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The Global Community has had work concerning the global development aspects and issues ever since 1985. A short list of our previous work concerning the global development aspects and issues.  Global Development Indicators and Indices

For more recent work concerning the global development aspects and issues read the following table.

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 June 28, 2007   Greenpeace opens tar sands campaign, by Greenpeace Canada, Edmonton, Canada Greenpeace has taken a dramatic step to expand its climate and energy campaign by opening an office in Edmonton to oppose tar sands in Alberta.   Read Greenpeace opens tar sands campaign
 June 30, 2007   Action Alert: Greenpeace, Come Clean and Stop Supporting Ancient Rainforest Logging, by Dr. Glen Barry , Rainforest Portal and Ecological Internet (EI) There is no such thing as certified, sustainable logging of primary forests. Tell Greenpeace to release their suppressed report on industrial certified forestry, and to resign the chair and withdraw from the Forest Stewardship Council.   Read Action Alert: Greenpeace, Come Clean and Stop Supporting Ancient Rainforest Logging
 June 27, 2007   Our Obligation To The World, by Paul Buchheit, published in, Our way of life depends on a continuation of the economic and energy policies that keep billions of people in poverty.   Read Our Obligation To The World
 May 19, 2007   Question of Direction , by Mike Nickerson and Donna Dillman, Goals are the seeds from which the future grows. When enough people understand this, the conventional wisdom will shift, moving from: our purpose is to expand production and onsumption to our purpose is to enjoy living while managing the planet for generations to come. As you know, the Question of Direction program aims to increase the rate at which this realization takes place.   Read Question of Direction
 May 14, 2007   Deforestation: The Hidden Cause Of Global Warming , by Daniel Howden , The Independent The accelerating destruction of the rainforests that form a precious cooling band around the Earth's equator, is now being recognised as one of the main causes of climate change. Carbon emissions from deforestation far outstrip damage caused by planes and automobiles and factories. The rampant slashing and burning of tropical forests is second only to the energy sector as a source of greenhouses gases according to report published today by the Oxford-based Global Canopy Programme, an alliance of leading rainforest scientists.   Read Deforestation: The Hidden Cause Of Global Warming
 May 14, 2007  Climate Change: A Moral Obligation for the Developed World The Nobel laureate calls for industrialized nations to step up their efforts on climate change for the sake of the world's poor. by Desmond Tutu,, also in The Guardian, published in AlterNet: The Mix is the Message, Environment.   Read Climate Change: A Moral Obligation for the Developed World
 May 2, 2007  Ecovillage Design Education - Training of Trainers 2007, 27 October - 24 November 2007 , by Pracha Hutanuwatr,, published in Findhorn Foundation in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education. Based on the Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum - an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014   Read Ecovillage Design Education - Training of Trainers 2007
 April 21, 2007   Human Rights And Globalization, by Dr. Samir Naim-Ahmed, published in Would globalization enhance the implementation of human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( 1948 ) and the subsequent United Nations agreements , particularly the covenant on civil and political rights ( 1966 ), the covenant on economic, social and cultural rights (1966 ) and the declaration on the right to development (1986 )?   Read Human Rights And Globalization
 February 10, 2007   Raising global taxes, by Germain Dufour, The Global Community proposes a Green Tax Shift Policy Approach to financing local-to-global public goods. There is a troublesome and painful contradiction in the lives of many of us who are working for peace, justice, poverty eradication, debt cancellation and sustainable development. While our hearts and minds focus on building a better world for everyone, each day we hand over fistfuls of dollars to build weapons of mass destruction, fuel dangerous, dirty and polluting technologies, and subsidize huge conglomerates which concentrate the wealth of the world in the control of the few. But together we can end tax tyranny and align our visions and values with how we finance our governments. The Global Community was looking for a method of raising global taxes, of redistributing incomes to the poorest communities, of providing debt-free technical assistance to non-industrial and developing countries to help them out of poverty and to meet environmental and social standards, but there it was all along right on our eyes.   Read Raising global taxes aspects and issues


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