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Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2008 is:
The planet-Life-Soul of Humanity symbiotical relationship
which brings up a question

One of the most important factors in our lives is the inter-connection we have to others, to other countries. Through these connections you will be able to create changes for good on a global scale. Right now you can use your skills, your knowledge, your abilities, to realize how your strengths can help bring about the best kind of changes in the world by connecting with us in our aim to promote a world sustainable development on four major levels: the land, the richness of our land, our economic endeavours and the welfare of all our peoples. And certainly we need a stable and secure world. The Global Community proposes that politics and Justice be without borders. Proper Earth governance has now become a necessity for the survival of all life.

Governance of the Earth will make the rule of arbitrary power--economic (WTO, FTAA, EU), political, or military (NATO)-- subjected to the rule of law within the Global Community. Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant. Justice is without borders.

The Global Community has no intention of changing the status and privileges of state governments. In fact, state governments become primary members of the Global Community. Global governance can only be effective within the framework of the criteria of the Global Community citizenship.

The Global Community was built from a grassroots process with a vision for humanity that is challenging every person on Earth as well as nation governments, and has a vision of the people working together building a new civilization including a healthy and rewarding future for the next generations. Global cooperation brings people together for a common future for the good of all.

Earth governance does not imply a lost of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. A nation government exists within the framework of an effective Global Community protecting common global values and humanity heritage. Earth governance gives a new meaning to the notions of territoriality, and non-intervention in a state way of life, and it is about protecting the cultural heritage of a state. Diversity of cultural and ethnic groups is an important aspect of Earth governance.

Earth governance is a balance between the rights of states with rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of the the Global Community, the human family, the global civil society.

Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of the Global Community rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states.

Although the Global Community ensures state governments that it will obey the principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs, it will also stand for the rights and interests of the people within individual states in which the security of people is extensively endangered. A global consensus to that effect will be agreed upon by all nation states.

Effective Earth governance requires a greater understanding of what it means to live in a more crowded, interdependent humanity with finite resources and more pollution threatening the global life-support systems. The Global Community has no other choice but to work together at all levels. The collective power is needed to create a better world .

We believe the world is at a turning point. We can no longer perceive ourselves as a People who could survive alone and a People who does not need anyone else. We belong and depend to a much larger group, that of the Global Community, the human family. The 21st Century will see limitless links and interrelationships within the Global Community.

Ever since the early 1990s, the Global Community has researched and developed the concept of 'a global community'. It has since been made a part of the foundation of the Global Community and is thought as the way of life of the future. The concept is also in the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities of a person belonging to 'a global community' and to 'the Global Community', the human family.

That is, the statement is about to take a stand:

a)     I am not just a woman, I am a person, I am citizen of a global community,
b)     I am not just a man, I am a person, I am citizen of a global community,
c)     We are responsible, accountable and equal persons in every way, and we will manage wisely our population and Earth, and
d)     We are citizens of the Global Community, the Earth Community, the human family.
(Read about a few examples of how to apply the Statement )

We need to take this stand for the survival of our species.

The Statement includes:

A)   Rights and responsiblitities of a person in ' a global community '
B)   Rights and responsiblitities of a person in ' the Global Community '
C)   Rights and responsiblitities of ' a global community '
D)   Rights and responsiblitities of ' the Global Community '

The Statement was further developed into the now approved Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act.

This Century is a new challenge. New standards, goals and objectives have to be defined. Firm universal guidelines are essentials in keeping the world healthy. Already we notice new ways of thinking being embraced, new behaviors and attitudes adopted. Global ethics are required to do business and deal with one another to sustain Earth. The Global Community proposes to corporations that they take responsibility on behalf of society and people, and that they should pay more attention to human and Earth rights, working conditions and getting ride of corruption in the world of business and trade. We have developed a criteria, and we ask you to turn it into practice.

Obtaining your Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship (CCGCC) will help you to show the world your ways of doing business are best for the Global Community. Governments should encourage enterprises to use the criteria both by legal and moral means. At first, the criteria should be adopted in key areas such as procurement, facilities management, investment management, and human resources. Corporations want to be seen as good corporate leaders and have a stronger form of accountability. Business and trade will prosper after stronger common bonds and values have been established. Adopting the criteria will have a beneficial impact on future returns, and share price performance.

Obtaining the CCGCC will help businesses to be part of the solution to the challenges of globalisation. In this way, the private sector in partnership with the civil society can help realize a vision: allowing a global equitable and peaceful development and a more stable and inclusive global economy.


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