There are a few requirements to have your name or the name of your organization added to the list of the Global Community Affiliated Centres for Education and Training. If your name is added you are considered as a volunteer. Your organization, if any, is also considered as a volunteer organization. Please do read the section concerning volunteers. dd We don't pay anyone, and we don't pay expenses. We do volunteer work for humanity. We expect volunteers to be responsible and accountable of all their actions. We do soft global activism work. The Global Constitution shows us how to operate our organization. We follow Global Law as shown in the Global Constitution. All those who do volunteer work for us must become familliar with it and become global citizens. We want our volunteers to be completely loyal to the Global Community and to the values and principles we promote.

In order to create a harmonious and compassionate Global Community, and to protect our planetary environment, the global life-support systems, we want to help you concerning all issues. Our volunteers will help you the best they can. We stand for the rights of women, children, elderly, affordable health care, strong labor rights and social and economic policies that put people and the environment before profits. We are opposed to the globalization of greed and obscene concentrations of wealth -- we say that another world is possible and necessary. The Global Community is a non-hierarchical nonviolent organization of individuals and organizations that promotes the arts, conducts workshops, facilitates nonviolent direct actions, educates, organizes, campaigns, empowers, and aims to rip injustice from its roots.





Lesson #1: the world now Global Statistics

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To educate the world is most important. Tweeta is the symbol of the thousands of students, university staff & professors; government from all nations; E.U. and U.N. officials; and religious and business people from all over the world waiting for the arrival of SoulLife. Tweeta is also the symbol of the billions of people watching and learning SoulLife teaching over the Internet and TV media.

SoulLife beginning to speak about the four (4) different faces of warfare that cause instabilities worldwide:

1. The military and its armament industry

2. Uncontrolled economics and overconsumption

3. Overpopulation

4. Environmental

An overpopulated planet is the cause of instabilities.

4 areas most affected are:

1. Food,
2. Water,
3. Urbanisation,
4. Energy.

Today signs of significant stress to the Earth's ecosystem and to the Earth life-support systems.

Today signs of deeply feeling stress to society worldwide. Education and Universal health care for every Global Citizen.

Implemented through Global Community with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states, Global Community offers a practicable starting point for achieving:

(a) a healthful, sustainable environment for every global community citizen,
(b) universal health care, publicly supported,
(c) education for all based upon individual capability,
(d) creative/productive employment for every global community citizen, and
(e) post-retirement security. This effort will lead over time to an escalation of human values and symbiotical relationships transcending money centered economics.

Lesson #2: the way forward Global Statistics

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For millennia, the relentless ticking of a woman's biological clock has equated her entire life with one purpose: childbearing. Today this must change. The encouragement of childfree couples is crucial to saving the planet. A childfree life celebrates humanity's most profound conquest of nature: control of conception. Give every woman that choice, and the world will change.

There is a growing awareness within the Global Community that the unrestrained growth of a population should pay for itself. Those who profit from growth will use their considerable resources to convince the community that the community should pay the costs of growth. Taxes and utility costs must escalate in order to pay for the growth. In addition, growth brings increased levels of congestion, frustration, and air pollution.

Give a woman the choice to say no I dont want children or raise a family; and make her choice socially acceptable. For this to work, women must also be given equal rights to men in every way.
Give a woman:

Access to and control of natural resources and land,
Stronger voices in decisions about sustainable resource use,
Education on impacts of consumerism and sustainable consumption, and
Access to modern methods of contraception and reproductive health services. Lesson #2: the way forward artboard

Moratorium on world population, the fertility rate and immigration applications.

Migrants from any religious or cultural background, including refugees, must satisfy completely the Global Community standard for a population fertility rate of 1.3 children per family.

The Global Community condemns all types of warfare we see in the world today: military, environmental, economic and population. The Scale of Global Rights gives us a sense of direction for future planning and managing Earth.

Lesson #3: Earth management Global Citizens Handbook

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There is a multitude of diverse Earth resources being taken from the ground and water, carried away for processing, manufacturing, packaging, or used in some form or another by consumers, and by commercial and industrial facilities.

Because of the limited quantities of Earth resources to be made available for this generation and the next ones, and because of environmental, climate change, and world population concerns, there is a need to manage the entire process from beginning to end, from the exploration stage to the consumer.

A Global Ministry is needed to look after the management of Earth resources at all stages: exploration, production, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.

Now let us see a way out of this deadly scenario also partly due to lack of proper and fair global management. Global Citizens Handbook

Earth governance is about the rights of states to self-determination in the global context of Global Civilization rather than the traditional context of a world of separate states. Earth management and good governance is now a priority and a duty of every responsible person on Earth. When we do exploration work, develop, manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, we become legally and morally responsible and accountable of this product from beginning to end. This product may be anything and everything from oil & gas, weapons, war products, construction products, transportation and communications products and equipment, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products! All medical products! All pharmaceutical products!

Global Civilization wants to help businesses to be active corporate members of the human family. Much needs to be done. Realizing that the world global economic development and use of global resources are out of control and forcing a complete collapse of Global Community, we see that international trade agreements are all obsolete, ancient and primitive. Human activities by large are causing the destruction of livelihood worldwide, endangering all lifeforms on the planet, putting in great danger all global ecosysytems, in short threatening the survival of all life on our planet. We need a complete turn around of our ways of doing things in business and trade, in global development and the management of global resources. As a first step in order to bring business and trade on a sustainable path, we need to form the Global Trade and Resources Ministry as promoted by Global Civilization.

Lesson #4: Global Ministries Member Nation Constitutions, Statutes and Related Legislative Information

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The formation of global ministries is the most important event in human history. Global Civilizational State values did not all exist at first during the early stage of human evolution. Most of them gradually developed over time. Today, it is not just about 'humanity survival' but also 'all lifeforms survival' on Earth we are fighting for. We need to create a Global Ministry for the economic sharing, production and distribution of resources on our planet. In fact, we need global ministries for the proper management of the most important global commons, those concerned with the global life-support systems, without which no one could survive on our planet. Humanity sees the need to manage the world affairs in several aspects of our lives: energy, agriculture, environment, health, Earth resources, Earth management, security and safety, emergencies and rescues, trade, banks, speculation on world markets, peace, family and human development, water resources protection, youth, education, justice, science and technology, finance, human resources, ethics, global rights, sustainable development, industry, and the manufacturing and distribution of products. Global ministries will be given power to rule themselves in harmony with each other.


Lesson #5: Global Parliament
Global Parliament shall be composed of four (4) bodies, designated as follows:

1. the House of Elected Representatives, to represent Global Community directly and equally;
2. The Federation of Global Governments, to represent the nations of the world;
3. House of Advisers with particular functions to represent the highest good and best interests of humanity as a whole; and
4. the Executive Council

Global Parliament primary goal and focus include only a few essential aspects. Global Parliament Constitution itself gives the highest priority to the following essential aspects of life within civil society:

* essential services;
* the Judiciary;
* the Global Protection Agency (GPA); and
* Global Ministries.

The very first step of Federation Global Parliament, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of essential services amongst the participating member nations.

Lesson #6: Scale of Global Rights to replace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Global Statistics
Over the past several decades humanity has better itself through the acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by most nations. But now is time to leave it behind and reach to our next step of social evolution, that is the approval of a scale of social values, the Scale of Global Rights.

Primordial human rights on the Scale are separate categories from those of community rights, the right of the greatest number of people, economic rights, social rights, cultural rights and religious rights. Ecological and primordial human rights are the only rights that have existed unchanged throughout the evolutionary origin of our species. Any major change would have threatened our very existence. All other human rights are rights created by human beings and can be changed depending of new circumstances; they are not stagnant but are rather flexible and adaptive, and they can evolve. Ecological and primordial human rights of this generation and of future generations are therefore much more important than any other human rights existing now and in the future.

The Scale of Global Rights is the best educating tool to bring about the change the people of the world need to accept for their own survival.

Lesson #7: Earth governance and management Global Citizens Handbook
Global Rights year one is a new impetus of Global Civilization to establish global fundamentals and a clear vision to follow, and to educate everyone about the need for a change in thinking and of doing things amongst the people of all nations. We need to realize what is the most important, and what is the least important for our survival as a species. We need a clear vision. We need a common vision. And we must all change! There are many important aspects of our lives we can no longer do, or should never do anymore. They are destructive. Humanity and all life can no longer afford activities that destroy life and the global environment. And there are other activities we must do, certainly thousands of them, to assure the survival of life on Earth. In view of the planetary state of urgency, we all must change, we must do things differently to give life on Earth a better survival chance.

We define Earth governance as the traditions and institutions by which authority in a country is exercised for the common good. Earth governance is a balance between the rights of states with rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of the Global Community, the human family, the global civil society.

Lesson #8: Global Justice and Global Law Member Nation Constitutions, Statutes and Related Legislative Information
Global politics and the Global Justice Movement have for long been sound pillars of Global Civilization. They are meant to bring humanity on a safe ground. They are about the survival of all of us of the planet. This is what people who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules want from their political leaders. You don't expect politicians to be perfect. But you do want to know that your tax dollars - money you've worked for - are being spent properly and wisely. The pillars have many inter-related aspects: monetary, social, economic, environmental, democracy, and peace. They promote new thinking to benefit all economies and societies � the true, fair, democratic and efficient solution to global problems and issues.

Global Justice Movement has many inter-related components: monetary, social, economic, environmental, democracy, and peace. This way Global Community promotes new thinking to benefit all economies and societies � the true, fair, democratic and efficient solution to rights abuses.

Capitalism has been a failure of our democratic system of governance. Capitalism is this system that can only lead us to our annihilation. Capitalism is an economic system based on exponential growth world over. This system is forcing us to work harder to surpass previous years Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, and is driven by competition, which creates more pollution that impairs life, and the CO2 that's heating the biosphere will end life on Earth if the system is maintain to its exhaustion. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now, and Global Civilizational State also strongly opposes environmental, economic, population, and military warfares.

Lesson # 9: Global Peace Movement and disarmament
Over the past decades, a Global Dialogue was organized every day of every year to probe the world about what may be the best vision to follow for humanity's survival. The Scale of Global Rights was found to be the best guide for survival. Ethical values implied in the Scale were chosen to be practical, real, and applicable for all women and men of good will, religious and non-religious.

We should be encouraged to think and lead as Earth managers. Let us appreciate the commons that are truly important for all life survival. At this moment global warming is a major problem, and we should seek to reduce its causes intensively. We need leadership in the protection of all our natural resources, in peril because of what we do and what that does to our planet. The commons are based on the notion that just by being members of the human family, we all have rights to certain common heritages. Today, we describe these many societal benefits from the natural world as ecosystem services. Coastal, forest, grassland, freshwater, global ocean and agricultural ecosystems provide essential goods and services such as climate control, nutrient recycling, production of food, provision of freshwater, storage of atmospheric CO2, maintenance of biodiversity, and provision of tourism opportunities. Those services are very important to our survival as a species, and to our enjoyment of a decent quality of life.

Global Civilizational State is more concerned about the formation of a Ministry of Global Peace in the government of each nation of the world. There are several reasons why this is an important step in the history of humanity, and we will make that aspect of our Dialogue an extensive research and development. We ask everyone to participate because this is for all of us on planet Earth.

Lesson # 10: Security for all and Global Protection Agency (GPA). Global Statistics
The Global Protection Agency (GPA) would have the approval from all member nations to give immediate help, and therfore bypassing normal government protocols. Somewhat like an emergency unit but at the global level. That is what those first three sections mean. They represent an efficient and immediate emergency response to help. First, participating member nations need to give their approval to the GPA.

The work of the Global Community, the global civil society, and the determination of government worldwide, make it possible for everyone to comply with the law. The Global Protection Agency (GPA) enforces Global Law.

Lesson #11: Global Information Media (GIM) Global Citizens Handbook
The Editor of the Global Information Media is accepting articles, letters, reports, research papers, discussions and global dialogues, and messages for publication. This Media is a way to communicate workable sound solutions to problems arising in the world. Let us share our problems and workable sound solutions. Sharing information is a necessity to all life and humanity s survival. Our world is changing fast before our eyes, and we must react quickly and hard to protect all life on Earth. No hesitation! Right now and no waiting! Life on the planet is our first priority. We must protect it at all costs. We, global citizens, fight to protect life on Earth for this generation and the next ones. We are the defenders of the environment and the global life-support systems.

Lesson #12: Global Civilizational Citizenship for all global citizens Member Nation Constitutions, Statutes and Related Legislative Information
Criteria for becoming Global Community citizens. Criteria for becoming Global Community citizens.

Article 1: Global Community citizenship of Earth Government

1. Every national of a Member Nation shall be a global citizen of Earth Government. Global Community citizenship of Earth Government shall be additional to national citizenship; it shall not replace it.

2. Global Community citizens of Earth Government shall enjoy the rights and be subject to the duties provided for in this Global Constitution. They shall have:

a) the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member Nations;
b) the right to vote and to stand as candidates in elections to the Global Parliament and in municipal elections in their Member Nation of residence, under the same conditions as nationals of that Nation; and
c) the right to enjoy, in the territory of a third country in which Member Nation of which they are nationals is not represented, the protection of the diplomatic and consular authorities of any Member Nation on the same conditions as the nationals of that Nation;
d) the right to petition Global Parliament , to apply to the global Ombudspersons, and to address the Institutions and Advisory Bodies of Earth Government in any of the Constitution's languages and to obtain a reply in the same language.
3. These rights shall be exercised in accordance with the conditions and limits defined by this Constitution and by the measures adopted to give it effect.

Article 2: Global Community Citizenship

All peoples on Earth have been wondering what will it take to create and obtain a global community citizenship that is based on fundamental principles and values of the Global Community. Now is time to enact your dream! It is time because humanity has no time to waste as we have done in the past. It is time to be what we are meant to become to save us and all life along with us. It is time to be citizens of the Earth. It is time to gather our forces and to stand for our global values, the only humane values that can save humanity and life on the planet from extinction.

Article 3: Who can have a Global Community Citizenship?

You may be eligible to become a citizen of the Global Community. To become a citizen of the Global Community you may be a person and a person may be:

* a global community,
* an institution,
* a town, city or province,
* a national government,
* a business,
* an NGO,
* a group of people who decided to unite for the better of everyone participating in the relationship,
* an international organization, or
* a Member Nation.

The Global Community Citizenship is given to anyone who accepts the Criteria of the Global Community Citizenship as a way of life. It is time now to take the oath of global community citizenship. We all belong to this greater whole, the Earth, the only known place in the universe we can call our home.

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