No one has ever been able to explain the origin of Life. Evolution cannot explain the step-by-step pathways that formed Life in the Universe. Evolution could not have been happening by chance either. Only Global Community can provide a reasonable explanation about how Life was formed and has evolved, not just on Earth, but everywhere in the Universe.

The laws of Nature can organize matter to build complex biochemical systems that are at the origin of lifeforms such as a complex human being. The most relevant laws are biological reproduction, natural selection and mutation, and each particle of matter has a Guiding Soul. SoulLife is this unique spiritual being formed of all Souls over the entire Universe. Symbiosis between matter and SoulLife has worked throughout the formation and evolution of Life.

Life on Earth appeared gradually over the past billion years. Throughout the different evolutionary stages of Life on Earth, Souls were guiding evolution in small ways.

It is imperative that Global Community protects Life in all its forms. Let us build up Global Civilization and accomplish together what needs to be done.