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Global Dialogue 2004


The raison d'etre of Global Dialogue 2004 is to find sound solutions to sustain Earth and all life in this millennium. New concepts had to be developed and are shown on this website. 

Global Dialogue 2004 will bring forward many more new concepts and value systems, such as Global Ethics, a Vision of Earth in Year 2024, the Scale of Human and Earth Rights, the statement of rights and responsibilities of a global community, the criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship, and strategies to protect the global life-support systems.

The theme of the New Age Civilization of the 3rd Millennium: the age of global co-operation and symbiotical relationships is A Vision to Caring for Life and Earth.

People need a healthy environment and resources for industry. Businesses cannot thrive without people or resources. Economic stability depends on people, resources, and good businesses. And all of the above cannot exist without environment. And certainly the security of all peoples is a priority.

The aim of Global Dialogue 2004 is to give all  Peoples in the Global Community an opportunity to meet, to dialogue, to encourage, to advise one another about original ways to consciously affect evolution for the good of all humanity on four levels - social, economic, environmental and in the wise use of natural resources. Finding a sound balance between the interaction of these four levels is what makes Global Dialogue 2004 unique. ISSUES accepted for presentation during the Global Dialogue 2004 pertain to these four levels. They are also part of a mathematical model developed to measure sustainable development. The modelís fundamental components are the four interacting circles or four major quality systems all interacting with one another and within themselves. These measurements provide local/global indicators and will be used to create a sense of direction for global communities. Other methods of measurement are being researched by participants and will be presented during the Global Dialogue.

The theme for the Global Dialogue is about:

i)    Establishing a permanent global dialogue on measuring and assessing sustainable development, and on providing Earth management policy solutions to ensure a sound future for Earth;  discussion roundtables and brainstorming exercises conducted on the Internet and at the physical site in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, will help in establishing this dialogue;

ii)    Establishing the Global Community Assessment Centre that will coordinate the assessment of local and global indicators along with other national and international organizations; establishing sustainable development accounting and valuation; make results available to governments, research institutions, NGOs, and to Earth Community on the Internet;

iii)    Providing gross global indicators to global communities:

1. Gross Environmental Sustainable Development Index (GESDI);
2. Gross Sustainable Development Product (GSDP);

iv)    Establishing a benchmark for the 21st Century and a scale of social values for assessment;

v)  Presenting a Global Code of Ethics, the Charter of the Earth Community, the Scale of Human and Earth Rights, the criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship, and a Vision of Earth in Year 2024;

vi)  Establishing fundamental aspects and criteria of the:

a)     The New Age Civilization: all Peoples together, the Human Family, the Soul of Humanity, the Earth Community, the Global Community, Global Economic Cooperation, Global Governance, Earth Governance, Earth Environmental Governance, and Earth Government
b)     Peace Movement of the Earth Community
c)     Moral responsibility and accountability of all nations
d)     Free trade between nations and globalization
e)     Sustainable Development for the New Age Civilization:
  • 1) The Glass Bubble concept of 'a Global Community', the Global Community, the Human Family, the Earth Community.

  • 2) The definition of 'Sustainable Development' with the idea that free trade and the planetary trading blocks are serving the Human Family, and not the other way around for the benefits of a few people.

  • 3) Universal Values, Global Governance, Earth Environmental Governance

  • 4)The Scale of Human and Earth Rights

  • 5)The Charter of the Earth Community

vii)    Requesting all nations to accept the criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship
viii)    Estabishing the Earth Court of Justice
ix)    Forming Earth Government for Earth Community - a grassroots process.
x)    Establishing a global cooperation and symbiotical relationships between nations of the world .


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