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The theme this month is about promoting Global Dialogue 2017 (September 1st 2016 to August 31st 2017),

Global Civilization, the 21st century Vision of Global Community Global Civilization, the 21st century Vision of Global Community.

We welcome new participants and authors.
Free registration. No fees. All for humanity and life on Earth.

But you do not need to wait to participate.
Participate now, today!
Here is how the process works.

Proceed with this process.
The following 12 easy steps allow you complete participation today.
Participate now, today.

1.    Fill in the registration form. No fees.

2.    Contact us for help.

  3.    Search our list of local and global issues. Add your own issue if not already on the list.

  4.    Study the Global Community Overall Picture.

  5.    See societal sustainability and species adaptation through humanity's newly acquired vision of the world.

6.    Research statistical information and measurement of sustainable development, and global resources available today and for how long.

  7.    Read work done on Earth governance and management.

8.    Organize your own forum or global dialogue in your community. Start up a Workshop Session.

9.    Write your results. Speak on issues.

10.    Send us your comments and recommendations.

11.    Show your work. Publish an article in our monthly Newsletter (see 'Current News').

Publish with the Global Information Media.

12.    Participate in Global Dialogue 2017.
Your work will appear in Proceedings 2017.
Become a member of the Earth Community Organization (ECO), the Global Community.
Be a Global Citizen.
Be a LEADER of Global Dialogue 2017.   Be a Leader

The reason why Global Dialogue 2017 is so important to humanity has been explained in the text section of the theme.

Criteria for a global community to exist.
Global Community Citizenship is offered to anyone who accepts the Criteria of Global Community Citizenship as a way of life. It is time now to take the oath of global community citizenship. We all belong to this greater whole, the Earth, the only known place in the universe we can call our home. Everyone can become a 'global citizen'. Global Citizens voting on issues Letter to all Canadians concerning new legislation on direct democracy Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act Freedom, security and justice without borders (Part II) Global Community and every global citizen, also known as the human family, the global civil society. I should start by emphasizing that I speak to you as a good global citizen.  Scale of Human and Earth Rights Global Parliament s Constitution   GCEG s commitment to the Global Community to make government and global citizens responsible and accountable, and to bring about Global Peace  Employment for every global citizen  Global Community Citizenship (every participant would become a global citizen)  We the Peoples are us Global Community days of celebration or remembering throughout the year: Global Citizenship Day on October 29 of every year

Before you make your decision, we are asking you to read very carefully the Criteria of Global Community Citizenship, make sure you understand every part of the criteria, and then make the oath of belonging to Global Community, the human family.

You do not need to let go the citizenship you already have. No! You can still be a citizen of any nation on Earth. The nation you belong to can be called 'a global community'. It should be your local global community. But you are a better human being as you belong also to Global Community, and you have now higher values to live a life, to sustain yourself and all life on the planet. 

You have become a person with a heart, a mind and Soul of the same as that of Global Community.

Global Community welcomes you!
Criteria to obtain Global Community Citizenship

1. Acceptance of the rights and responsibilities of a person belonging to 'a global community' and to 'Global Community', the human family. That is, to take such a stand has four parts:

a) I am not just a woman, I am a person, I am citizen of a Global Community,
b) I am not just a man, I am a person, I am citizen of a Global Community,
c) We are responsible, accountable and equal persons in every way and,
d) We are citizens of Global Community, the human family. We are global citizens.

We need to take this stand for the survival of our species.

2. Acceptance of the concept of 'a global community'. The concept of 'a global community' is part of the Glass Bubble concept of a Global Community. The concept was first researched and developed by the Global Community Organization and was summarized on Global Community website. Then it was further researched and developed by Global Community and results obtained were published by Global Community in its February 2003 Newsletter and summarized here in this paper. 

We have already said that 'a global community' is not about a piece of land you acquired by force or otherwise. A typical global community may be what a group of people, together, wants it to be. It can be a group of people with the same values. It can be a group of people with the same cultural background, or the same religious background. One could think of a typical global community of a million people that does not have to be bounded by a geographical or political border. It can be a million people living in many different locations all over the world. Global Community is thus more fluid and dynamic. Global Community is this great, wide, wonderful world made of all these diverse global communities. We need to let go the archaic ways of seeing a community as the street where we live and contained by a border. The people making a global community may be living in many different locations on the planet. It can be a village, or two villages together where people have decided to unite as one Global Community. The two villages may be found in different parts of the world. It can be a town, a city, or a nation. It can be two or more nations together. 

We can no longer perceive ourselves as a People who could survive alone and a People who does not need anyone else. We belong and depend to this much larger group, that of Global Community. The 21st Century will see limitless links and symbiotical relationships with and within Global Community. A global symbiotical relationship between two or more nations, or between two or more global communities, can have trade as the major aspect of the relationship or it can have as many other aspects as agreed by the people involved. The fundamental criteria is that a relationship is created for the good of all groups participating in the relationship and for the good of humanity, all life on Earth. The relationship allows a global equitable and peaceful development.

The emphasis of a global symbiotical relationship is not so much on how much money a nation should have or how high a GDP should be although money can be made a part of the relationship. We all know developed countries live off developing countries so the emphasis has no need to stress out the profit a rich nation is making off a poor nation. The emphasis of the relationship should give more importance to the other aspects such as quality of life, protection of the environment and of the global life-support systems, the entrenchment of the Scale of Global Rights and the Constitution of Global Community into our ways of life, justice, peace, cultural and spiritual freedom, security, and many other important aspects as described in the global ministries (health, agriculture, energy, trade, resources, etc.).

3. Acceptance of the Scale of Global Rights. To determine rights requires an understanding of needs and reponsibilities and their importance. The Scale of Global Rights and the Constitution of Global Community were researched and developed by Global Community to guide us in continuing this process. The Scale shows social values in order of importance and so will help us understand the rights and responsibilities of global communities.
Scale of Global Rights

* Ecological rights and the protection of the global life-support systems 
* Primordial human rights 
* The ecological rights, the protection of the global life-support systems and the primordial human rights of future generations 
* Community rights and the right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) and after voting representatives democratically 
* Economic rights (business and consumer rights, and their responsibilities and accountabilities) and social rights (civil and political rights)
* Cultural rights and religious rights

4. Accptance of the Constitution of Global Community. The Constitution of Global Community is a declaration of interdependence and responsibility and an urgent call to build a global symbiotical relationship between nations for sustainable development. It is a commitment to Life and its evolution to bring humanity to God. Global Community has focused people aspirations toward a unique goal: humanity survival now and in the future along with all Life on Earth. The "Belief, Values, Principles and Aspirations of the New Age" of the Constitution are closely interrelated. Together they provide a conception of sustainable development and set forth fundamental guidelines for achieving it; they were drawn from international law, science, philosophy, religion, and they were discussed as research papers during the global dialogues.

5. Acceptance of your birth right of electing a democratic government to manage Earth. The political system of an individual country does not have to be a democracy. Political rights of a country belong to that country alone. Democracy is not to be enforced by anyone and to anyone or to any Global Community. Every global community can and should choose the political system of their choice with the understanding of the importance of such a right on the Scale of Global Rights. On the other hand, representatives to Global Community must be elected democratically in every part of the world. An individual country may have any political system at home but the government of that country will have to ensure (and allow verification by Global Community ) that representatives to Global Community have been elected democratically. This way, every person in the world can claim the birth right of electing a democratic government to manage Earth: the rights to vote and elect representatives to form Global Community . 

6. Acceptance of the Earth Court of Justice as the highest Court on Earth. Global Community is promoting the settling of disputes between nations through the process of the Earth Court of Justice. Justice for all is what we want. Justice withour borders! The Earth Court of Justice will hear cases involving crimes related to the global ministries. It will have the power to rule on cases involving crimes related to each one of the ministries.

Prosecuting criminals on the basis of universal jurisdiction regardless of a territorial or nationality nexus required a solid commitment of political will from national governments and Global Community. Once in effect, the Earth Court of Justice will become the principal judicial organ of Global Community. The Court will have a dual role: to settle in accordance with international law the legal disputes submitted to it by national governments, local communities, and in some special cases by corporations, non-government-organizations and citizens, and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by duly authorized organs and agencies.

The Court will be composed of judges elected by the Elected Representatives Council and Earth Security Council. It may not include more than one judge of any nationality. The Members of the Court do not represent their governments but are independent magistrates. The judges must possess the qualifications required in their respective countries for appointment to the highest judicial offices, or by jurists of recognized competence in international law. The composition of the Court has also to reflect the main forms of civilization and the principal legal systems of the world.

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