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The US, media and scholars contribute to war: Stop the MIMAC!
by Jan Oberg
TFF director
October 1, 2007
Subject: The US, media and scholars contribute to war: Stop the MIMAC!
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 15:06:04 +0900
From: T F F PeaceBrowser
To: PeaceBrowser
Nagoya, Japan, October 1, 2007

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MIMAC has nothing to do with Mac or MiMac or that sort of thing. It's the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex, and we have just witnessed its mode of operation once again during Iranian President Ahmadinejad's visit to New York.

The Military Industry is solidly anchored in Vice-President Cheney's and President Bush's offices. The Media - many owned or influenced by the Military Industrial corporations - managed - again - to mis-translate, mis-interprete and demonise the Iranian President. Nobody listened, few cared about checking sources - the first duty of any professional media person. So the Holocaust denial and wipe-Israel-off-the-map was repeated - irrespective of the fact that the man has NEVER said any of it.

When US media promotes propaganda - many around the world behave like parrots to His Master's Voice.

Academics, then? Whether measurable or not, the image of Columbia University is that it is a leading one in the world. However, its President Lee Bollinger behaved to the disgrace of any intellectual and ought to resign for his unfounded propaganda, instead of scholarship, and his uniquely bad manners.

If this is the level at one of the best universities, how bad is it not elsewhere? What is it that compels the majority of scholars around the world to legitimize senseless, illegal wars instead of dialogue, respect and peace by peaceful means in accordance with the UN Charter?

In one word it is MIMAC and not Iran and its President that is a threat to the world. The friends of the US should now speak up. Others should raise the possibility of sanctions. China and Japan should consider stopping their financing of the American MIMAC before we all end up in a world - possibly nuclear - disaster that will make Iraq look like a minor event.

We can begin by boycotting any media and news bureau that has repeated the fabricated statements put into Ahmedinejad's mouth. Because they promote war, simply, and because there is no excuse for not knowing what he actually said. You simply can't trust them on one of the contemporary world's most important issues - like you could not during the sanctions and the war on Iraq.

A free press does not have the freedom to be limitlessly ignorant or unprofessional or war-mongering. It does have the freedom and duty to do honest reporting, check sources and cover peace policies and peace actors where they clearly exist.

Here are four must-read articles on TFF's website:

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And, finally TFF's article collections about the prospect of war with Iran:

They all eleganty shoot down the deception, the war propaganda and the mindlessly repeating reporting.

Please now speak up against politically correct, war-promoting, scholars. Boycot their institutions, books, scholarships and grants!

I urge you to speak up against media and journalists who choose to be part of and promote MIMAC where alternatives so clearly exist.

Ahmedinejad's visit to New York is yet another indication that it is time to confront the "old" media that choose to be members of MIMAC - even if it implies that they won't turn to you for an expert view or promote your organisation.

Thanks to the Internet, NGOs, activists and scholars are much less dependent today on the mainstream media than before it. Even Myanmar's leaders are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Free media also means choosing freedom from MIMAC and its media...


Jan Oberg
TFF director

TFF - for peace with passion

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