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Earth Community Organization (ECO)
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Ameer H. Chowdhury
Executive Secretary
Email: iedsfoeb@accesstel.net
Mailing Address:
Institute for Environment and Development Studies-IEDS
Friends of the Earth Bangladesh

for Discussion Roundtables 1, 4, 9, 26, 28, 47, and 53

Dear Friends,

IEDS-Friends of the Earth Bangladesh is interested to participate the event if that hasn't been convened by invitation only.

We would gratefully acknowledge if you please let us know that there is any possibility of getting some financial assistance for the travel expenses of southern countries' delegates like us to participate the Conference.

We would highly appreciate if you also kindly send us the Conference details through our fax no. + 880 2 831 5394 or through e-mail: iedsfoeb@accesstel.net

About IEDS-FoE-Bangladesh

The Institute for Environment and Development Studies (IEDS) is an organization and a federation of organizations/associations that deals with various environmental issues of Land, Water, and Air. It is committed to the preservation, restoration & rational use of the environment. IEDS was founded in 1985 and got registered with Social Welfare Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh. The Institute became an Associate Member of Friends of the Earth International in 1987 and became full FoEI member in 1989. IEDS has been given the UN (ECOSOC) Consultative Status in 2000.

Presently IEDS has 246 individual members ( mostly are Academicians, Journalists, Advocates, Environmental Activists), 68 group members ( mostly represent local communities in different parts of the country ) and 47 Associate Members ( working abroad).

The Institute mostly carry out the functions by launching Campaign through writing articles in newspapers, magazines and issuing press statements, holding press conference, doing postering, leafleting, sticking etc.

Other than campaign works, IEDS sometimes organize field level projects related with environment and organize action programs including staging rally, demonstration, sit in strike, mass resistance, mass gatherings etc. whenever necessary.

The organization achieved a big success by compelling the Bangladesh Government to impose ban on the export of frog legs as a part of her Organic Farming Campaign in 1989. Besides, a lot of success in other areas of national, regional and international environment campaign achieved by the Institute.

The on-going Campaigns are Climate Change, Save Sundarbans, Rio+10, Forestry, GMOs, Trade, Environment & Sustainability (TES), Energy, Urban Pollution, Women & Gender, Organic Farming, Water, Wetland, River & Dams, Air Pollution etc.

The on going projects are Organic Farming, Social Forestry & Environment Awareness.

The special issues presently dealing are Human Rights, Freedom of Press & Indigenous issues. The publications are Bio-monthly Newsletter: Environment News, Books and Periodicals. Currently we are concentrating on Human Rights abuse in the Sub-continent.

IEDS contributed in a series of UN events held to secure safe global environment, Women Development and over all Social Development; mention ably the UNCED meeting in Brazil, Beijing UN Women Conference, UN Social Summit in Copenhagen, UN Climate Change Conference in Kyoto, Bunos Aires, Bonn and Hague and a number of UN ECOSOC meetings in New York.

Presently, IEDS is monitoring the developments and making possible contributions in global climate change negotiations while participating the Rio + 10 campaign process and coordinating the Rio + 10 and Forestry related Asia-Pacific region's Friends of the Earth work.

IEDS-Friends of the Earth Bangladesh participated in hundreds of national, regional & international events on environment in last 16 years.

Your cooperation is earnestly solicited.

Thanking you,
Ameer H. Chowdhury

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