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for Discussion Roundtables 41, 42, 43, and 55

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Children education is very important in this civilize Global world, in which case without education you remain a blind man in country Nigeria. The problem is that our government don’t have a listening ear to the masses, mostly those in the rural areas, that most people has chosen to withdraw their children from school, even brilliant ones for lack of affordable means, an educated child stands an opportunity of impacting knowledge to their parents.

The breakdown has affected teachers also because of limited facility to discharge their duties, a teacher can not give what he doesn’t have. The major problem to the half baked ones is that they find it difficult to cope with current global trend secondly lack of children’s education coupled with instability in the educational calendar, lack of Government support in other to finance education and pay the teacher cannot be left out.


Government in every country (mostly Africa) will make sure that all the fund provided for schools are distributed accordingly and also provide all the techniques needed in the schools from primary to tertiary institutions. Children should be compelled to go to school in view of its importance.

Again teachers should be paid accordingly not to be waiting after six to eight month before their salaries are paid.

Education is very important for every child. So government should not make it only for the rich, it should be for all in the society. They should give a listening ear to the NGOS Civil Society Labour Organisation and Human Right and Social Organisations.

Also Global world should come together to discuss ways to assist on this issue of children education and cure, because this is one of the major problem of child abuse in the society today.

Thank you

Writing by a servant of God who have the Global Success in mind.

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