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As global crises of all sorts further intensify, Global Civilizational State may have no alternative but to show solidarity and help each other out of crises, and such solidarity can only be built on the basis of harmony and moderation, and on respecting the political and cultural diversity of our troubled world. A Global Civilizational State dependable and trustworthy leadership for all life on Earth has been on the horizon consistently doing good work. Let us all lead the world toward Global Civilizational State.
Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution, global crises have aggravated beyond safety bounds. Several important causes of global warming, climate changes, and the life extinction crisis have brought about an existential threat to humanity and of the other life forms on our planet. Mitigation involves attempts to slow the process of global climate change, usually by lowering the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So far this attempt has not been successful.
In a finite world, economic and population growth cannot continue indefinitely and must end when resources are exhausted.
Capitalism has been a failure of our democratic system of governance. Capitalism is this system that can only lead us to our annihilation. Capitalism is an economic system based on exponential growth world over. This system is forcing us to work harder to surpass previous years Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, and is driven by competition, which creates more pollution that impairs life, and the CO2 that's heating the biosphere will end life on Earth if the system is maintain to its exhaustion. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now, and Global Civilizational State also strongly opposes environmental, economic, population, and military warfares.
But today, many countries have already prioritized economic growth over social, environmental and human right aspects of life. Free trade is itself a fragrant abuse of democracy. Corporate America overriding goal is maximal profits and not the needs and welfare of future generations. The enormous productive capacities and market forces of the planet have been committed to satisfying human needs and desires with little regard to the short and long terms future of life on the planet.
Earth environmental governance can only be achieved successfully within the larger context of sustainable development and Earth management because human activities are all interconnected and dependent to one another. A legally imposed contraction of the fossil energy supply and a rapid conversion to renewable energy, are necessary steps toward savings humanity. The goal of the developed nations must be to overturn our present expansionary economic system by fostering de-growth. To accomplish this people must control and manage Earth resources at all stages: exploration, development, production, transportation, manufacturing, and distribution.
And we need a complete turn around of our ways of doing business and trade, in global development, and in the management of global resources. Global Civilizational State has included morality and ethics into our ways of doing business and trade, and into consumer understanding and use of each product on the market. Furthermore and most importantly, we must replace the United Nations by Global Parliament with the immediate action to form the Global Trade and Resources Ministry as promoted by Global Civilizational State, a more meaningful union in the form of nine or more Global Governments. A Global Government is concerned not only with economics and trade, but also with the environment, social, cultural and many other essential services. The Federation of Global Governments is the place of meeting between them.

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