Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2011 is:

Theme of Global Dialogue 2011 is Family and community planning for world population

Be acquainted with the above theme of this global dialogue.

Also, as part of the theme, Global Dialogue 2011 is concerned with all issues related to the management of the Global Community with respect to the availability of resources, the environment, and social and economic development aspects. All these issues and concerns were discussed during our global dialogues:

A) Global Dialogue 2000
World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development: Global Community Action 1
Held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, August 1-22, 2000

B) Global Dialogue 2002
Earth Management - All Peoples together
Theme: Earth Government for Earth Community - A grassroots process -
Held in August 17-22, 2002, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and on Internet in August 1-31, 2002.

C) Global Dialogue 2004
New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium: the age of global co-operation and symbiotical relationships
Theme: A Vision to Caring for Life and Earth
Held August 21st, 2004 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and on Internet in August 1-31, 2004.

D) Global Dialogue 2005 Global Dialogue 2005
Politics and Justice without borders.
Theme: the Global Constitution.
Held August 20st, 2005 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and on Internet in August 1-31, 2005.

E) Global Dialogue 2006 Global Dialogue 2006
Politics and Justice without borders
Theme: Actions for the good of all as per the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Global Community citizens.
Held August 17 to 22, 2006, in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and on Internet throughout the year of 2006.

F) Global Dialogue 2007 Global Dialogue 2007
Politics and Justice without borders
Theme: Building Global Communities for all life.
Held August 17 to 22, 2007, in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, and on Internet throughout the year of 2007.

G) Global Dialogue 2008 Global Dialogue 2008
The planet-Life-Soul of Humanity symbiotical relationship
which brings up a question
Who owns the Earth?

H) Global Dialogue 2009 Global Dialogue 2008
Global Movement to Help
Essential Services

to serve the people of all nations, all life on Earth

The Global Community is now sponsoring Global Dialogue 2011 Global Dialogue 2007
Politics and Justice without borders
Politics and Justice without borders

The theme of Global Dialogue 2011 is:
Global Parliament
 Constitution Main Index

Now for the next stage - the governance of Earth through global cooperation and symbiotical relationships. We found during Global Dialogue 2000 that there were several universal values and global concepts that connect all communities and societies to each other. And again during Global Dialogue 2002 we found that proper Earth management is a necessity and requires all peoples to unite and actually manage the planet. Local and global policies  need to be developed and implemented by every global community. Every person on Earth is responsible for this very important duty.  The time for action is now - positive and constructive actions to sustain Earth.  Global Dialogue 2006 had the mandate to conduct and implement positive and constructive actions all over the planet. It was a grassroots process involving everyone as part of the Global Community, the Earth Community, the human family. Participants from all sectors and walks of life described and explained the actions they have performed in their own homes, communities or in any other place on the planet. Because everyone is responsible for the proper management of Earth, everyone was invited to submit research papers, Vision statements, results of brain-storming exercises, comments and recommendations.

So far, throughout the year 2007, we have accomplished an enormous amount of work all of which to the benefit of humanity. Global Dialogue 2007 has been a success of great work and co-operation amongst all Global Community citizens from 130 Nations. The approval of the Global Constitution by Global Parliament will benefit us all in the decades to come. So will the Global Citizens Rights, Responsibility and Accountability Act.

Global Dialogue 2011 is a continuation of this great work. We want everyone to participate. Submit your work for Global Dialogue 2011 as per the OVERVIEW of the process Global Dialogue 2011 OVERVIEW of the process

Building global communities require understanding of global problems this generation is facing. There are several major problems: conflicts and wars, world overpopulation, global health, scarcity of resources and drinking water, poverty, and the destruction of the global life-support systems and the eco-systems of the planet. We need to build global communities for all life on the planet. We need to build global communities that will manage themselves with the understanding of the above problems.

The raison d'etre of Global Dialogue 2011 is to find sound solutions to sustain the Global Community and all life this century. New concepts and strategies had to be developed and are shown on this website.

Global Dialogue 2011 will bring forward many more new concepts and value systems, and positive actions to sustain the Global Community, and actions for the good of all as per the Statement of rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Global Community citizens.

This Global Dialogue is also about politics and Justice without borders. The Global Community is involved with the affairs of all levels of government anywhere, anyplace.

All announcements are posted on the website. The Program gives access to all important sections for those submitting research papers and for all participants.

The list of participants who have sent research papers is shown on our website. If you are planning to send a research paper do read the section ' Expectations from those sending research papers ', and the section 'Call for Papers'. Research papers and other information will also be copied on our website in the 'Participant Listing' section. Follow the link.

Global Dialogue 2011 is well on its way. We have received excellent abstracts, and papers have already been submitted. We have a large number of articles already published in our Newsletters and every issue discussed during the past several years are now part of Global Dialogue 2007. The Participants List is another way to access the research papers submitted.  Original papers cover most of the important issues. Several Discussion Roundtables are in the process of being organized. The final deadline for submission of individual abstracts and papers, videos, presentations, panel discussions and workshop proposals, facilitated groups, and of photographic, poster and dramatic displays dealing with pertinent themes, and students' creative work  is March 24, year 2011. Make sure you include recommendations, policies or workable sound solutions in your abstract and Paper. Read the criteria for submission in the Call for Papers.

There are no registration fees required from anyone. When you submit a paper you must fill and send us the Paper Submission Cover Sheet.

We are asking members of  the Earth Community Organization (ECO), the Global Community, and all participants in Global Dialogue 2011 to submit any of the following work:

*     A research paper(s) as per scientific criteria described in the Call for Papers; your paper is a publication and will appear in the proceedings to be published shortly after the conference in August 2009. Abstracts will be published in the Final Program.

*    Your Vision of Earth in year 2024; we are referring you to the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development  -  Global Community Action 1 for more details on how this may be accomplished.

*    Results of brain-storming exercises on issues (see list of all issues).

*    The design of an Earth flag, which constitutes Chapter 20.8 of the Global Constitution, is a campaign to create an Earth flag and is going on right now and I call upon and encourage students from all over the planet to participate in its design. It will be their first unified achievement.  Children's education is also part of the theme for this global dialogue. There is a need to train the next generation in the skills of collaborating in the future management of global change, which will be vital to survival. Students of all levels (school, college, technical, university) are invited to participate in Earth Community projects. They are asked to produce any creative work of their vision of what  Earth Management - all Peoples together  can accomplish ~ in the fields of zoology, biology, on history, on geography, on social and political sciences, on agriculture, energy, earth sciences, forestry, communications, wilderness, pollution, on the water supplies of the world, poverty, employment, social justice, human rights, universal values, global concepts, business and economy, availability of resources and so on.

*    Comments and recommendations on ideas proposed so far and on research papers to be submitted; we want to hear your opinion and views.

*    Positive and constructive actions in sustaining Earth. These are actions learned from the previous Global Dialogue or new ones. Participants from all sectors of life will describe and explain actions that they have performed in their own homes, communities, business places or in any other places on the planet. Depending on whether we find a sponsor to promote the Global Dialogue we hope to be able to present your videos, CDs or other productions on our website.

*   Articles for publishing in our Newsletters and making them available on the Internet. Newsletters will be posted on Global Dialogue 2011 website. Make sure you specify that it is an article for the Newsletters and not a research paper.

As was with previous global dialogues, Global Dialogue 2011 will also have people from all over the planet participating interactively from their own homes, global communities, universities or other community sites. The Internet and email will be used to communicate results and Proceedings. But this time we will also have a physical site for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and a period for summarizing results during August 17-22, 2011.


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