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Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2013 is: Ministry of Global Peace in government
 Ministry of Global Peace in government

Global Law Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ? Three fundamental principles Global Community definition Scale of Global Rights
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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012
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Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ? SWF file Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ? HTML document Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ? QuickTime movie Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ? MPG-4 movie Why a Ministry of Global Peace in government ?
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Ministry of Global Peace in government based on fundamental principles
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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012


Flags of nations still to be registered
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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012


Welcome to your Global Community
the 21st century framework for Earth governance

Welcome to your Global Community

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012


Welcome to your Global Community: Peoples of all places, cultures and religions

Welcome to your Global Community: Peoples

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

Welcome to your Global Community: and all other life forms on our planet are members of the Global Community

All other life forms

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

Welcome to your Global Community the 21st century framework for Earth governance

Welcome Peoples

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012


What Global Community stands for
Why a need to have the government of a nation form a Ministry of Global Peace within its organization?

Global Ministries

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

The world is in a perpetual state of crisis of one kind or another: economic, civil unrest, unemployment, poverty, political, rights and Justice, and environmental.

Often, leaders who brought solutions forward have an agenda of their own as they represent specific interest groups. Instead of finding a solution through diplomacy they would rather force an entire population back to stone age which truly means the killing of people through bombing and the destruction of community infrastructures and homes. Evil permeates human tragedy.

Ask yourself why. We know how it is done. But what for? Why? Who gain most for the killing and destruction? What have you gain? Could you have got what you gain through diplomacy? Was is worth the killing and destruction?

Let us see the way forward. And yes, this time, down to Earth solutions!

The Global Community has begun to establish the existence of the age of symbiotical relationships and global cooperation. An economically base symbiotical relationship exists between nations of the European Union. Other types (geographical, economical, social, business-like, political, religious, or personal) may be created all over the world between communities, nations, and businesses.

Symbiotical relationships may be based on common concerns and issues such as: the environment, peace, women's rights, and global rights. There is a whole spectrum of possible symbiotical relationships.

Any symbiotical relationship is for the good of all, for the good of the 'other'. It is based on a genuine group concern and unconditional support for the individual's well-being ~ a giant leap in human behaviour. The question is how can we improve the political symbiotical relationship to fulfill this goal?

The Global Community is inviting you to participate in the formation of global symbiotical relationships.

This can be accomplished through the formation of global ministries.

The formation of global ministries is the most important event in human history. Humanity sees the need to manage world affairs in several aspects of our lives: energy, agriculture, environment, health, Earth resources, Earth management, security and safety, emergencies and rescues, trade, banks, speculation on world markets, peace, family and human development, water resources protection, youth, education, justice, science and technology, finance, human resources, ethics, global rights, sustainable development, industry, and the manufacturing of products.

Global ministries will be given power to rule themselves in harmony with each other.

Ever since 1985, the Global Community has been promoting the formation of several global ministries for the proper governance of Earth. Global ministries are world wide organizations just like the World Trade Organization (WTO) for trade and therefore should have the same power to rule on cases.

Some examples of Global Ministries promoted by Global Community
Earth Environmental Governance
The Judiciary
Peace & Disarmament
Climate change
Water & Land Resources
Economic Development
Pollution Management
Earth Ministry of Health
Ecological Protection
Global Rights
Finance & Monetary
Global Dialogue
Social Development
Emergency, Rescue, and Relief Centre
Earth Biodiversity Zone
Research & Development
Forestry Protection
Earth Management
Ministry of agriculture, food production and distribution
Global Protection Agency (GPA)
Local Community Development
War is the greatest violation of human rights that one people can inflict on another. It brings deaths and injuries, starvation, diseases, millions of people losing their homes and livelihoods, and massive destruction of property. Children and teenagers are placed in internment camps, and several are often forced to serve as soldiers. War not only corrupts the morals of soldiers, it leads to a decline in the morality of the whole nation. War and militarism destroy civil liberties within a nation.

The Global Community claims that everyone on Earth should be able to live in peace. This peace movement is about courage. Not the courage it takes to go into battle but the courage to organize resistance to war when a bloody taste for it inflames the world, and the threat of prison in a nation where the human rights and freedom of expression have diminished significantly. It is about the courage to say NO to the war industry. It is an industry that destroys life on Earth, corrupts society, and violates morality. Military intervention in the affairs of other nations is wrong. There are other ways, there are peaceful ways, ways that are not based on profit-making and the gain of power for itself.

The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Farm products in fields and livestock are abandoned, there is no more control on toxic wastes, and water, air, and land are polluted. People are displaced and feel no longer responsible for the quality of life in their communities.

Historically, the industrialized nations have caused the most damage to the environment, with their careless technology and policies. Emissions from factories and vehicles have caused ozone depletion and acid rain. Leaders of the wealthier nations must be willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and to help pay the financial burden for environmental protection of the developing nations. This is the most damaging conflict of interests between the rich industrialized countries and those that are poor and struggling just for existence. The Global Community must help wealthy and poorer nations reach a better understanding of each other's needs. All aspects are interrelated: peace, human rights and the environment. The poor is more concerned with ending starvation, finding a proper shelter and employment, and helping their children to survive. Environmental issues become meaningless to the poor. In reality, all concerns are interrelated. As soon as the environment is destroyed beyond repair, human suffering is next. Ecology has no boundaries. All nations suffer the effects of air pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, acid rain, ozone depletion, silting of streams, and countless of other environmental problems. This was the reason for proposing to the Global Community the formation of a Ministry of Global Peace within the organizational structure of the government of all nations.

The people of the Global Community are dedicated in using our resources to resolve conflict, promote democracy, and fight hunger, terrorism, disease, and human rights abuses.

In order to bring about the event of peace, the Global Community is offering other good organizations around the world to work together to bring warring parties to peace. We can accomplish this task by concrete actions such as:

a) Tracking armed conflicts within and between nations around the world and offering assistance in dispute resolution;

b) Promoting human rights and democracy;

c) Monitoring democratic elections; and

d) Educating the public about the advantages of a peaceful solution to any conflict.

The Global Community has given back responsibility to every citizen on Earth. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of life within the Global Community. We will work together in working out sound solutions to local and global problems. It would be wrong and dishonest to blame it all on the leader of a country. Most problems in the world must find solutions at the local and global community levels (and not assume that the leader alone is responsible and will handle it). There is a wisdom in the ways of very humble people that needs to be utilized. Every humble person deserves to have ideas respected, and encouraged to develop his or her own life for the better. Sound solutions to help manage and sustain Earth will very likely be found this way. Everyone can help assess the needs of the planet and propose sound solutions for its proper management, present and future. Everyone can think of better ideas to sustain all life on Earth and realize these ideas by conducting positive and constructive actions.

When there is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as opposed to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss; that is the grassroots process. The Global Community can help people realized their actions by coordinating efforts efficiently together.

The responsibility of a peacemaker is to settle differences through compromise and negotiation before they erupt into violence. Conflicting views do not have to bring about fighting. War is an irreversible solution to a problem. War is never an appropriate solution to resolve a conflict.

The Global Community wants to provide a forum where international conflicts could be argued and resolved peacefully. Because of hatred and mistrust, disputing parties always find it difficult to express constructive ideas or proposals. A face-to-face meeting may not even be possible. The Global Community offers to be a trusted third party that would carry ideas back and forth, put forward new proposals until both sides agree. When both parties feel they have gained more than they have lost from the process, the outcome is a win-win settlement for peace.

All of this can be effectively accomplished when the organizational structure of the government of all nations includes a Ministry of Global Peace.

Global Law

Global Law
Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

When humanity first discovered a way to control fire at will, humanity dreamt about all the benefits of such power over Nature and, over the thousands of years following this discovery, humanity realized all its dreams of having this control. It was good, and more. A matter of survival! Humanity was discovering itself as we are doing today with Global

Global Law is like the control over fire. Global Law is the control over ourselves as a species, our human nature, for our own survival. Humanity discovering itself again. We know Global Law is needed!

Humanity knows it is a matter of survival. We know it in ourselves just like humanity knew the control over fire was going to be beneficial. Let us all dream about the benefits of Global Law, and what they will do to our survival as a species.

The control over fire now requires the control of ourselves as a People, one humanity, and as the Global Community, over the destructive impacts of our activities on the planet.

We just need to use our brain a bit more, that is to understand better what we are doing to the global environment and the global life-support systems, and to act accordingly. Over time, the control over fire has had consequences that can bring about our own destruction, the end of humanity and of life on Earth. Our activities are causing the global warming of the planet and climate change.

Now we see that the control over fire has brought us close to the extinction of our species and that of all life on the planet. We must now control our activities to benefit all life. The burning of fossil fuels is no longer an option and need to be replaced by processes none threatening to the global lifesupport systems. That is today's challenge. And that is the
reason for researching, developing and implementing Global Law worldwide.

Global Law comprises four fundamental pillars:

Ecclesiastical teaching
Civic Law by government
Natural processes and laws
God Law

Each and everyone of those pillars are meant to reinforce one another.

Global Law includes legislation covering all essential aspects of human activities.The work of the Global Community, the global civil society, and the determination of government worldwide, make it possible for everyone to comply with the law. Each State government is required to enact legislation similar to Global law.

The Global Peace Movement as developed by the Global Community has many inter-related components: monetary, social, economic, environmental, democracy, resources, and Earth life-support systems.

The Global Peace Movement promotes new thinking to benefit all economies and societies – the true, fair, democratic and efficient solution to Peace worldwide.

The Global Community has shown that corporate-style globalization that ignores the needs of the poor and the environment will no longer be tolerated. The Global Community is joining students, environmentalists, people of faith, human rights activists, and others, in the global struggle against corporate globalization being fought in cities and towns across the world.

As we have shown here and since the formation of the Ministry of Global Peace in 1985 by Global Community, to attain Peace in the world we must take into account many aspects of life in society.

Global Law details
Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

Global Justice for all Life
To attain Peace in the world we must take into account many aspects of life in society

Justice for all
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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

Scale of Global Rights

Scale of Global Rights
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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

Since year 1985, Global Community has organized the Global Dialogue to probe the Peoples of the world, people from all nations, as to what it will take to make living on Earth sustainable for all life on our planet, now and for the next generations. Results were published in our Proceedings.

Global Community has been promoting the need for a change in thinking and of doing things amongst all nations. We need to realize what is a priority, what is the most important, and what is the least important for our survival. We need to make hard choices. We need a clear vision. We need a common vision. And we must all change! There are many important aspects of our lives we can no longer do, or should never do anymore. They are destructive. Humanity and all life can no longer afford activities that destroy life and the global environment. And there are other activities we must do, certainly thousands of them, to assure the survival of life on Earth.

In view of the planetary state of emergency as declared by Global Community, we all must change, we must do things differently to give life on Earth a better survival chance.

Global Community has established global fundamentals and a clear vision to follow, and to offer the people of all nations the Global Movement to Help. Perhaps the Scale of Human and Earth Rights represents the strongest pillar of our vision.

We want the government of each participating nation to take a larger share of responsibility, and be more accountable to the people, and to all life on Earth.

In 1985, the Scale of Human and Earth Rights was first proposed as a replacement to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After several decades of research and development, many global dialogues, we still find the Scale as the best solution to global problems. Over time, the Scale has been re-titled the Scale of Global Rights.  Today, we are presenting once more the Scale as the best educating tool to bring about the change the people of the world need to achieve for their own survival.

Today, earquakes, cyclones and other natural disasters, as well as human made global destruction and disasters, require a rapid and efficient response from the world to help those in needs. We need to be organized and ready to help. We need people from all nations to be a part of this Global Movement to Help.

The very first step of governments of all nations, and maybe the only one for several decades ahead of us, would be the approval of the Ministry of Essential Services and of the Ministry of Global Peace amongst the participating member nations.

The Global Community has researched and developed such services. Many of them are already in operation on a small scale.

As mentioned so many times over the past decades, I believe that there is no greater task in the world today than for Global Community to proceed through the maturation of its leadership, emerging from a more self-interested adolescence as a global leader into a nobler adulthood. Once more, governments of all nations are invited to participate.

Together we have the potential to act as a torchbearer for a better tomorrow. Do we heed the call? I hope this message has convinced governments from all nations, many international organizations and the millions of people who have been with us over the past decades, that the question of how to proceed with that maturation is of far deeper significance than the reforming of the United Nations. I thus pray that we move with wisdom, grace, clarity, and love in the days, years, and even decades ahead.

And as we enact Global Law, we will begin to take on a much deeper kind of global leadership, one that earns more respect than envy and more gratitude than hatred, one that can catapult the whole planet forward into a future where war is no longer thinkable between nation-states and a legitimate and beneficial global government is able to cope with global problems.


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