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1.0    Society for Protection of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest
2.0    Mount Benson Preservation Society needs help fighting for the forest on Mount Benson and the Nanaimo River estuary
3.0    Global Warming International Conference
4.0    Vancouver Island Spirit Network
5.0    Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology
6.0    HEP (Health & Environment Program) is to raise the awareness of the youth and women and involve them in development programmes (Education, Litteracy, Health and Hygiene)
7.0    World Sustainable Energy Days 2004
8.0    Corporate Responsibility in a Material World
9.0    1st Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit
10.0    Important letter from St. Paul Society,Paksitan(www.stpaulinpakistan.org)
11.0    The Cairo 9th International conference on energy and environment

Society for Protection of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest

I wanted to let you know that desperate efforts are undertaken to save the Bialowieza Primeval Forest. As not much is left out of the original stange of the forest, timing is very critical to preserve its vulnerable remnants, i.e. to save the oportunity of restoring the only lowland fully functioning ecosystem of deciduous forests in temperate Northern Hemisphere. For details see www.topb.most.org.pl and related links.

With best regards,

Andrzej Bobiec,
Society for Protection of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest

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Mount Benson Preservation Society needs help fighting for the forest on Mount Benson and Nanaimo River estuary

Mount Benson Preservation Society was first initiated by Germain Dufour in December 2002. Most of its members are seniors. The reason was that seniors thought they could use their knowledge and experience to benefit the community by creating the Society. We certainly also welcome people from other age groups to volunteer along with us.

Germain Dufour
Earth Governance and Management Consultant
Mount Benson Preservation Society
Earth Community Organization (ECO)
the Global Community
Global Community WebNet Ltd.
Project Officer for Global Dialogue 2000,
Global Dialogue 2002 and
Global Dialogue 2004
my CV is shown here

The Nanaimo River is a salmon-bearing stream, chinook and chum salmon, and the Nanaimo River estuary plays a vital part in their life-cycle. From February to July, juvenile salmon will spend time feeding, growing and adapting from a freshwater to a marine environment in the estuary.

Log booms in intertidal areas have reduced a large number of species and abundance of macrobenthos (amphipod crustaceans, molluscs and annelid worms) under log rafts. Copepods are the largest biomass in the oceans and also the dominant food items in juvenile salmon fry in the Nanaimo River estuary. Copepods are subject to loss of living space, drainage changes, tow-boat wash, ship activities and their impacts, log grounding at low tide and tidal currents.

In June 2003 Nanaimo was a port of call for a large condominium, "The World of ResidenSea", cruise ship right in the Nanaimo River estuary for 2 days(www.residensea.com). Both uses, ships allowed to cross and drop an anchor in the estuary, and the logging industry allowed to store logs in the estuary, have a dramatic effect on the salmon cycle of life.

The logging industry in the Regional District of Nanaimo claims that the Nanaimo River estuary access is vital to sawmills, providing them with affordable log warehousing. Log storage is currently an allowed use under a lease the province of British Columbia has with the Nanaimo Port Authority, which in turn sub-leases the tidal estuary land to several sawmills that use it for log storage. The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans could possibly reduce or even eliminate this type of industrial use in the river estuary to improve fish habitat.

Log storage tenures were first issued starting in 1950 coinciding with a growth in the number of mills on Vancouver Island. By 1972 most of the Nanaimo River estuary was used to log storage. The water leases are administered by the Nanaimo Port Authority.

The North-East slope of Mount Benson shows that very young trees have been cut off the mountain slope. Clearcutting of the forest is obvious. One or two trees were left over. Very little profit was made by the logging company yet it makes other industries and activities in the region at high risk: the ecotourism industry, Nanaimo heritage, protection of Nanaimo water shed, parks. The logging company is building a road to the peak of the mountain. With so very little profit made there has to be another reason for destroying the forest. The Regional District of Nanaimo may well be in the process of allowing development on the slopes of the mountain.

The long road on the mountain slope has not yet reached the top. The logging company is making the slope available for more development. It may be soon before re-zoning of the land will allow 'the rich and famous' build homes on the slopes. It has already been used by large trailer truks to carry the trees away.

Owners of the 209 hectares property on the peak of Mount Benson are in the process of subdividing it into eight-hectare parcels. Cercomm Electronics built its radio tower on the mountaintop. The tower itself does not need to be on the top of the mountain to broadcast to the Nanaimo region and surroundings. Radio waves can travel very well from a secondary peak in a less threatening place to the ecosystem of the mountain and to the quality of life of the people of Nanaimo. If there were any chance at all for Nanaimo senior people to have access to the top of the mountain and build their own trail for viewing from the top then they would be looking at the radio tower like a sour thumb.

The Mount Benson Preservation Society has drawn the following petition in December 2002 and proposed it to the people of the Regional District of Nanaimo and the people of the City of Nanaimo.

To support the right of the people in the community of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) to participate in the decision-making process concerning the development of their community as it relates to the future of Mount Benson and surrounding ecosystems, sign the following petition and participate with us in the Campaign to make Westwood Ridge a City of Nanaimo protected park and Mount Benson a RDN ‘protected park'.

I have read the Petition to make Westwood Ridge a City of Nanaimo protected park and Mount Benson a RDN protected park, and I hereby sign the petition:

A check in a box means YES I want the City of Nanaimo to buy Westwood Ridge and make it a protected park, and/or YES I want RDN to purchase Mount Benson and make it a protected park.


Name(print)  Signature  Address  Phone  Date  Westwood Ridge  Mount Benson 

The Mount Benson Preservation Society is implementing the Mount Benson reforestation project, which is designed to preserve the biodiversity of the mountain, while enhancing its landscape and helping control its climate, protecting wildlife and the green belt surrounding its slopes.

The Mount Benson Preservation Society is also reclaiming the lake and riverbank forests in the surrounding ecosystems.

An environmental education project for students enrolled with primary schools could be run by the Municipal Governments of the Regional District of Nanaimo, this program turns nature into a classroom, where students are taken by their teachers and volunteers from the Mount Benson Preservation Society to many different types of natural environments, both well-conserved and degraded, in order to work on concepts such as the importance of maintaining natural life and rehabilitating environments that have been severely altered by human beings. Back in the classroom, they study the plants, wildlife and landscapes of the region, as well as eco-system conservation. Then they submit proposals for revitalizing degraded areas to Town Councils, which agree to implement the best suggestions.

This project was based on an initiative undertaken by the Society.

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Global Warming International Conference

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Vancouver Island Spirit Network

Hello there:

You have been sending me your newsletter for a few months now.

I see that you are doing a lot of good work.

I am just letting you know that i am placing the url to your website in my "Featured Sites" menu on my own website, but it will take a little while to get it in all of my pages.

My website project is called Vancouver Island Spirit Network.

I also occasionally do volunteer work for the odd person who may need some help with one or two things on the internet.

If you need any help, drop me a line and let me know.


Giovanna Zammit


VISN is seasonal in nature. Moved by spirit to embrace diversity and share our commonalities, we explore the seasons of our lives.

We do not settle to listen to echoes of our beliefs spoken back to us, we invite diversity in prayer or mantra, and look for deeper connections that speak to all in a common tongue.
Our ancestral traditions unfold this compassionate centre and we become the peacemakers coming together to share diverse traditions. This is our conscious evolution.

Our diverse communities are nurtured by people of a variety of ethnic, religious and spiritual origins. Within the fast rate of growth of our ever changing communities there are often times assumptions about people in general. These community links are made available to encourage us to get to know one another, for through understanding of one another's culture, religious, or spiritual orientation we are able to remove misunderstandings that promote the religious, ethnic and culturally related crime and human rights violations.

By identifying our diversity within our communities, we are able to educate ourselves and remove assumptions we have about people of diverse faith traditions. The media plays an important role in how we view others. We often transfers these learned beliefs to our families, schools, groups, organizations and the workplace, as well as into the general public. Much of the time we are truly ignorant of the hurt that we inflict on others because of our assumptions about another's religion or culture.

Having healthy communities requires more from us than tolerance. In order to advocate for healthy communities and celebrate our diversity we must education ourselves about one another and move beyond our own beliefs.

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Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology

National Launch Event on Sunday March 7, 2004

Alumni Hall, Room 400
121 St Joseph's Street
St. Michael's College
University of Toronto

You are invited to attend our launch on Sunday March 7 at 3:00pm!

FYI friends and colleagues,
Please pass around as much as you can in your organizations.


Heather Eaton

We would like you to be part of an exciting new initiative in Canada, the Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Launching CFORE

The Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology (CFORE) will be officially launched at the University of Toronto on Sunday March 7, 2004 at 3:00pm. CFORE’s mission is to facilitate transformative dialogue and education. Over the next three years CFORE will establish a national Canadian presence with a series of lectures and discussions from coast to coast. Our aim is to bring people together in inter-disciplinary and inter-religious forums to foster an transformative ecological spirit across Canada’s colleges and universities. We will also advocate for ecological sustainability in Canada and influence public policy on key issues.

We would be honoured if you would attend the launch ceremony and the inaugural lecture Buddhism, Nature, and the Ecological Self by Professor Kenneth Kraft, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Buddhism and Ecology.

The launch ceremony and lecture will be held on

Sunday March 7 at 3:00pm.
Alumni Hall Room 400
121 St Joseph Street
University of Toronto
Please click one of the links below to indicate whether or not you can attend.

Yes! I plan to attend the launch. | Sorry, I can’t attend.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to find out about the mission of CFORE. Please help us by downloading a poster from our website and forwarding this email to friends and colleagues!

CFORE Steering Committee
Heather Eaton (Saint Paul’s University)
James Miller (Queen’s University)
Anne-Marie Dalton (St. Mary’s University)
Stephen Scharper (University of Toronto)


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HEP (Health & Environment Program) is to raise the awareness of the youth and women and involve them in development programmes (Education, Litteracy, Health and Hygiene)

HEP (Health & Environment Program) is a Non Gouvernmental Organization , Member of African network on intellectual property rights (AFRI-TAN African Trips Action Network) and member of Conference of non Gouvernmental Organizations in consultatives relationships with UN (United Nations). Aim of HEP is to promote education and raise the awareness of the population on health and environmental issues.


The objectives of HEP include :

* To raise the awareness of the youth and women and involve them in development programmes (Education, Litteracy, Health and Hygiene);
* To design and manage projects with socio-economic focus
* To encourage sharing of knowledge and experience among members through training, dissemination of research findings and technical information using the mass media and practising the doorstep information policy ;
* To raise the awareness of the youth and women on environment related problems ;
* To prevent food shortages by processing, drying, packaging and storing foodstuffs ;
* To constitute a bank of data on the socio-economic evolution .


Madeleine Ngo Louga
Executive Coordinator
Health and Environment Program
BP 875 Yaounde-Cameroun
Web: www.multimania.com/hep

875 Yaoundé Messa - Cameroon
afritan@yahoo.fr , mlouga@hotmail.com
(237) 222 86 17 :
(237) 771 53 04 / 957 62 18
Fax : (237) 222 86 17

"World Sustainable Energy Days 2004

Subject: World Sustainable Energy Days 2004
Tue, 3 Feb 2004 17:51:53 +0100
Christine Öhlinger
Dear Madam/Sir

the international conference "World Sustainable Energy Days 2004" will take place from 3-5 March 2004 in Wels/Austria. The conference offers a unique combination of events, including:

- European Pellets Conference (3-4 March 04)
- Conference "Tomorrow's Buildings - Technology Trends put into Action" (4 March 04)
- Green Electricity Forum (4-5 March 04)
- Evening event "Megatrends of Sustainable Energy" (4 March 04)
- ManagEnergy Workshop "The Buildings Directive - Opportunities at a Local Level" (5 March 04)

Check out the conference programme on our website: www.esv.or.at/wsed04

We are pleased to help you with your inquiries.

Best regards,
Christine Oehlinger

Christine Oehlinger
Head of Sector International Tasks

O.Oe. Energiesparverband
A-4020 Linz, Landstr. 45
T: +43-732-7720-14861
F: +43-732-7720-14383
E: christine.oehlinger@esv.or.at
I: www.esv.or.at

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Corporate Responsibility in a Material World

Subject: The Guardian and The Observer CSR Conference 2004
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 22:13:01 +0000
From: "Ethical Performance"
Reply-To: support@ethicalperformance.com
Organization: Sent on behalf of The Guardian and The Observer
To: gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com

The Guardian and The Observer Business and Society Conference 2004 -
Corporate Responsibility in a Material World

To take place on 25 March 2004, Westminster, London.

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly under attack and needs to demonstrate that it does make a difference. The Guardian and The Observer CSR conference will highlight leading innovations, explore how companies and others can identify what is material and what is not, challenge the notion of sustainable consumption and provide a unique opportunity to learn from leading thinkers.

Conference sessions include plenary, breakout and masterclass formats to provide varied participation on a range of issues.

The conference is supported by National Grid Transco and chaired by Alex Thomson, broadcaster and presenter, who will ensure a lively debate and extensive delegate participation.

For a final programme and final list of speakers, please visit
http://www.societyguardian.co.uk/businessandsociety or contact the Guardian Conference Team on 0870 765 7488, or email

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1st Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit

Subject: The first Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 21:28:10 +0000
From: "Ethical Performance"
Reply-To: support@ethicalperformance.com
Organization: Ethical Performance
To: gdufour@globalcommunitywebnet.com

Conference call for the first Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit

Some of the world's leading specialists in the field of corporate social responsibility will be speaking at the first ever Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, to be held in Dubai from 25-26 April 2004.

Among those lined up to speak are CSR specialists from global multinationals such as Shell, British American Tobacco and Cisco Systems, as well as Harvard Business School, the Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative and FTSE Group.

One of the major themes of the event will be how to raise awareness of the importance of CSR to the Middle East region's economic growth and long-term development.

For a complete speaker listing, conference programme and registration form, visit http://www.iirme.com/csr or contact Shabnam Rawal, the conference director, on + 9714 3365161 or mailto:shabnam.rawal@iirme.com

The Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility Summit is organized by the international conference organizer IIR Holdings.

== This information has been sent by Ethical Performance. If you do not wish to receive occasional emails relating to corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment, which may include information on events and other services, please go to http://www.ethicalperformance.com/listadmin.html to take your email address off our list.

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Important letter from St. Paul Society,Paksitan(www.stpaulinpakistan.org

St. Paul Society:
Sector F-8/4, Street No. 55,
Najam Market, Raja Zahoor Plaza,
Plot No. 8, Postal Code: 44000,
Kaghan Road, Islamabad PAKISTAN
Phone: 092-051-2852383,
092-0300-5344190, : 092-0300-5344191
Email: stpaulsoc@stpaulinpakistan.org
Email: chairman@stpaulinpakistan.org
Or : st_paul_edu_pak@yahoo.com
WEB-SITE: www.stpaulinpakistan.org

Dated: April,12. 2004

Dear Brother Germain!

I hope you had wonderful Easter celebration with you family there.

Thank you very much for being so kind to ask write how we want our message to show on website.

Please add as below:

St. Paul Society is a Christian organization established in 1997 for the uplift of poor community. The Mission of St. Paul society is to eradicate poverty among the impoverished community in Pakistan and around the world as well, give hope to those who have lost hope, to offer practical help by providing desperately needed benefits, and helping to poor widows, children, youth, secure homes, education and job-training for those whose needs are urgent. Christians in Pakistan are poorest segment of the society, doing some sweeping jobs as their parent does. Therefore we need to lot of work for their uplift.

We therefore request to the Christian organizations, churches, ministries to work with St. Paul for development of poorest people in Pakistan.

You are most welcome.

Faithfully in Christ.
Shahbaz Nawab
Chairman/Project Director
St. Paul Society www.stpaulinpakistan.org

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The Cairo 9th International conference on energy and environment

Subject: Conference
From: "President" <president@sat-eng.com>

The Cairo 9th International conference on energy and environment will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Sainai , Egypt on March13-17, 2005.

The conference is organized jointly by the Supreme council for Scientific Research in Egypt and Wayne State University in Detroit, Mi, USA.

The details about the theme, program, accomodation and registration package are available on the website :http://ee9.sat-eng.com

For any questions or details please contact us.

Conference Chairman
Prof. Abdullatif El Sharkawy

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