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Volume 16 Issue 4 December 2017/January 2018

Global Trade and Resources Ministry.

Love the world, save the world!
Rise up global citizens! You are needed! Life needs you, now.

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Germain Dufour
December 2017

This 21st century is very crucial for humanity as it will determine our survival or not as a species and, consequently, the survival of the next generations.

It is now increasingly evident that only by sharing the world's natural resources more equitably and sustainably will we be able to address both the ecological and social crisis we face as Global Civilization.

The lives of all lifeforms and plants on our planet deserve protection, preservation, and care. Global Community disapproves of the limitless exploitation of the natural foundations of life, the relentless destruction of the biosphere, and the militarization of the space within and above the Earth's atmosphere. Global citizens must live in harmony with nature on and above the Earth's surface. This can be achieved within Global Civilization vision for protecting all life on our planet. A major problem today is our planet being overpopulated everywhere. As a life species, 100,000 years ago it was OK to procreate as many children as can be for our survival. But today, with 7 billion people on the planet and growing exponentially, we have an overpopulation problem causing an overconsumption problem and life itelf is facing extinction. Rich corporations want more people on the planet because they want more consumers to buy their products. That is being irresponsible! To be responsible requires to think that "less is more". Consuming less will save our species from extinction.

Global Civilization must now direct the wealth of the world towards the building of local-to-global economic democracies in order to meet the needs for food, shelter, universal healthcare, education, and employment for all. And these needs are the global commons that have always existed throughout humanity history. They are the primordial human rights on the Scale of Global Rights.

It's time for us to come to terms with reality. We need ways of organizing ourselves to help us live in a world with less energy and fewer material goods. We need to recover a deep sense of community that has disappeared from many of our lives. The world is in a global crisis. Unlimited growth assumes unlimited global resources, and this is the reason of the crisis. In order to feed the increasing demands of our consumer based system, society has exploited nature as a great resource for our personal convenience and profit, not as a living ecosystem from which all life springs. So we have built our economic and development policies assuming either that nature would never fail to provide or that, where it does fail, technology will save the day. Get real, peoples! Technology does not even come close to solving the global problems we are facing today. The world needs to control its own population. We are overcrowding and overdeveloping every space there is available. In the current global crisis almost every country and probably all the industrialized countries have taken steps to stimulate their economies without making a determination as to what level of economic activity is best for the long term survival of life on Earth. We have observed the worst example ever of this madness from President Trump who has been elected on a platform of "making America great again" by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and reducing environmental regulations in his country. Americans should be ashamed of the values they stand for. Destruction and military options are no longer allowed by Global Community. Barbarism is not a solution to humanity survival on our planet. Bullying other nations and following American bloodthirstiness behavior is behind the times, immoral, and showing you are not with it, done for, burnt out, old hat, and a dinosaur. Right! The American civilization is a dinosaur. One would think that all what Congress has to do is firing Trump and the problem will cease to exist, will be solved. Not so! Firing Trump will be a good thing but he is not the whole problem. Let me tell you some of the global problems America is responsible for. Your trade practices are obsolete and primitive. Ever since WWII, after the Russian people defeated Hitler's army and won the war against a European invasion for their resources, because of America ways of doing things, all major life habitat types across the planet have been substantially degraded with alarming implications for their continued capacity to support human well-being into the long-term future. Americans are exploiting natural resources, minerals and fossil fuels faster than they are gaining access to alternative sources. They are polluting the natural environment faster than the environment can regenerate itself to reach the level suitable for human needs. They are changing climate dangerously. Their attitude and ways of life show a moral degradation leading to the extinction of all existing forms of life on the planet. USA war industry is literally loading the world with the most sophisticated and destructive armaments ever built. America's economy is mostly progressing because of nations buying from the industry. And that creates more killing, destruction, pollution, and totally wasteful, depleting, draining, exhausting more of our global resources to make those armaments and rebuild the communities that have been destroyed. A typical example is Saudi Arabia buying armaments from the USA, and giving it to rebels in Syria who have then grown to be called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The USA is conducting a proxy war against Syria, Russia and Iran by using Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Islam state, who wants to control the Middle East with the USA. Global citizens, it's time for us to protect what is left to protect: life itself on Earth.

Climate change is a result of the rising global temperatures associated with global warming of the planet caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the effects of which have a direct impact on fragile ecosystems. For decades now, Americans have been responsible by far for the greatest production of those greenhouse gases than any other nations. It is contributing to the melting of the polar ice cap, and that will open shipping activity through the Artic. What happens in the Artic will also affect us all. The rapid disintegration and melting of Arctic glaciers is projected to raise global sea levels, and threatening coastal cities across the world. And the melting of the Arctic permafrost and of frozen areas of the seafloor is likely to release huge amounts of methane (about 20 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas) that will be catastrophic for the planet. The core concept of Global Civilization for a better tomorrow is to manage our planet, to take charge and take care of our planet with fair benefits for all, and managing the Artic is certainly an important part of this core concept.

Global Civilization vision to saving our species on our planet is very clear, when you do exploration work, develop, manufacture, produce, mine, farm or create a product, you become legally and morally responsible and accountable of your product from beginning to end. This product may be anything and everything from oil & gas, weapons, war products, construction products, transportation and communications products and equipment, to genetically engineered food products. All consumer products! All medical products! All pharmaceutical products! In order words, a person (a person may be an individual, a community, a government, a business, an NGO, or an institution) becomes responsible and accountable for anything and everything you do.

While telling lies about caring for the Earth, most of our governments are deepening the crisis with new plans for expanded resource exploitation, unregulated free trade deals, more invasive investments, the privatization of absolutely everything, and unlimited growth. This model of development is literally killing the planet. We will not make it for long. Get real, peoples! Less is more!

We have the responsibility of managing Earth. Free trade entrenches corporate power at the expense of democratically elected officials from local communities, municipal governments, provincial governments, national governments and states. It is a form of "world anti-government". Accountable government is what humanity needs. Global Community deserves nothing less. Global Parliament is what we offer. Let the world be protected by the Global Protection Agency (GPA). The global right to land, food, water, health care, employment and biodiversity should all be codified as Global Parliament has done by developing the Scale of Global Rights, Global Constitution, and the Global Citizen Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act. Today's international trade agreements are obsolete and primitive as they follow America's perspective on trade. They are formed to make a few people on the planet rich and creating a world of overconsumption and wastefully degrading the planet's resources and environment. All international trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA); Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) partnership; World Trade Organization (WTO); North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA; 1994); Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA); Canada and United States Free Trade Agreement (1988, suspended by NFTAA); European Union (EU); and many more international trade agreements between nations must be administered by the Global Trade and Resources Ministry as institutionalized by Global Parliament. Let us do it first for the Artic region on our planet.

The potential for new trade routes in the Artic will significantly reduce the time needed to transport goods between Europe, Asia, and the Americas. More goods being moved daily across oceans by thousands of container ships fuelled by the worst and dirtiest fossil fuels whose residues are constantly dumped into the oceans and the extremely loud sound from their engines propogate in the ocean water deafening many fish and ocean mammals, and destroy their hearing organs, thus rendering them unable to relie on sound to communicate, navigate, and find foods. That is truly an unsustainable state of affairs for life on Earth and now the future state of affairs in the Artic. The Arctic is also an important part of China's global vision as a place for future economic activity and a possible place for its navy activities. It is easy to see how both Americans and Russians will become increasingly concerned about the security steps that others are taking. But now is the time for all to openly discuss these developments so that old suspicions and distrusts do not resurface. In order to better reflect the realities of politics in the high north, all member nations are asked to expand the Arctic Council’s mandate to also include security, military, and ecosytems issues of the Artic. Global Community will do everything possible to give global trade the proper guidance for humanity. Trade will become a global co-operation between all nations. Governance of the Earth will make the rule of arbitrary power existing today in major sectors of society -- economic (WTO, FTAA, TPPA, BRICS, NAFTA, EU, and all others), political (UN), or military (U.S.A. and NATO)-- subjected to the rule of Global Law within Global Civilization. Justice is for everyone and is everywhere, a universal constant. Earth governance does not imply a lost of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. A nation government can exists within the framework of an effective Global Civilization protecting common global values and humanity heritage. Earth governance gives a new meaning to the notions of territoriality, and non-intervention in a state way of life, and it is about protecting the cultural heritage of a state. Diversity of cultural and ethnic groups is an important aspect of Earth governance.

Global Civilization offers both a short term solution and a long term solution to the people of all nations to assure the survival of life on Earth. A major challenge is reducing consumption levels in industrialised nations, and many proposals already exist for how to achieve this. For example, it is clear that resource management would need to be at the forefront of policymaking, and consumption-led economic growth can no longer be the goal of government policy. Much would also need to be done to dismantle the culture of consumerism; and investment must shift to building and sustaining a low-carbon infrastructure. What would be preferable is that all nations unite amongst themselves to form a more meaningful union of nine or more Global Governments. A Global Government is concerned not only with economics and trade, but also with the environment, health, agriculture, energy, food, social, security, cultural and many other essential aspects of community. We want each Global Government to take a larger share of responsibility of the specific region where it operates, and be more accountable to the people of that region. The Federation of Global Governments would be the place of meeting between Global Governments. We, citizens of Global Civilization, hereby resolve to establish a federation of all nations, and to govern in accordance with Global Parliament Constitution.

Humanity sees the need to manage the world affairs in several aspects of our lives. At the present time, the formation of global ministries is the most important event in human history. We need to create a Global Trade and Resources Ministry for the economic sharing, production and distribution of global resources. We also need global ministries for the critical management of all other essential global commons.

Furthermore for the long term solution to assure the survival of life on Earth, we, citizens of Global Community of North America, hereby resolve to establish the Global Government of North America (GGNA) to govern in accordance with the Global Constitution. Member states of the GGNA are Mexico, the United States of America, Canada, the North Pole Region which also includes Greenland and Iceland. The GGNA ensures state governments that it will obey the principle of non-intervention in domestic affairs. Essential services to the people of each member nation will now be the most important global rights and are protected by the Global Protection Agency (GPA) of each member nation. And that is how we can protect the global life-support systems, thus largely improving the quality of life of the next generations.