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Volume 13       Issue 5    January  2015
Politics and Justice without borders
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Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements

Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements

Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015)
Artwork by Germain Dufour
December 10, 2014
( see enlargement 87 MB Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015). )

Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements.

Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements

Artwork by Germain Dufour
December 10, 2014
( see enlargement 14 MB Global Community 30th Anniversary (1985-2015) and achievements. )

Worldwide disarmament and security

Worldwide disarmament and security  Worldwide disarmament and security

Global security policies

Security is a primordial human and Earth right. Global Community has broadened the traditional focus of the security of nations to include both the security of people as well as that of the planet. Global security policies include:

* every person on Earth has a right to a secure existence, and all states have an obligation to protect those rights
* prevention of conflicts and wars; identification, anticipation, and resolving conflicts before they become armed confrontations
* military force is not a legitimate political instrument
* weapons of mass destruction are not legitimate instruments of national defence
* eliminate all weapons of mass destruction from all nations and have inspectors verifying progress to that effect
* all nations should sign and ratify the conventions to eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
* the production and trade in arms should be listed as a criminal act against humanity;a Convention on the curtailment of the arms trade with a provision for a mandatory Arms Register and the prohibition of the financing or subsidy of arms exports by governments
* the development of military capabilities is a potential threat to the security of people and all life on Earth; a policy to make the demilitarization of global politics a high priority
* anticipating and managing crises before they escalate into armed conflicts and wars
* maintaining the integrity of the environment and global life-support systems
* managing the environmental, economic, social, political and military conditions that threatened the security of people and the planet

Another major source of global unsecurity for people is the culture of violence in everyday life as it is shown on television screens and cinemas. The American Way of Life is creating this culture of violence. An american child at age six year old has seen more violence on television than any other child of the Middle East over a life span. This culture of violence infects both industrial and developing countries, rich and poor. This trend of culture of violence must end. The movie and TV industry and the Internet are a threat to global security. The media is responsible for the propagation of violence through communications. Why has government not done anyhting to regulate the media industry? Surely everyone understood that on the Scale of Global Rights security of the people of any nation is more important than the human rights related to the freedom of expression of the media industry. Security of the people and the state is on top of the Scale. It is part of the primordial human rights. While freedom of expression is a right found lower on the Scale and is classified partly as:

*    partly Community rights and the right that the greatest number of people has by virtue of its number (50% plus one) and after voting representatives democratically (these rights can be and are usually a part of the constitution of a country)
*    and partly as economic rights (business and consumer rights, and their responsibilities and accountabilities) and social rights (civil and political rights)

So the freedom of expression of a person is not as important as the security of that person and the security of the state.

Global Disarmament Day

On May 26 of each year, along with the Celebration of Life Day and the Global Peace Mouvement Day, the Global Community celebrates the Global Disarmament Day.
Declared nuclear weapons states
Country Warheads active/total Year of first test UN permanent member
United States 40,000 1945 yes
Russia 10,000 1949 yes
United Kingdom <200 1952 yes
France 350 1960 yes
People's Republic of China 130 1964 yes
India 75-115 1974 no
Pakistan 65-90 1998 no
Undeclared nuclear weapons states
Israel 75-200 none or 1979 no

This is a list of states with nuclear weapons. There are currently eight states that have successfully detonated nuclear weapons. Five are considered to be "nuclear weapons states", an internationally recognized status conferred by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In order of acquisition of nuclear weapons these are: the United States of America, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), the United Kingdom, France and the People's Republic of China. Since the formulation of the NPT, three non-signatory states of the NPT have conducted nuclear tests: India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Additionally, Israel is also strongly suspected to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons though it has refused to confirm or deny this, and there have been reports that over 200 nuclear weapons might be in its inventory. They were given to Israel by the United States. Israel was considered the Trojan Horse of the USA for the invasion of the Middle East and surrounding nations, including North Korea and China. Back in 1947, the creation of the State of Israel was a strategic military move by the USA military aiming at the invasion of the Middle East and securing for themselves the oil and gas reserves in the region. None of these four countries is currently a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran has been developing uranium enrichment technology and stands accused by the United Nations of doing so for weapons purposes. Iran insists that its intentions are limited to domestic nuclear power generation. As of February 4, 2006, the International Atomic Energy Agency referred Iran to the United Nations Security Council in response to concerns on their possible nuclear programs.

On the table above is a list of nations that have admitted the possession of nuclear weapons, the approximate number of warheads under their control in 2002, and the year they tested their first weapon. This list is informally known in global politics as the "Nuclear Club". These figures are estimates, in some cases quite unreliable estimates. Also, these figures represent total warheads possessed, rather than deployed. In particular, under the SORT treaty thousands of Russian and U.S. nuclear warheads are in inactive stockpiles awaiting processing. The radioactive material contained in the warheads can then be recycled for use in nuclear reactors that drive nuclear power plants and some military submarines and warships. From a high of 65,000 active weapons in 1985, there were about 55,000 active nuclear weapons in the world in 2002. Many of the "decommissioned" weapons were simply stored or partially dismantled, not destroyed.

Certainly we ought to disarm all nations from all weapons of mass destruction.

The leadership of the United Nations has failed to enforce disarmement. It is a tragedy that such a failure is now seen as the source of other nations, such as North Korea, Iran and others, wanting to defend themselves against an invasion by the USA.

The world knew America was invading the Middle East. Why has the UN not enforced hard sanctions against the USA for its bullying tactics at the UN to get what it wants? Proper UN leadership could have avoided the situation we have today. The UN did nothing at a critical time and just watched things happening. The UN is the organization where bullying takes place by those with nuclear war heads. The world is threatened by nuclear war heads. The five permanent members of the UN are allowed to bully any other nations. They are holding the world hostage with the threat of their nuclear war heads. They are all terrorist governments. There are Global Community Arrest Warrants against all five permanent members leaders. They are terrorists, dangerous criminals, and must be stopped. We will disarm you, like or not! Life on Earth has no need of all you with nuclear war heads and other WMDs. If you refuse to disarm it will be because you are very much like those others you accuse of being terrorists: you are the worst terrorists on the planet.

The USA is invading the world, and the UN can do nothing to stop them. The USA was allowed to invade other nations, change their governments, and has often made lies in speeches to the UN, to the world. Remember what the US representatives told the world at the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq? Lies! All lies! And the leadership of the UN never did anything to reprimand the US representatives and implement hard sanctions for the invasion of Iraq. Ever since the partitioning of Palestine by the UN in 1947, the USA have given Israel enough WMDs, including nuclear war heads, to destroy the entire Middle East region and no sanctions were ever enforced against Israel and the USA. Where was the UN leadership? What has the UN done to stop the invasion? Nothing! The UN has never done anything to help humanity. And that is a crime against humanity. To do nothing is a crime against humanity and all life on Earth. To facilitate the work done on climate change by scientists was OK. The UN should facilitate other worthy causes and conferences. But the work done by those scientists was not done by the UN. The UN have not spent a penny for the work done by scientists. It just seems that the UN is getting credit for a work it has not done.

The Earth Court of Justice along with the Agency of Global Police have made mandatory that all nations let inspectors verify proper dismantle of weapons facilities. We might as well shelved the war industry from humanity right now and that means phasing out all nuclear, biological, chemical weapons right now. No waiting! And again that also means having inspectors verifying the phasing out in all nations of the world, and not just in some Middle East country and North Korea.

There are many instances where the Earth Court of Justice could be successful in bringing Peace amongst nations and helping to step down the planetary state of emergency.

The Global Community is promoting the settling of disputes between nations through the process of the Earth Court of Justice. Justice for all is what we want. Justice is a universal value for anyone, anywhere, and in any situations. Justice is to be applied to the military as well. Everyone! Every business and organization!

The planetary state of emergency was brought up by the threat of global warming, climate change, blood resources and blood money, disarmament not being a world issue, which have let us with no other alternatives than to assume someone is guilty until proven innnocent. Like President Bush said: a preventive strike is our only alternative from now on. In view of the planetary state of emergency, the Global Community says: for the protection of all life on Earth, a preventive principle is our only alternative. You are guilty until you can prove otherwise.

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