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Much attention is focused on financial and wealth matters, then the producer of the remedies against financial and health problems. Chinese solely rely on herbs to solve their health problems which is grown on the earth.

Nigerians, Saudis Arabians, Venezuelans etc. basically rely on crude oil, which the earth produces but the governing attitude of the much dividend from those natural gift has continue to generate criticism. The land where farmers cultivate forms the largest strength of the earth yet in Africa, Benin Republic and Nigeria to be precise, has suffered the greatest shift in cultivation, making it possible for constant loss to strength and manure, these issues and more must be deliberated upon checked and implementations carried out. Soils must be allowed for some number of years before continuous cultivation, but in the other hand it will pose a threat to life to some people especially in Africa. If they fail to cultivate at the next farming season, otherwise hunger and starvation will take care of people. In the light of this therefore, I would advice that people should culture themselves to a new eating habit, secondly there should be double farming season, may be through irrigation.

Earth is the producer, the dwelling and most harmonious place among other planets, it has made man very comfortable but with no respect to it. Earth is not segregative, non isolatory, but full of truth and accommodative. Earth takes back that it give even after expiration earth is in good terms with those who even offends it, though for a limited number of time, there are general believe that human beings come from the earth and goes back to the earth. Earth to a larger extent is the source of our livelihood, but with little or no concern over maintenance, considering the amount of heavy structures and machines it holds, trees are uprooted each day, that contributes to earth’s gradual collapse. The government of the day has total neglect to the earth, hence the concern about earthquake remain a mirage, because if the government or the international community has paid as much attention as it have to HIV/AIDS, earthquakes, bush burning and tree uprooting would have being an issue of past-tense.


The International concern on the cure for the deadly diseases HIV/AIDS has been on the increase, but the problems also surrounding the been on the increase, but the problems also surrounding the financial cooperation has being that of dishonesty and misappropriation of funds donated for the case in question, if the funds donated for a certain project is utilized especially in the area of protection and prevention of HIV/AIDS, by now the world would have been celebrating an AIDS minimized era. However, other areas of concern is the rural setting, where the case of circumcision has been quite unhygienic, a system of circumcision which allows the use of local instrument for so many, this has paved way for all sort of germ, disease and even transfer of HIV patent to a negative proven child. These and more case associated to curse of the deadly diseases should be deliberated upon for cooperation.

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