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Global Civilization has found that people from Wall Street live a dream life.

Taki and Yukie
June 1st, 2017

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Speeches in the animation are an addendum to June 2017 Newsletter paper.

Can we really believe our world can go forward indefinitely, a few decades? We are seeing the nearing end of the era of fossil fuel energy, and there is no viable large-scale replacements for that energy.

It's time for us to come to terms with reality. In the real world, Global Civilization has found that the health of our world is not what Wall Street has been showing us.

The reality is that we see more trends such as :
  • extensive and more destructive floods, forest fires and weather systems;
  • widespread poverty and hunger in more than half the world population;
  • more robotic technologies replacing human beings at work and causing outrageous, scandalous, and shameful unemployment; large corporations profiting from community paying and educating the young to create such technological advances;
  • climate change actually impacting major cities survival worldwide;
  • as world overpopulation alarmingly and critically keeps increasing, the respect and value of a human life is in decline;
  • human activities accelerating dangerously the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, thus altering permanently the amount of Oxygen in our atmosphere so needed for life survival;
  • global pollution reaching unhealthy peaks in our air, water and soils;
  • the gradual crumbling, degrading, disintegrating, and eventual destruction of the global life-support systems and eco-systems of the planet;
  • more serious civil unrests which can include a form of protest against major socio-political problems; and
  • today, the world has now moved towards a BRICS "gold marketplace", a "new financial architecture"; Russia and China have established systems to do multi-trillion yuans global trade bypassing the US dollar; the USA dollar is losing values to the yuan which is progressively replacing the US dollar's reserve status with the new gold-backed system; and a Russian version of Visa/ MasterCard is being used in at least 90 percent of ATMs in Russia and are able to operate in the form of the Mir payment system.

Is this a sustainable system? Obviously, our current way of life is unsustainable. Our ways of life gives rise to the high-energy/mass-consumption configuration of privileged societies. We need to recognize the failure of fundamental systems, and to abandon the notion that what there is to do is recalibrate the institutions that structure our lives today. And certainly, Wall Street should be controlled to benefit society and its survival, and not for making priviledged people rich. To survive, we are the first species on Earth that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves and activities. We need to realize that the way we thought things would work out truly is gone.

We are exploiting our natural resources, minerals and fuels faster than we are gaining access to alternative sources. We are polluting the natural environment faster than the environment can regenerate itself to reach the level suitable for human needs and life survival on Earth. We are changing the global climate dangerously. Our attitude and way of life show a moral degradation toward the existing forms of life on the planet. It's time for us to protect what is left to protect: life itself on Earth.

Let us participate together in all life's survival on our planet.

Let us show Wall Street that, as of now, today, we, global citizens of Global Civilization, are in charge of our world.