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You can also find out how you can participate in Global Dialogue 2007 by reading the process found in the main index at:

We need your input now. Their are local and global issues, and they needs your ideas. Global Dialogue 2007 will make the difference for the 21st century. You cannot assumed the world will fix itself. Because it wont! Humanity needs you! Participate now in Global Dialogue 2007. Send us research papers and articles for our monthly Newsletters. Newsletters are published on our website and sent to about 20,000 readers in 130 nations. You get an instant recognition. Submit a paper for the dialogue. Read the preliminary program about the Call for Papers and register now (there are no cost for registration).

We welcome proposals for individual papers, presentations, traditional panel discussions and workshops. We encourage non-traditional formats including photographic, poster and dramatic displays dealing with pertinent themes, and facilitated groups. We are extending a special invitation to community groups, community activists and others directly involved in the challenges of community and home development. Please submit your proposals for individual papers, panels, workshops or displays using the  forms shown in the Preliminary Program.

At the request of our participants we have extended the list of issues to be included in the discussions. We now have 59 issues. More local and global issues may be added. Participants only may submit issue proposals.

Every time you send us a message please make sure that your subject matter indicates that it is about Global Dialogue 2007. We are receiving hundreds of messages every day but most of them are being deleted because the subject matter does not indicate that it is related to Global Dialogue 2007. Do not send an attachment unless you have previoulsy made arrangment with us about it.

We have now leaders from all over the world participating in Global Dialogue 2007. Many more will be applying between now and August 2007. Verify that your information was properly entered. Let us know if a correction is required. Leaders of the Discussion Roundtables and Workshop Sessions are allowed to organize their sessions in their own town, university or home, wherever, as long as they assume all costs. Noone is being paid for their work and expenses. This is strictly on a volunteering basis and no money is available or will be made available. You may also invite the public, experts and all Participants to your Discussion Roundtable. This is a grassroots process and everyone is invited.

Leaders were chosen. They do not have to do this. We are doing it for humanity. They may even up-out of this process at any time without penalties of any kind (let me know now if you cannot go on with this process). So please be understanding! We are breaking grounds with the Global Dialogues and in the ways international conferences are being held. Noone has ever organized an international conference or Summit having people (including the general public) from all over the planet participating interactively from their own town, community, universities or homes.

All Participants are invited to send their comments and recommendations to the Leaders of their choice and about the issue(s) of their choice. They can also send them directly to this office here.

All Leaders are required now to send an Opening Statement related to their Discussion Roundtable. A Closing Statement should also be sent during the period August 17-22, 2007.

Papers and other information will be uploaded in the coming weeks and months. The following table show the listing of our Leaders so far, along with their country, issues and how to contact them.

List of the 63 countries  where the 260 Leaders are coming from:

Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan(2), Bahrain, Bangladesh(2), Belarus, Belgium(3),  Brazil(3), Bulgaria(2), Cameroon, Canada(32), Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic(2), Denmark(3), Estonia (2), France, Georgia, Germany(4), India(13), Ireland(2), Israel, Italy(2), Japan(5), Kirghiztan(3), Mexico, Moldova, Nepal(7), New Zealand, Nigeria(2), Norway,  Pakistan(3), People's Republic of China(5), Poland(2), Portugal, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Ghana(2), Republic of Cameroon, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan (5), Republic of Uzbekistan (3), Republica of Moldova, République Démocratique du Congo,  Romania, Russia (21), Scotland,  Slovak Republic(4), South Korea(2),  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania(2), The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, U.S.A.(28), Uganda, Ukraine(8), United Kingdom(7), Venezuela,  Western Australia

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