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Corporate citizen global ethic


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Germain Dufour
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November 5, 2014

Global Community offers a new global order with a vision of Hope and Love away from despair and social chaos. This new global order will be better, safer, and more realistic after replacing the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Scale of Global Rights.

Global Community ethical grounds for a business include fundamental moral behaviors and irrevocable standards that every corporate citizen and, to some extent if applicable the public at large, may adopt as their own vision for life's survival on our planet. You need not be religious to make this vision yours. This vision is for all corporate citizens, regardless of their social origin, language, culture, sex, skin color, religious and non-religious.

Ethic emphasizes respect for people, and holds that there are certain actions that should never be done. Global Community ethic for a business aims to identify principles of right action that may be used to guide people in their lives. These principles can be used to decide whether particular courses of action, or particular types of action, are right or wrong.

In society, the proper course of action is one that maximizes the greatest happiness of the greatest number which gives us a measure of right and wrong. What matters is the combined positive effect of everyone and not only of any one person, and not only of the 1% of the population in control of most of the wealth and power. Human morality, though sophisticated and complex relative to other lifeforms, is essentially a natural phenomenon that is evolving to restrict the excessive individualism of the 1% that is undermining all life's survival on our planet.

Over ancient times to this day, morality in society hardly made its way into our ways of doing business. Consequently, people evolved socially to express emotions, such as feelings of empathy or guilt for the most needy, truly moral, altruistic instincts, in response to the non-existent moral behaviors of the business world. When looking across cultures of geo-cultural areas and across millennia, certain virtues have prevailed in all cultures, the major ones include wisdom, knowledge, courage, justice, love, truth, empathy, kindness, and social intelligence. These virtues were not incorporated into the ways of doing business because the 1% of world population became corrupted, greedy, no longer in line with humanity's survival on the planet, and more interested in keeping the wealth, resources and power for themselves while the remaining 99% of world population now lives in poverty and life's extinction is becoming more obvious sooner than later. Higher incomes in the United States and Britain and a few other nations of the West are multiplying impacts on the environment and on the natural resources that are essential to life worldwide.

Over the past decades, a Global Dialogue was organized every day of every year to probe the world about what may be the best vision to follow for humanity's survival this century. Results obtained have shown clearly that a significant part of the world population has approved a global ethic with the Scale of Global Rights as being the proper guide for this generation and the next ones this century. The Scale was given a moral priority. So global rights lower on the Scale may be affected negatively. This would happen only to give the greater good a moral priority and success.

On the Scale, primordial human rights and the protection of the global life-support systems and ecological rights are on top of the Scale. They are the most important aspects. Applying the Scale into our ways of life will require sacrifices from people whose human rights will be violated because social values have different degrees of importance on the Scale.

Professions such as scientists, physicians, business people, journalists, and politicians, are expected to develop up-to-date codes of ethics with specific guidelines in line with the Scale.

Corporate citizen global ethic

Corporations are required to expand their responsibilities to include global rights, the environment, community and family aspects, safe working conditions, fair wages and sustainable consumption aspects.

A corporation will now be required to operate its business as per the following global ehtic for a business:

*    Be concerned with issues such as climate change, bio-diversity, pollution prevention and adopt high standards
*     Minimize environmental degradation and health impacts
*    Be responsible for the environmental impact of its products and services throughout their cycles
*     Adopt a wide environmental code, and policies, health and safety practices and procedures aimed at reducing resource and energy use in each stage of a product or service life-cycle
*     Set up appropriate management systems to implement policies
*     Conduct annual checks and balances and provide reports to the community
*     Respect the political jurisdiction of national communities
*     Respect human rights, social and cultural rights
*     Recognize its political and economic impact on local communities
*     Contribute to the long-term social, cultural, environmental and economic sustainability of the local communities
*     Respect the rights of indigenous peoples, their culture and land, and their religious and social customs; provide employment and training opportunities
*     Ensure that each employee is treated with respect and dignity and is not subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse
*     Respect employees' right to freedom of association, labour organization, and free collective bargaining
*     Provide equal pay for work of equal value to women and men
*     Recognize the responsibilities of all workers to their families, and provide for maternity leave, and paternity leave
*     Ensure that their be no barriers to the full participation of women within the company
*     Participate in the creation of child care centres and centres for the elderly and persons with disabilities where appropriate
*     Ensure no discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, or culture
*     Ensure that persons with disabilities who apply for jobs with the company receive fair treatment and are considered solely on their ability to do the job; provide resources and facilities which enable them to achieve progression in employment in the company
*     Provide training to all employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner
*     Work with organizations concerned with children's rights, human rights and labour rights to ensure that young workers are not exploited
*     Ensure that a mechanism is in place to address ethical issues of concern raised by employees
*     Make sure that the company's policies balance the interests of managers, shareholders, employees, and other affected parties
*     Adhere to international standards and protocols relevant to its products and services
*     Adopt marketing practices which protect consumers and ensure the safety of all products
*     Conduct or support research on the environmental impacts of raw materials, products, processes, emissions and wastes associates with the company and on the means of minimizing such adverse impacts
*     Make a sustainable use of renewable natural resources such as water, soils and forests
*     Conserve non-renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning
*     Conserve energy and improve energy efficiency of internal operations and of the goods and services being sold

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