Global Dialogue 2023.

September 1st. 2022 to August 31st, 2023.
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Politics and Justice Without Borders
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Theme of Global Dialogue 2023:

Volume 21 Issue 1 September 2022

Theme of September 2022 Newsletter

Executive order concerning Global Community's survival.

Germain Joseph Dufour
Global Parliament
Global Civilizational State
Global Community, Global Parliament, Federation of Global Governments, Global Civilizational State vv.

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Love the world, save the world! Rise up global citizens You are needed! Life needs you, now. Take significant and meaningful actions to save Earth, all Life, from complete extinction. Let us lead the world toward Global Civilizational State for education, Justice, protection of life species on Earth, and for new ways of doing business and trade, in global development, and in the management of global resources.

At the origin of this quest, a source no one remembers, was a long, arduous search for something to save the world, to take all our dreams, fears, and goals, and wrap them up into an attainable journey. More was written during Global Dialogue 2022 and, of course, during all Global Dialogues since 1985. Let me remind you of the first addendum to the paper published for the month of August, 2022, and also is an addition to today's document. Theme of the first addendum of August 2022 Newsletter:

Executive order concerning Global Parliament, all of Humanity's new vision of the world.

Vision of the world to save all life on our planet.

Humanity's new vision of the world
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Global Community celebrated its 35th year in 2020. More significant and meaningful actions needed to save the Earth, all life.

Global Community celebrates its 35th year in 2020.
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Global Community celebrates its 35th year in 2020.
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First species on Earth that will have to limit itself for its own survival and that of all Life.
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Global Civilizational State for free education and training back to the people to guide the next generations toward a successful life, a prosperous future, and a healthy planet.


Global Civilizational State: application of the Scale of Global Rights to global issues.

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