Global Community letter to Dr. Leo Semashko.

by Germain Dufour
June 2016

Dr. Leo Semashko Global Community webpage:  Dr. Leo Semashko Global Community webpage

For over 30 years, Dr. Leo Semashko from Russia has dedicated himself to help create a better Global Community that is characterized by stability and peace on basis of social harmony. He is a well organized, outstanding, and demanding scholar. He wrote many papers and books about tetrasociology to legitimize his scientific theory. An important postulate of tetrasociology is that sustainable development and continuance of society are provided by a natural law of social harmony achieved among four interacting spheres of social reproduction. He was able to inspire and guide people together from every walk of life and profession that share similar goals of harmony and peace, and he has help made our planet a better home where people could live a life that is characterized by good health, extensive education, and security. His vision of good is anything that is beneficial to the welfare of all people within Global Community. Dr. Semashko has demonstrated a breakthrough in social harmony and tetrasociology not only theoretically but also practically on his International Website: “Peace from Harmony” at

Dr. Semashko's efforts show him as global leader of social harmony. True peace, he said, can be inevitable but only through social harmony and making harmonious education of all children of the world a social priority. He demonstrated that the population’s four social spheres must work together in order to propel forward the human family from animosity, conflict and war to peace, symbiosis and respect. He applied his sphere approach to global problems humanity is facing today. He redefined democracy and markets in a way to apply more emphasis on a global dialogue and human symbiotical relationships within Global Community.

Because of Dr. Semashko'efforts, society can now gradually safely step into a post-industrial age and civilization. Although the actual international political culture is still in large part militarized, and promoting wars as a way of solving global problems, the world is facing environmental consequences of global warming and climate change that threaten the existence of the entire Global Community. Not just human survival but all life survival on our planet are at risk. Global solutions and thinking are needed for our survival, and that why Dr. Semashko's proposal of a new model of society is so important. Dr. Semashko's tetrasociological theory was developed to meet the many global challenges of the 21st century: nuclear proliferation, terrorism, decline of democracy, poverty, religious rivalry, racial/ethnic conflict, ecological degradation, demographic and social dislocations, and high fertility rates causing the world to be overpopulated.

Dr. Semashko's proposal of a new model of society includes four basic resources: people, information, organization, and things/technology. His theoretical work scrutinized interactions between spheres:
1. the social sphere, which includes workers in education, healthcare, welfare, sports and entertainment, and also non-working population: pre-schoolers, students, the unemployed, the retired;
2. the cultural or informational sphere, which includes workers in science, culture, communication and information services;
3. the organizational sphere, which includes workers in management, politics, law, finance, defense, police and security;
4. and the economic sphere, which includes workers in industry and technology, and agriculture.

As a result of his investigation, Dr. Semashko was able to bring into open of how sphere classes of reproductive employment of people are more fundamental than class distinctions based on property. The spheres must work together to achieve social harmony. His theory showed how societies are changing over time with regard to degrees of equality and/or inequality both within and between nations. Property ownership inherent in the capitalist culture was shown as temporary and a new solution shown as the proper substitute was brought forward, the reproductive (sphere) employment as a global reality that is found in all human activities of Global Community. His new culture of peace and harmony may well be the only reasonable formalization capable of creating global peace within Global Community as they aspire toward greater democratization, showing great moral concern and ethics for the well-being of all people everywhere. Harmonious parliamentarism of the sphere classes expresses the new, harmonious, four-party democracy built on equal distribution of legislative and executive power between these classes. But this parliamentarism and democracy cannot be successful without a corresponding science.

The "ABC of Harmony for global peace, harmonious civilization and tetranet thinking" was created collectively and published by Global Harmony Association (GHA) coauthors and is the core of thinking, worldview, spiritual culture and the Internet of global social harmony and harmonious civilization, which is destined to exist and succeed in the 21st century. It is the first holistic-scientific approach to peace and harmony. This world textbook identifies and dissertates the four spheres of human society in different cultures, in sciences and the arts, in religions, in unity, consent and love of diversity, and in the lives of its great creators and thinkers. It is shown very comprehensibly how the difficult path to global peace can only be achieved in a society of social harmony and harmonious civilization. GHA's social ideal is to create Peace from Harmony, and to promote a conscious way for harmonious civilization on scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ through harmonious education. GHA Statutes are the first world organizational document for the conscious movement to world harmony. The harmony is expressed in many values: consensus, dialogue, understanding, tolerance, respect, compromise, mutual aid, common good, freedom, equality, brotherhood, happiness.

The world is facing many challenges such as overfishing, desertification, deforestation, air pollution, erosion, wasteful consumption of resources, deterioration in living conditions, starvation, refugees crisis, malnutrition, human rights losses, lack of freshwater, melting glaciers and Artic ice leading to rising sea levels, ecosystems destruction, urbanization, global warming and climate change causing wild storms, tornadoes, cyclones, flooding of agricultural lands, and degradation of the global environment. Nuclear weapons constitute a menacing threat to the survival of mankind. Aggressive policies and use of military power to resolve economic and political interests are on the rise. Genocide, racism, fundamentalism and terrorism have wrought havoc worldwide. Issues relating to personal life like rising divorce rate, stress, depression, and diseases, are causing a painful stress in society. A holistic approach is needed to deal for today's many global problems. Global Peace Science (GPS) is the modern movement of this approach. GPS is the science of existential harmony, i.e. scientific research of its specific part, namely social harmony as part of existential harmony.

In order to live in harmony with Nature, people must recognize and respect its intrinsic laws and its vital cycles. In such a system, all people have to live within their limits as determined by the laws of Nature. Those who diverge from the laws of Nature are bound to encroach upon the rights of others and all life's ecosystems, and disturb the system of harmony within Global Community. Therefore, it is irrational and immoral to recognize any kind of special privileges for human beings at the cost of several others. People within Global Community have to understand their essential responsibility and function in coherence with the larger context of existence. The human existence has to function and sustain itself within this system. Consequently we need to create economic, political, religious and educational institutions in agreement with the spirit of the laws of existential harmony. The goals of Global Peace Science aim at replacing struggles for power and material goods by the ideals of harmony, human solidarity, global cooperation and peace. This book written and published by GHA brings together a wide range of contributions from renowned peace builders, sociologists, scientists, scholars, poets, Nobel Laureates of GHA. They develop the ideas of peace from harmony, active nonviolence, and pursue the human rights in a holistic way. Consequently this science is needed for keeping peace on Earth through the development of social harmony world over. The common human goal of Global Community is "Harmony will save the world!"