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God Law

Revelations for the 21st Century and beyond

by God

March 17, 2007

Revelations for the 21st Century and beyond
1. Thou shall be One with humanity and thou shall have a higher purpose, and that is to propagate Life throughout the Universe. I shall provide you with means to travel the galaxies.

2. Thou shall have another higher purpose, and that is to manage Earth responsibly.

3. The Soul of Humanity shall be your guiding hand to follow as my hand.

4. The Soul of Humanity is a part of my own consciousness, my Spirit, my way of being with you and you with me.

5. Thou shall banish war as a solution to problems between communities. All Souls involved with war, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified. All Souls involved in the making of weapons, war product and equipment shall be facing the Soul of Humanity.

6. The stewardship of the ecological base is the essential prerequisite for the effectiveness and exercise of all rights recognized for human beings, and it has to be given priority before the fulfilment of various economic and social wishes. Demands resulting from the socio-economic system of a particular country have to find their limits in the protection of the global ecosystem. Vital interests of future generations have to be considered as having priority before less vital interests of the present generation. All Souls involved with the careless destruction of the life-support system of the planet, directly or indirectly, shall face the Soul of Humanity to be purified.

7. Thou shall be ethically responsible and accountable locally, globally and throughout the Universe.

8. Although you may foresee correctly the Universe with a beginning and expanding, what you observe is a part of a greater whole that is infinite and eternal. You shall have faith in your good heart, mind and Spirit to reach a much greater understanding of the Universe. The Soul of Humanity shall guide you on the way.

9. Souls traveling the galaxies to propagate life shall be good Souls only. They shall still be a part of the Soul of Humanity. Their higher purpose shall be to spread life of various forms throughout the Universe.

10. Thou shall live a life as per global ethical values developed by the Soul of Humanity. Thou shall applied these values responsibly and wisely in all situations and places.


Note to the reader:
These Revelations from God were first published by the Global Community in 2004. More explanations concerning the validity of these Revelations are found on the website of the Global Community "Evolution, Creation and now, Guiding Souls" at

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