and earn good salaries. Too many merely did the work allotted to them and did not consider the whole of the organisation and it’s activities, and the impact on those it was supposed to help. When one tried to engage them in a discussion, they were not interested. When one insisted on meaningful conversations about reform, they would say, "there’s nothing I can do". The UN and its Agencies had been reducing staff for some time, and consequently human nature at its worst was manifested, e.g. jealousy, intrigues, undermining those who seemed to threaten people’s position and career prospects. Unfortunately, there is evil in the world, and there are evil people who have never learned to think of the well-being of others. They may be a minority, but their nefarious activities are pervasive. During those years I felt ever more strongly that a new mind-set, a change of heart, a new spirituality, were of prime importance.

The answer to the question at the beginning of this paper is: Yes, a totally spiritually ethical politics is possible and necessary in our world. It is possible provided all people of goodwill contribute to its realisation. The solutions lie in doing our very best to reach even those people who do not give a thought to the welfare of their fellow human beings, their country, or the world at large. We must try to reach those who prefer to engage in escapist activities, like drinking, or reading fiction or amassing material goods, etc. We must try to influence and show a good example to all including those who live for power and money. It is easy to have satisfying conversations with like-minded people, but we must get away from merely "preaching to the converted".

But our best hope lies in educating children to be caring, compassionate, sensitive beings, who will learh to cooperate instead of competing and, most important of all, we must train them to solve conflicts by debate and discussion instead of physical violence. This is the urgent task of parents, teachers, and school authorities.

The media are to blame for much of the violence, with endless films and video games that pollute minds especially of impressionable younger people.

There is an organisation in Geneva, "Reagir", which fights against violence, drugs and pornography. When members see something in the papers, or on screens, or in decisions by the authorities, which are against the best interests of young people and society as a whole, they write letters and start petitions. This is just one small way to make a difference.

Brother David writes, "Love does not exist if it is not translated into action". I would like to take this idea further by sharing a quotation I have read somewhere: "He who knows the need for action knows the need for prayer. He who knows the need for prayer knows the need for action." The spiritual dimension must include courageous action.

To conclude, I offer a poem.
A New Page for New Millennium
Hate generates hate
revenge takes its toll
on our children and theirs*
as the years and decades roll
on in a vicious violent circle

Let us break the chains that atrophy
heart and soul and liberty
release the spirit which longs to soar
above division, border, war

Let us dare to clean our slate
shed the burden of revenge and hate
may we begin a fresh, clear page
to create a new peaceful age.

*NB- Is not this verse reminiscent of a karmic truth expressed in the Jewish Old Testament of the Bible that goes:

"And the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the fourth generation" which is not so much like a Divine Judgemental Judge "passing sentence" on wayward humanity, so much as a simple warning of the Karmic consequences of our harmful actions on those who follow on after us, even after we have passed to Spirit? – David

The above text has been networked by David Allen Stringer
International Coordinator – The Universal Alliance

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