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I am too poor to go to war

I am too poor to go to war
Let me tell you the score

Your last war left my crops asunder,
Now my children hunger
You planted mines in my field
Nothing but misery, they yield

Your current battle destroyed my cattle,
Only a bull and a cow
Because I am not a Muslim, you allow me a sow
Your soldiers gloat that they got my goat
Was it the marines who stole my sheep
From you, many sorrows I do reap

With preemptive interventions and multiple inventions,

You tell me of good intentions?

Who is supposed to explain the detentions?

With great math, the wars cost you do extend,
With your latest military budget, me, you do offend

Who is to pay for road mending, for health care spending
For student tending, for water vending
Quartermaster, halfmaster, fullmaster

Who would envision worse provision

Domestically, you insist on standard testing, with efficiency
You teach war games with proficiency
Would that we could help children with educational sufficiency

While far away, thousands of troops are quickly deployed
In iraq, bosnia, haiti, siam or thailand
At home, the streets fill with the unemployed

I do believe I am too poor to go to war

I am out of step, I am inept I am too poor

Yes, I am rich with other stuff with Thomas Mann, I have a lease

War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.
Would I, would you, would we, if we could, afford peace

I am too poor to go to war

david inkey, 12/15/03

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dear colleagues,

Click Here: http://www.ias.unu.edu/publications/details.cfm/articleID/431 UNU-IAS - Bioprospecting in Antarctica subject

i have been trying to get UNESCO (and humanity) to recognize antarctica as THE ANTARCTICA WORLD HERITAGE PARK... this idea has some inspiration in greenpeace's earlier efforts to make the 7th continent a park, some challenge in the 30th anniversary of UNESCO's world heritage program... some detail in my son's being the scouts first alternate to go to antarctica in 1989-90 with the nsf...and with my own delusion of GRANDEUR as self appointed president of antarctica university, acronym AU, pronounced AWE.....

if you UNUans can use some of my AWEisms please exploit the texts... i have "captured" the late King Birendra's ZONE OF PEACE for the Kingdom of Nepal and asserted that my friend and former student's peace efforts should be recognized as applicable in antarctica...where peace is older than the ice...

peace, david burleson, unesco adv to unicef, retired, aka david inkey, president of AWE...

by David Inkey and Winkey
Antarctica University, “AU, AWE”
UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris, FRANCE

Antarctica is the only continent on this planet where humans have never waged or staged a war... Peace, as The United Nations attempts to establish a culture of peace, is older in Antarctica than the ice... Ergo, de facto and de jure, it behooves all humans to humanely support and enhance Antarctica as The Antarctica World Heritage Park.

Antarctica is the only continent on this planet where humans have never waged or staged a war... Peace, as The United Nations attempts to establish a culture of peace, is older in Antarctica than the ice... Ergo, de facto and de jure, it behooves all humans to humanely support and enhance Antarctica Pa rk.

I, the Founding President of Antarctica University, AU known as AWE, the Reformed Harvard Anthropologist of Planetary Culture, a 20th Century Pioneer of POP ED, Population Education, a declared, dedicated Conscientious Objector to All Wars since WW2, thrice named as The United Nations Philosopher, avid United Nations Santa since 1989, long a Supranational Civil Servant in the United Nations Systems (long-serving as the Unesco Advisor to Unicef, the UN 50th Anniversary Protagonist Panelist with His Holiness Pope John Paul II, and thirty-three year Friend and Guru of Shah Dev, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal (1945-2001), pioneer statesperson of National Zone of Peace Practice, do, duly, propose that WE THE PEOPLE of the United Nations and those who have not yet been included therein should enjoin and enjoy the Seventh Continent, the Entire Continent of Antarctica as a new, new Millennial Focus of all previous and future World Heritage Sites and Sights and that all ecological considerations of any and all heritage requirements further be united with humane and interspecies special considerations of the current Decade of the Culture of Peace, and all subsequent Decades, Scores, Golden Jubilees, Centuries and Millennia of Peace...

While Peace should be celebrated universally on the September 16th, the Third Tuesday of September in the Year 2031 OCE, to commemorate the very, very 3300th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Ramses II of the Egyptians and Hattusilis of the Hittites, the first such treaty in the human (e) experience, we should give special emphasis to peace being a daily joy and task, indeed process and event.

In honor of my recently deceased friend Shah Dev, who never heeded my desire that he address the United Nations on the topic of The Kingdom of Nepal as a Zone of Peace, although from 1975-2001, His Majesty enlisted 116 signatories to honor Nepal thusly, I wish to share a haunting hint that still, yet, ever Birendra’s message echoes none the less in the General Assembly, if not in a redefined Security? Council... The following is my October Ian Account of Shah Dev’s deliberate diligence in humor, albeit post-humus,

The Antarctic Treaty (unaligned cuz Birendra was so important in non-alignment nation states and conferences)...

Peace in Antarctica is older than the ice, but humans and some humanes decided in 1959 that we should keep Peace at least somewhere on the planet, so with an international agreement they treaty zed the Seventh Continent. As a king come lately, in 1975, my friend and former student Shah Dev, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, declared his kingdom in the clouds, Nepal, to be a Zone of Peace. Are we to suppose that I was prescient by being such a peacenik all my life, burning my draft card in 1953 during the Korean Police Action which came to be known as the Korean War … And while Nepal was "recognized" by 116 nations as a Zone of Peace, only Antarctica has remained peace filled.

Recently, The night before last, I finally awoke to the idea that YES, I do believe in GHOSTS... For almost 70 years I have teased myself about ghosts… and I had this magnificent dream about Shah Dev addressing The Empty Chamber of the General Assembly, about his campaign to get Nepal recognized as a Zone of Peace... In his lifetime he managed to get 116 nations to support Nepal as a ZOP and I always wanted him to take the idea to the UN. He declined, saying he wasn't ready to do so. So, in my dream work, he does what I wanted him to do during his life sentence on Planet Earth...

After he came out of the General Assembly with an entourage of two or three he was in a little room and I heard that he was at the UN, so I prevailed upon the guards to let me in the room and I requested the other Nepalese to leave so that Shah Dev and I could chat. they did so and I congratulated Shah Dev on his endeavor, explaining that it mattered not at all that the great hall of the UN was EMPTY. I assured my friend that the message would endure. And, I awakened, finally believing in ghosts. Halloween this year will take on new significance. I laughed silently to myself and thought that I should write a little essay, fun and frivolous should not be confused, A FUNNY FINALE! A FABULOUS ENCORE! AN EPIC EPIPHANY!

If my case and casement are not sufficiently grounded in legal precedent, I would cite Article I of The Antarctica Treaty, preferable deleting Para 2 of art I...

Article I

1. Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only. There shall be prohibited, inter alias, any measures of a military nature, such as the establishment of military bases and fortifications, the carrying out of military maneuvers, as well as the testing of any types of weapons. 2. The present Treaty shall not prevent the use of military personnel or equipment for scientific research or for any other peaceful purpose.

The case was presented in the 1990s that http://archive.greenpeace.org/…/1994/antarc4.txt

My experience in Antarctica, even as President of Antarctica University, is not sufficient to build the entire case and cartography of Antarctica as The World Park in the guise, glimmer and gratification of The World Heritage, though I did contribute years of dedicated service to Unesco and I even helped the late king of Nepal, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev concerning the World Heritage elements of Lumbini as here explained... Essay 9 in the opus, birendra and david, friends, king and guru, peaces together some stray, strained, and straying fragments of our story and our regard for and disregard of heritage ...

buddha's bond, ananda's alert 9

long ago and far away, about as far away as unesco, the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, unesco…. on the banks of that ancient river, the seine, where a loyal legion of unans worked "constitutionally" with a greatly praised yet arguably presumptuous preamble which declared, "since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men we must build the defenses of peace…" i had a friend, a devout buddhist and a diligent scholar of lord buddha, who advised me, almost alarmed me, and auspiciously alerted me, that i could not be a buddhist because as a christian i insisted upon having a soul…. buddhists don't have individual souls… yet, by some mystic communion of spirits, i felt bonded to buddha's benevolence and when i went to sri lanka i even made a pilgrimage to the city of kandy where one of the relics of buddha's body is still ever so long a length of time revered. years later i learned that lord buddha was born in nepal, but i have never been to lumbini…

his majesty birendra bir bikram shah dev tied buddha's second bond around me… the evening my family and i had dinner at the palace, my friend shah dev, my former student shah dev, had the audacity to ask me a most embarrassing world heritage question… he seriously but smilingly asked me what did i know about unesco's relation to the world heritage site of lumbini…. oh, so innocently, i replied most rapidly, that unesco was overseer seer of all the world heritage sites… shah dev smiled…. i think it was a lord vishnu smile… "no, david… lumbini is under the responsibility of the united nations, because when the world heritage programme was established u thant, the then secretary general, a devout buddhist, wanted lumbini in his purview.” well, i should have paraphrased socrates' (plato’s?) famous proclamation, "until philosophers become kings, and kings become philosophers…” but, i behaved with some palatial decorum and i didn't say,

"when philosophers become clowns,
when clowns become philosophers,
then, indeed, in deed, we will all be humane."

using royal prerogative, shah dev went on to explain that buddhists from japan were pressuring his majesty's government that they wanted lumbini built into a superlative, appropriate international (he should have said supranational) pilgrimage site, with a grand temple, parks, museums, hotels, etc. "david, when you get back to new york, (i was posted in the new york office of unesco, as senior education advisor,) could you please find out what the un secretariat's current thinking and activity is concerning lumbini?"
"auspicious," i said to myself… i reflected upon this buddhist bond all the way home from kathmandu to connecticut… even when we detoured thru the united kingdom to visit temp’s brother and his family and to sightsee buckingham palace and windsor castle... i commuted from connecticut in those days from a converted 200 year old vegetable barn abode… not to be solitarily and starkly ignorant on the second bond, i called my friend ananda in paris and learned that for many, many years, many, many multinational buddhists had been trying to pressure the only hindu king and kingdom to "do something" about buddha’s birthplace… through no known influence on my part, though ananda and david both mean "beloved," the following year his royal highness prince gyanendra bir bikram shah dev came to the united nations and we, along with 30 or so others had a two-day seminar on lumbini… in november 2001, his majesty's government will be inaugurating or is it dedicating? the rebirth of lumbini… i think lord vishnu and lord buddha are uncommon common spirits….

i am currently extremely occupied and pre-occupied with the task of recruitment for a constitutional convention to be held in unesco, to redraft the illustrious, poetic preamble… i contend fairly, and farely, contentiously that the aging text is ageist and sexist… children are now too frequently subjects and objects of war… men and women both cause wars… thus, i would propose, i do propose a prototext preamble, "since wars begin in the lives of children, it is in the spirits of children that we must seed the dreams of peace."

lord buddha willing, lord vishnu willing, willing…
if ever, again, i go to my kingdom in the clouds,
to the kingdom of nepal, in this life, or another,

i will make a pilgrimage to lumbini….

I believe that Antarctica as The World Park will in no way compromise the mission of AWE, AU, Antarctica University...... Awe is a humane requirement in every clime and for all who have protected, maintained, defended, cherish and prospered in owning their own education, Antarctica University will ever be on sacred ground, even when iced over...... Icebergs may depart from the continent and the ozone problems will be confused with the work of the Wizard and Wizardries of Oz, Erebus may fuss and fume, yet, still, ever we are reminded that peace in Antarctica is older than the ice...


AU is "Awe," inspired...

AU is the most, challenging eduecoexperience on Earth.
AU is the most selective education within the HeliopAUse.
AU excels in all other courses of Comparative Planetology.

AU is unique in creating the curiosity course, Planetary Culture.
AU is ever unsurpassed in the study and service of Optimism, "We all are forever looking up."

AU is yet unrivaled in interspecies diversity.
AU is as unlimited in Imagination as in Curiosity.
AU is still a training camp, a circle, a circus,

AU bands and bonds Cosmic Comics as Planetary Clowns.
AU portends and pretends a Life Sentence on Earth, in Life Long education.

AU claims to be unparalleled as a non-academented institution.
AU is the Universe's test site for our ultimate PC, Personal Commitment. a virtual covenant by david inkey,
founder and first president...


AU acronyms AWE...

Our Scholars are Ozonic Optimists, forever looking upwards.. Though sadly surrounded by a solitary pessimist from on high!
Our Prime Course, Planetary Culture, is 361 degrees, of comprehension,

PROGRAM COORDINATORS better known as Scholars,
own only 361 degrees of Personal Commitment and Planetary Consciousness...
“Students” from the University of the Arctic grunt their logo,
UA... Those Polar Challengers are always, in all ways,
sadly downcast...
AU is our interspecies institution positively committed to learning...
All Beings own tlc, the learning continuum, for lifelong education...

Descriptions by David INKEY....


After sharing the Covenant of Awe with sum 6 billion humans attempting at least in part to be humane, I wish to add to the world heritage the essence of expotition.


by Win “Pooh” Scottlow...

And the Antarctic Night was six months long...
And the Antarctic Day was one great daze, six months long...
And the Ancient Greeks dreamt of Terra Incognita Australis, unknown southern l and
And the Scientists discovered the Internatl Geophysical Year.
And Curious George found a dinosaur bone..
And Alice wondered whether the meteorites fell from our Moon or Mars...
And Frosty the Snowperson stole an ice-core that was 500,000 years old...
And the Wizard of Oz opened the Ozone Hole,,,
And the Icebreaker broke up... (*almost broke)...
And the Hovercraft sputtered along...

And Nathaniel Palmer thought he discovered Antarctica...
And Richard Byrd flew over the South Pole...
And Robert Scott froze in his tracks...
And the Environmentalists removed the nuclear power plant...
And the 50, 76 land animals signed the Antarctic Treaty...
And the Skua slept next to our bunks...
And the Albatross played around the flapping flags at the South Pole...
And the Seals sang superbly (after dinner...
And the Krill crisscrossed the Antarctic Circle...
And the Fish all went to school...

And the Tourists swam through ice caves...
And the Glaciers flowed into the ocean...
And the Wind howled louder than monkeys...
And the Flags fluttered fabulously...
And the Countries collaborated...
And the World Park is a Planetary Pledge...
And the Dinosaurs migrated...
And the Ice Shelf cracked...
And the Iceberg melted...
And the Sea Ice swam across the Antarctic Ocean...

And Mount Erebus fussed and fumed...
And all the Special Sites in Antarctica printed a map...
And the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) wobbled...
And the Weather Balloon popped...
And the Telescope tried to talk...
And the Sealing Ship stopped sailing, sealing and selling...
And the Sunsets surprised us all...
And all the Emperor Penguins enrolled in Antarctica University...
And at the South Pole, we are all Optimists, forever looking up...
And, using his only crayon, Harold drew a purple circle around Antarctica...

And the Aurora Australis shines brightly...
And the Desert Valleys await explorers...
And the Munchkins collect(ed) microbes...
And the Lichens like the Lorax...
And the Blue Whales whisper wondrous words in Whalish...
And Geographers still study Gondwana...
And Geologists and other Good People left the minerals all in place...
And Ms. Santa, Santa and all the other Clauses work at the Polar Post... (No professors of language could find any subordinate Clauses...)
And this year, or in the next-next year, I want ANTARCTIC EXPOTITION.

°And “Pooh” will write

for all his friends!

au is not responsible for the sacrilege of transposing into times roman from our ever esteemed font, comic sans ms, not can we express strongly enuf our disappointment at the degrees of conformity imposed by the unesco secretariat ... similarly, the unesco preamble has been male chauvinist for too long and needs to be revised against sexism and agism, “since wars begin in the lives of children, it is in the spirits of children that we must seed the dreams of peace.” inky in key....................

Figure 2: Example


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Agenda, in peace…

cribbed by david inkey

Peace is so beneficial that the word itself is pleasant to hear.


Word ID’s on pages …57 and 58……….

David Inkey is the duonym of a retired international civil servant. Pseudonym suggests something false. Duonym represents two components of self... Inkey, then in his 14th year, became a Charter Member of the UN on October 24, 1945. In his 44th he joined UNESCO thru his 60th and now he is untiringly retired, yet serving as the UN Santa for Unicef and as The UN Philosopher in System-wide development. Inkey lives on Racc Ridge, neighbor to a wily raccoon, in the bucolic state of awe in the nation of imagi… He is also the founder and self-proclaimed president of antarctica university (A.U.= AWE).thus his email is the honorific antarcticu@aol.com


Henry K failed W in living up to and down 911,
investments and inspections
Condy conspired to inspire Rummy to play his cards…
they were all clubs
Cheney misread his instructions
he poured Perrier on troubled oil
Laura is checking on overdue library loans..

Ashcroft demanded “just ice!”
Yet, his judgment was in chapter 11
W almost choked on the big apple
George called Kofi for talks on 912
Kofi area code is 212

Kofi, sought counsel in security,
they displaced An Agenda For Peace
Picasso complained,
“who covered up the “terror” of Guernica…”
Ramses and Huttusilis’ icon,
our first treaty of peace was ignored…
who reads hieroglyphs pitted 33 centuries ago
A prior Boutros-Ghali, by golly, proclaimed,
řPEACE? It was my Agenda

Schroeder announced, Germany won’t play war games
Jacques thought France could vet the veto,
Monte Carlo versus Las Vegas, Mecca versus The Mall
Place de la Concorde versus Crawford
W is the Gov in Basra, Saddam chairs Halliburton

2008, January 1st, Jaques Chirac becomes The UN Secretary General With 190 States supporting Jacques, the USA couldn’t use its veto President Hillary is in Francais and French cuisine with Mme Mitterand Bill accepts the position of United States Ambassador to the UN…


When? When my Soul searches silently its nectar and nest,
My Mind meanders meaninglessly for meager merit--
My Body bargains bravely for bread...

Why? Why, why? Your Blood is my wine vinegar...
Your Body is my wafered host...
Your Spirit is my mystery...

Where? Where? Where wanton wars worry our witless weal,
Weariness and wisdom will our worship.
Willfulness wilts wondrously into Your Will...

How? How, how? Hunger haunts Our Baker's Booth...
Our Awe answers ageless angst, "A Peace, of Bread."
Gracefilled, please give me a peace, of bread!

[Today, today, today? It is “Sabado de Gloria,” Glorious
Saturday of Redemption...

There is no Holier Communion than awaiting Christ's return,
from Hell!]

Easter Saturday, l996...

a peaceful caution
comments, written when I was 65!
I want three peaces of Peace... First, of all, I want Inner Peace. Second, I wish for Communal Peace. Third, I long for Universal Peace... We all know that Peace is a Noun...but I want It to be a Verb, two, too... A Verb in Active Voice and a Transitive Verb as durable as all those grammar lessons I endured endurable ages ago... I have been engaged, very, very engaged in revolutionary activities for almost two-thirds of a century. I have made Sixty-Five Revolutions inside of the Heliopause and I would like today or in sum daze to come to be able to escape just once beyond our soft solar waves into the galactic glory of greater spheres...

I am sentenced to life on Planet Earth... My sentence is an indeterminate one, but I seriously suspect that I am to endure a hundred cycles before Liberation loosens lines of learning and I can soar like astral dust, like ashes from a Phoenix’s feet, to return to The Stars, for I am made of star-stuff..

In the Hills of Idaho, more than half a hundred years ago, “they” never told me that I would someday become a Knighted Being in the corridors and chambers of The United Nations, nor that I would be Sainted, not as a subordinate Clause, but as Santa Claus for all the world’s children, bridging two isles/aisles of supra-national cooperation, UNICEF and UNESCO, nor that I would be dubbed by a troika of individually inspired inspirational international, Planetary Citizens, to be a first, the first, THE UNITED NATIONS PHILOSOPHER.

In myths of other millennia, magicians gave mere mortals three wishes... Imagine! If I, little ME... were now to be given a similar bounty, I would wish for just three peaces of Peace... My Magi have given me three wishes and I have already earned Inner Peace... Quite frequently, I have been honored to see, scent, feel, taste, and touch Communal Peace...often enuf to make within me an assurance that Communal Peace is sensible, available to all our senses, including Love, hope, faith, doubt, worry, hurt, sorrow, grief, humor and Awe, especially Awe. No magi, nor IMAGINEERS, no teachers, tutors, mentors, nor fellow students have yet been able to show me the paradigms, parameters, particles, patterns and perspectives of Universal Peace.

Yet, I am still not enuf dis-couraged, distanced from Courage, to believe that my longing for Universal Peace is “unreal.” Along my various ways and byways, I have seen and touched, scented and sensed, tasted and trusted, heard and sounded a universal longing for Peace, so great that if Universal Peace does not exist in some waiting space and time above, below, around and within us, I still, so silently and softly and serenely seek it, that all the daze of my Life seem as one day, lightened and enlightened by a Peace which passes all present understanding.

I have found a few words that do not fit our usual experiences, some unwords and UN WORDS, which for me ever so simply and significantly suggest that semantics, philology, etymology and ICONOLOGY are not going to give to us the degree of comprehension we long for... But, un-folding such expressions as unfolding and UN FOLDING will, I believe help all of us be Response-able to greater Responsibility, be Sensible to greater Sensibilities, become greater Wits and Witnesses to Wisdom...

Come with me, through my story, which is both mystery and my story, to see, touch, taste, scent, hear, hope, live, and Love in one of our stories, the little story of a new, tender, weak, wounded experience of the search for Peaces... I did not ask to be, nor have I refused being, °THE UNITED NATIONS PHILOSOPHER!

-----------------------------------------------January 1,

Now explained, i have found universal peace and inner peace within the life and death of my friend and former student, shah dev, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal, 1945-2001. I experience inner peace and universal peace... Communal Peace, the Peace of Planetary Culture is now my longing and my challenge...

DAVID, AS THOREAU.... or, David, as is!

What am I doing in Connecticut? Good question.... I am looking for wisdom and I do not want to move very far away from the United Nations Headquarters. However, before I get into all of that, I am a 63 years young (compared to old), male white American, Protestant... Categorically by census data, a WASP...but I am an early liberal, having worked with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in l953, a year before Brown vs. the Board of Education. I burnt my draft card during the summer of l953, because my draft board which was always very polite and patient with me wouldn't recognize that a pious Episcopalian could have conscience as committed as a quiet Quaker... (Thoreau taught me how to describe Civil Disobedience but he did not instruct me how to behave...)

I was a bright little kid who almost always got the very best grades and I had heavy "schooling" from proper teachers who gave me little idea of what "education" should be, then I discovered Deep Springs College in California, a minuscule institution of higher education with only 25 students in a junior college program and I began really learning that I had some talents and I ought to be using them...but on what... So, one summer I worked in a mental hospital in Iowa to perhaps join the healing arts...that wasn't the right thing... Second summer, I went to British Columbia on ELAN, an experiment for living among nations, with a French program included, and third summer, I went to CORE in Washington DC, to work on movie house integration, a decade before Martin Luther King's march on WDC... (DS had a three year program for two years of academics because we owned and ran a cattle ranch as part of the schooling...You should learn about DS, it is one of the most interesting experiments in American higher education...) l953-54, a year in Mexico with the American Friends Service Committee... Then, two years in Kansas City, at the U of KC which subsequently went public and became a part of the U of Missouri... I was "at home" because my father suffered an auto accident that subsequently proved fatal...(Jan 55)... BA from KC in May (or June) 1956... Summer at the University of Oregon with a Social Science Research Council Grant, avoiding hay fever and staying in school to avoid being drafted... I had re-accepted student deferment... Anyone 39 years young should not have to understand these things... That was a war before Viet Nam and then a brief, brief interlude of no major war... Then, the draft wanted me and I went to South Dakota to visit before going to England on a National Science Foundation Fellowship for graduate work in anthropology, at the London School of Economics... Well, while I was crossing the Rockies my guardian angel afflicted me with the worst case of hay fever I have ever “suffered.” And, the Draft proved me 4-F, physically unfit for military service... I celebrated with a chocolate milk shake... Ah, the world was so much kinder and gentler then, for those who were safe to start with... My childhood playmates in Sunnyside, Washington, were Japanese Americans and were locked up in concentration camps in l942, a year after we had moved to California. for my Dad to wear little crosses on his khaki collars, as a chaplain... That is about 17 zillion other stories...

Back to my early adulthood...after London--or even before London, had I had the chance--I went to Harvard (or would have gone there) to do a doctorate in social anthropology... Pre Patrice Lumumba and Pre Fidel Castro, I was going to be an Africanist because that was the situ of "problems" for the second half of the 20th century... (I was old before I got young...now I am really about 26 in spirit....) Well, I enjoyed Harvard, but I worked plenty hard... I had a marvelous fellowship from the Danforth Foundation, covered room, board, tuition, clothes, books, just about everything for modest needs at Harvard when tuition was only $1000 a year in grad school! I lived 9 or l0 months a year on an additional $1500... Even had time to cycle out to Walden...

Then, that marvelous guardian angel protected me again and gave me a full, visiting professorship in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of El Salvador, l961-64, to work on exactly what I wanted to do...social and cultural factors of health...but ELS was in popping turmoil with a 3.7 percent growth rate in people and by dint of reality I became a founding member of the Salvadoran Demographic Association, 5 years before the US Government was bright enough to get into the pop market... Then, starting at the top, there was nothing to do but work downward...maybe be an asst prof somewhere and Harvard School of Public Health was even interested in me until they discovered that I am more an activist than scholar... They thought I was both because I gave them an excellent seminar the week after Jack Kennedy was killed... They retracted what seemed like an offer, and I got a better job as Associate Director of the Pathfinder Fund, the philanthropy of a part of the Gamble Family of Proctor and Gamble... And I became a great innovator in the pop field... Then, Clarence Gamble was dying and I was not going to get the Directorship, because I was too young and not an M.D....so I quit before I knew where I was going... UCLA was an option with the med people, but the anthros did not think I was enough of an anthropog... The job fell through... Then the same experience with Yale...and I didn’t really want Yale, after Harvard... I liked Boston too much... Then that fell through... All my friends thought that I was terrific and should have a terrific job and recommended me to their friends, but alas...their friends were not as real as they...or they were too real and I was unreal... Anyway, then there was an ethnographic job and interview at Sarah Lawrence, charming place, but I was too activist, and no job offer... I was impressed by the nice way people were interested in me, but then they dropped me because I was asking open-ended questions instead of closed ended ones... So, what should happen but a Salvadoran oligarch, one of two who seemed to be enlightened oligarchs in that country with many unenlightened oligos...came to Boston on business and called me up to find out how I was doing and I told him my quasi-plight and he told me to touch base with two acquaintances at Harvard. My guardian angel swam the Charles while I crossed the MIT bridge from Backbay to Cambridge...and next thing everyone knew I had a job at Harvard, not in traditional anthropology, thanks to all those gods and demi-gods in Peabody, certainly not in anthro...but in the Harvard Graduate School of Education to translate their erroneous ideas about "population control" into something more sensible and sensitive, like population education... And I was great...for 3 years until the money from Ford ran out and I moved into what I thought would be exile, UNC (North Carolina), via a trip to India for SID (the Society for International Development).

And in Delhi, aaahhh, I was introduced to Nan who was leaving her expatriate experience of 8 yrs in Geneva to go to Carolina to add pop studies to her doctoral work in international relations... Ours was a marriage made in Heaven and confirmed in Chapel Hill... Three years in Chapel Hill and USAID money ran out and I was on an extrabugetary post...grrrrrr... I was too interested in getting some good things done to be interested in traditional scholarship.....so I was again unemployed, with a wife and a baby son... We did not want to move and we wanted a second child, so I did consultations with ILO, Unesco, The Population Reference Bureau, etc. and we did not move till l975, to Paris, with Unesco to work on pop ed... Unesco had been trying to get me from l971 and I kept giving them students and finally they said, YOU and we needed for me to have a job, a "real" job, but we didn't really want Paris for early childhood...

So, we were right and Paris was wrong. Win was hyper and learning disabled, so Nan, Win and Bets came home after 3years, thinking I could get something in WDC...but I couldn’t... Academia was a desert in the late 1970s. A job at Chapel Hill had 400 applicants... So, we had a transatlantic marriage for 3 years, I had 3 two-week vacations a year in the United States and Nan, Win and Bets had part of each summer in Paris. Sounds fabulous, but it was tough... Then in 1981 my guardian angel found a light in the proverbial tunnel and I was seconded to NY to be Unesco Adviser to Unicef, (incidentally the pumpkin I mentioned in a previous letter is for Unicef, for the 31st October is Unicef Day)... I had 10 great years as spy in residence... double spy... and I became S.I.R. David in l984 while Orwell was up to other activities... In 1989 I became THE UN PHILOSOPHER and UN Santa, through the good graces of Unicef... Then, grrrrr, the UN has mandatory retirement at age 60 except for directors...and I was "only" a Senior Professional...

So, the angel didn't seem to be caring for me and I was sad for six months, until I began to enjoy my retirement... I have applied for perhaps 30 jobs in almost 4 years and have had the good luck to get none of them...but I am very choosy... The application I most liked was for the Directorship of the MacArthur Fellowships (the so-called genius grants) and they had 625 candidates... They had no problem getting rid of l75... Then, from 450 down to 25 candidates was terrible for the head hunters... THEN, I was one of the 25 who got to interview stage.. I "knew" I was not going to get it so I spent my hour and a half telling them they needed greater gender equity in the program and a good woman candidate might accelerate that process... So, no job for DB...but while I would have been fascinated with the job, I didn’t want Chicago... And, I don’t like the mystery they use to search out candidates... I like greater transparency... So, no job, but great insight... We have cut our personal expenses down, down, down...we were going to move to c.hill (Chapel Hill), not cheap, not inexpensive...but less expensive than here... But, where in the world am I going to find a 200 year old veg barn turned into a house 80 years ago on .7 acre with l90 feet border on the 53 acre Mianus Pond where I can swim from mid May till late September....my own Walden... So, I use speaking engagements and Adult Education courses to test some of my ideas and I am writing the sequel to Fulghum's book, ALL I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN. My study is I WAS A KINDER GARDEN DROP OUT! That is 82.5 per cent or 89 percent finished, but I am ignoring it because during this 50th Anniversary Year of the United Nations, I am trying to figure out what I want to say about the UN, for myself as a memoir and for others for what they "ought" to know... THE UN PHILOSOPHER!

Meanwhile, I am a fascinated student of my physics major son and my env econ major daughter and as their dedicated pupil, I have lots of research asst work... For example, Bets is now thinking law school and I have research tasks on that... Win wants to be an entrepreneur in games and I make games with him... He did a beautiful application to Clown College last winter and was rejected in their pool of l000 candidates from 30 places, worse than Harvard or Deep Springs... And, of course I had to learn all about clowns...

When I finish my magnum opus on the UN, I will continue to be very busy. I have decided that my next endeavor is to figure out what it means to be a Cosmic Clown in Training... (David Larible of Ringling Brothers said to the New York Times about 2 years ago that the diff between an actor and a clown is that an actor must play the role created by others, while a clown has to create his own role... I like that and the application to Clown College is the finest college application in the world! At least, the finest of all the forms I have ever seen.) Another joy job I have is being the (self-appointed) President of Antarctic University (AU pronounced "awe" where all the students are optimists, always looking up...)

I am going on too long and you are going to decide that I am not real, but I am real... When the kiddies ask me, when I am wearing my work clothes, "Are you real, Santa?” I tell them I am real... I don't have to tell them that I am what they think, "the" real Santa. Fortunately, they are so excited by a trilingual Santa that they forget to say the real Santa... They are more concerned with the "art" I am creating for them... That is why I can tell you are an artist if you believe you are an artist... whether you are earning any money from it or not...When I retired from the UN, end l991, I set a forty year project for myself and creation--and humanity if humanity wants to help me... In 2031 AD I want to chair the Global Peace Fair to celebrate the 3300th Anniversary of our first known peace treaty, The Treaty of Ramses II of Egypt and Hattusilis of the Hittites. My favorite icon at the UN is a replica of the treaty...

Oh yes, and another of my activities is palming myself off as an Iconologist... The world has many iconoclasts, you probably know l0l at least... Have you ever heard of or met an iconologists until my telling you this, this evening...

I am also trying to answer a cosmic question my Mother used on me at least a proverbial million times in my childhood, she used to ask "WHAT in The World do you want?" I was so dumb then, that I replied that I wanted or needed another story, a piece of candy, pop corn, ice cream... Only now am I wise enough to realize, I WANT THE WORLD... Not selfishly, not greedily, not possessively, I want the world... I want the world, and I want it to be sustainable, kind, peaceful, etc... Back to Thoreau, no one I know of in modern or near modern times has done as fine a job, in one rather small book, told his readers so much about one person's world and himself... Paine, Jefferson, Twain, Whitman, Voltaire, Moliere, etc... don't achieve this do-it- yourself lifeness that Thoreau realizes... Lifeness is a word I discovered in l990, the relation of all beings one to another... You can paraphrase Chamberlain, I can try to paraphrase Thoreau, and his Walden was stolen by Skinner to be Walden Two---and I will only borrow from Henry, as he borrowed from his neighbors, to tell my WALDEN THREE... For years I agonized over Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor until finally I am finding "freedom." I like Thoreau's comment when he was asked if he had made his peace with God, he said that he was not aware that they had ever argued. When asked about the next life, he said, One life at a time... I am really trying to figure out what really are the essentials, and as I wrote recently, I am profoundly puzzled between individual freedom of which I enjoy a great deal and community responsibility which I see poorly defined and acted upon... I shall stop now for it is late and I am tired.

Yours, David


cribbed by david inkey, antarctica university in řunlimited additions?

I would never ever intentionally employ a slang term to call a policeperson a “cop,” unless the most compelling, strident, urgent jesting required such an impropriety… I am so innocent in the arts and artifices of finance that I have never set one foot, nor two, into the inner-sanctum of the Stock Market, though I have ventured to Wall Street to see the edifice complex there.

No, no, nay, never…. I am concerned, profoundly concerned with the acronymic COP which humans have yet to comprehend, embrace and explicate, the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). I would†subscribe, inscribe, over scribe, energetically, enthusiastically, ominously, even unanimously to the decade, yet I would simultaneously, subversively, stridently complain, rant and rave on the “restrictions” imposed… Why, why, why limit the programming “for the Children of the World.” Don’t the frame-makers know that I need peace and non-violence as completely, simply and complexly as any kidlet… Do you suppose the drafty draftspeople employ(ed) the word “children” to encompass all of us for all of our childness… If this is the usage, then I support the label…

Now, dear listener, dear reader, dear self, COP is comprehensive and comprehended as Culture of Peace. What about the Dow… do we really need to raise the stakes on the Dow while financial practices in our banking systems are being subjected to fines, penalties and publicity?

What about the DOW? I created this acronym to signify the diseases of war. Diseases of war are the DOW… Now, up to this juncture in time, listener, reader, you probably thought, if you were thinking, that I, the united nations anthropologist, was am will employ the term “culture” in the anthropological, culturalogical and illogical sense of human behavior and lack of humane behavior behaviour…let’s please the English writers as well as the American… No, nay, never…. I am not so constrained, restrained, detained, imprisoned… I believe that the diseases of war are both cultural and biological… Let’s use this page as an exam quest(ion) to resolve Thomas’s doubtless dilemma, Thomas Mann told us less than a century ago, “War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of Peace.”

the last war of my life... guns of august revisited… 1011

Oh, so long ago and so far away, more than 3 score years agone, i fought in the first and last war of my lifeness. i was recruited by two belligerent siblings to participate in the battle of park gulch in the sunnyside wars of august 1937. we the valley or flatland kidlets were charged and overcharged by the highland hillbilly aliens and our task was premodern, we knew nothing of ethnic cleansing. we wanted to dirty them... they were all protestant white americans... we were a hoke-us-poke-not-us medley mix of mirthful migrant americans from england, ireland, wales, japan and germany. we scarcely knew of the league of nations and we were ahead of the united nations. i was a non-combatant 5.5 yearun assigned to collecting spent rubber bands to reload our clothespin-triggered wooden rifles. my alien counterpart and i were not supposed to be fired upon, scavengering cautiously beneath blankets to protect our flanks. thru wit and wisdom i learned to become something of an international civil servant with many years of service in several sections of the united nations, i matured enuf to read from the past and the present to be extremely kind – carefully curios, even imaginative for the future.

it is now october 2002, the 11th will be eleanor roosevelt’s 118th birthday and i am sharing the universal declaration of human-e rites and rights with all whom i know, to honor the first woman to be the first woman of the world... yet, i cannot give all my attention to positive passion... i am obliged by circumstances little to my liking, to remember the past, member the present, and pre-member the future, while the world’s solitary superpower speculates on pre-emptive striking and “regime change.” i thought i had learned most of the oxymorons while i was getting a doctorate in social anthropology... perchance i wasn’t social enuf...

W wants to obliterate the evil axis, iraq, iran and north korea, commencing with saddam and moving eastward slamming islam and taking the core out of divided korea... i do not work alone, to try to understand what was, is and might be, i turned to benny cohen’s text, the oliver wendell holmes lectures - 1961, THE UNITED NATIONS, Constitutional Developments, Growth, and Possibilities, harvard university press, l961. my copy was deacquisitioned by MIT in 2002, containing the original library card, showing use by only 5 patrons or clients, betwixt march 1962 and february 1965... however, under-use or use or overuse is not what concerns me in book-handling... what concerns me and what i believe ought to concern all of us is the under-use of the observational wisdom of professor cohen... the book is slight in size, only 101 pages of text...

for me, a present to the present, two and a quarter pages from leaf 36 to the top of page 38 suffice as warning, dire warning of our perennial neglect of the United Nations... a staunch, dynastic republican senator of then time is my culprit, matching a belligerent white house based “team” now... i wonder whether rummy, dick, W or condee have copies of this book in their bunks or bunkers... they are still yet ever debunking benny... Benny Cohen believed, differently:

Dogmatic judgments about by-passing the United Nations should not be made. But it is clear that the United Nations cannot be an effective instrument in the maintenance of peace and security if the Great Powers keep vital issues which threaten the peace away from the United Nations until they actually erupt into war.

The United Nations is not a totalitarian institution. The Charter does not require all international action to be done in or through the United Nations. The Charter (Article 33) expressly urges parties to disputes to seek their solution by peaceful means of their own choice. But the Charter provided no excuse for Member States’ keeping their disputes from the United Nations when the disputes are of a character to threaten the maintenance of peace.

* * * The by-passing of the pacific settlement functions of the United Nations cannot be excused because of the inability of the Great Powers to agree upon the implementation of Article 43, which was intended to make available to the Security Council armed forces of Member States. The lack of agreement among the Great Powers which had rendered Article 43 inoperative may necessitate and justify collective defense arrangements like NATO, but such arrangements cannot supplant the peaceful settlement functions of the United Nations.

Regional and collective defense arrangements are lawful under Article 52 and 52 of the Charter. Such arrangements properly conceived and carried out need not undermine, but can reinforce and support, the Charter. On the whole NATO has helped, not hindered, its members in meeting their responsibilities to the United Nations. (This was written in 1961, note d.i.)

But it is not the form of military arrangements as much as the way they are administered that determines whether in fact they support or weaken the Charter. The military officers who administer some of these arrangements, however, too frequently in their public statements speak as if they were unmindful of any obligations toward the United Nations. They seem to accept the point of view expressed by the late Senator Robert A. Taft that collective security under the United Nations is an unworkable principle and that we have “no choice except to disregard the United Nations and to develop our own military policy and our own policy of alliances without regard to the non-existent power of the United Nations to prevent aggression”; that we should use the United Nations only as a “diplomatic weapon,” and that “we should have to engage in our own wars when we think we should engage in them and not at other times.”1 Such thinking ignores our obligations under the Charter, as well as the embarrassments and dangers which confront us if we think we can use the United Nations only when it suits our convenience. So long as states adhere to the Charter, they are not free to use the United Nations as a mere diplomatic weapon in the Cold War and to disregard their obligations to refrain from the use of force contrary to the purposes and principles of the Charter. _________________________

1 See speech by Senator Robert A. Taft in the United States Senate, January 5, 1951, Congressional Record, Eighty-second Congress, second session, pp. 57, 64. (i have exercised the liberty of italicizing Cohen coherence, and of underlining senator bobby’s babbling taffy-pull in the senate.... i really don’t know quite how to express my deja vu views... a part of my believes or wants to believe that our present administration is not sufficiently adept to know of Cohen’s work, Taft’s tirade, and United Nations responsibilities... another part of me, or the same part, knows too well that cronyism is a crushing crime... we will be charged and overcharged whatever the corrosive record... thorstein veblen gave us economics of conspicuous consumption, is that what the white house is prescribing instead of easing the tariff on prescription drugs... does no one read thomas mann, awed, astoundingly asserting that war is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. how many of our 6 billion human(e)s know that my friend, my democratic monarch, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev proclaimed at his Coronation in 1975 that The Kingdom of Nepal be a Zone of Peace and “recruited” 116 signatories to that destiny. And, how many know that we are a scant 29 years short of the 3300th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Ramses II of the Egyptians and Hattusilis of the Hittites, 1269 BC...no accommodation for cylindrical change. Why is Antarctica the only continent we have treatyized for Peace...)

the peace dividend ??? a peace dividend ???

never, never, never in "his" story, nor before the our story of mindkind began, have our emperors, empresses kings, queens, sultans, sultanas, emirs, princes. princesses, presidents, prime ministers or less primed ministers, or any other heads of state, imagined, suggested, offered or given an oxymoronic peace dividend after they pre-tensed to lead us through the "glories of war," or even when the got us through the scourge of war.... until george and his colleagues suggested we might have one...

with iron will or even tarnished brass brass and frequently with rusted spirits, our commanders, generals, admirals and be-medalled and ribboned returned "cannon fodder" have told us after the hostilities that we were to have peace.....

indeed or in deed, by sacrifice and superior force, they chorused that they had won the peace, for us... "we" collectively had won the peace by vanquishing evil. since eons, and no one remembers how long an eon is, since almost back to Archbishop Usher's beginning of time, 4004 bc... indeed, or since 1287 bc or 1269 on someone's counting--give or take adjustments of the gregorian calendary--ramses 2 of the egyptians and hattusilis 3 of the hittites mired the soils of asia minor and north africa and cast, probably with the bloods of their tribes, clay tablets etched with promises of peace, since almost 3300 years ago and still counting we have heard after each conflict that we were once again to have peace. . . . . .

!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the 20th century of our era, one of the great wars of a super-super-power western tribe, whom his storians have identified as USANS. the USAN president told his people that "he" had won the cold war. he said that the USSRS (pronounced USERS) had lost because their systems were evil and in something called communism they had bankrupted themselves, using too great a proportion of their production for armaments and too little production for the support of their peoples. they hadn’t gotten the best of marks, sometimes strangely spelled Marx... that was long ago, too long ago for the commoners among the USANS to remember that the president prior to "the great victor" had called the USSR an Evil Empire. if they had only been able to turn around the "evil" of their doings they would have been able to "live" like the USANS. the gv, great victor, never found "a peace dividend" to give or to share with his people. we do not know whether this was because the people were deaf, "deaf and dumb" or undeserving, but we have numerous reports the gv told his people "read my lips," and we know that one of the clans among the USANS printed posters about the gv. Jorge Busch seems to have been his name...showing in print that the USANS were supposed to learn lip-reading... (the other form of communication with the deaf in that era was by sign language.) some critics feel that the gv never was comfortable with his people and did not develop his ness, nor our ness...

in the archives of the gv our archaeologists and cryptologists have found signs of skulls and bones and we know from other records of the USANS that this was the mark for poison. some his storians and politicians of that now long forgotten era indicated that the real winners of the cold war were two other quite smaller tribes known as the GEANS and the JANESE. just before the commencement of the cold war, through stranger than strange agreements, the USANS and USERS had been “allies” and had fought the GEANS AND JANESE.

then. several presidents of the USANS despised the power of the USERS and waged long, intense, crippling economic war against the USERS. atomic bombs were the strange and super-powerful weapons of that epoch and USANS and USERS were terrified to use their nuclear devices against one another, yet they continued to stockpile thousand upon thousands of these bombs and the more powerful hydrogen bombs, we think simply to scare each other. farmers even let them confuse the livestock by having silos and silos... thus. the two great tribes engaged in proxy wars, which came to he known as bush wars.... bush wars were conflicts fought between small nations receiving overt or covert and overt and covert arms from the super-tribes. our logographers, cryptologists, linguists and other semiologists have never been able to discern whether there was any relation between what were called bush wars and the faulty record concerning the name of the president, the great victor, who claimed to win the cold war. that was an era, like many eras in human time, when leaders never wanted to take any blame and always but always were willing to take what was called "credit." frequently, in the confusing fragmentary records of that time, we find evidence of dependency psychosis, reflected in the popular phrase, "Let George do it."

some his storians think George did very little, but the his storian i like best has asserted that George did too much. we know that he had proclaimed himself the environmental president but he did not support the major global environmental institutes and conference of his epoch. there is confusion on the date, rio in 1993 or joburg in 2002. further. he proclaimed himself the education president to preside over the privatization of education, but he failed in this. our econostorians believe that George or Jorge , if that was indeed his name, and there seem to have been two of them, suffered a very serous recession and that what he had hoped to provide as a peace dividend was absorbed in something called bank and savings and loan bailouts. we only know the term bailout as a nautical term of having to pump or bucket water out of a threatened ship and as an aviation term when pilots bailed out of a plane as Jorge had done in the second great war of the 20th century. we don’t know why those humans had to have two world wars in the same century, maybe they didn’t do a very good job in the first... (our confusion on names is due in part to this George seemingly having four names while most USANS only had three.)

i do not want to confuse you further about petty details not directly related to the peace dividend, or a peace dividend, but it seems the clan territory was also important among the USANS and some places had higher costs and taxes than others....the records are very confusing because the gv kept his official residence in a hotel in a southern part of the tribal territory, in a place call hughston, yet we know his home was in a norther place called Main and he was very much a sailor who prided himself by saying he was a fine commander of the ship of state. we don’t know where this ship of state was docked, nor how it was maintained, nor why it was frequently sinking... we do know that in a previous war of the USANS there had been a great battle cry, “REMEMBER THE MAINE.” the maine was an USAN ship that had been sunk in a harbor in cuba and sometime in the his story of those 19th and 20th century barbarians cuba was a nuclear base for the USERS to threaten the USANS. (if this is not sufficient confusion for you, you should know that the great victor's wife, a gracious grandmother, was called Barbara. we have not been able to define what is the relation between those called Barbara and the barbarians, nor do we know why one of the great tribal religions of that era had had a saint named Barbara, whom they striped of her saintly status.)

i am sorry that i am not doing a very good job of telling you about the or a peace dividend, but you can tell by the facts and fictions i have available that it is indeed not easy to explain the behavior of the USANS and the USERS and the nature of the world they lived in, which was, as we now say, so very human before it became our humane world. let me try to help you understand one of the great puzzling questions we have from that time. economists were among the chief shamans of the USANS and the USERS and some were highly respected academicians while others were government servants who tried to extract vast sums of money to support the military establishments of those tmes. the end of the 20th century was a terrible period when the one or two percent of the people who were military would take 33 per cent of the annual wealth, exclusive of the one per cent of the people who were very wealthy who held 37 per cent of the overall wealth. (also, we have a reference that overalls were something to wear.) in 1992 when many were expecting a peace dividend two academic economists and a great pacific former president of the "rich coast" called Costa Rica, asked the great question of how pentagon cutbacks actually further economic growth. this western troika tried to counter those who marshal economic arguments against the military.

the USANS had what they called almost a 1 and 1/2 trillion dollar budget in a 6 trillion dollar economy and they were spending about a third of all the budget on war materiel and warriors. the people never finished paying for past wars while they had to pay for present wars and even prepare for future fights... the military establishment was always telling the people that "security" consisted of being able to destroy the enemy. we know that the USANS were very hard of hearing for from the beginning of their republic, presidents had told them to beware of foreign entanglements and just after the second world war and just before the cold war really intensifiedddddd a great victor named IKE had told the USANS not to fight a land war in asia and their next president took them into an asian land war.....not even the great psychologists of the USANS could convince people that security is a feeling of safety derived from --------------007.

at the beginning of the 20th century they had had a great psychologist at their greatest university and William James wrote an essay on "The Moral Equivalent of War." but most of the USAN libraries at the end of the century did not have copies of this essay, and neither in the national testing nor in the agendas and curricula for education did this great essay appear. george wasn’t a řharvard man?

the USANS lived in a world of approximately 6 billion people at the end of the 20th century, they were the richest nation in his story. neverthemost, in the last decade of their century one fifth of their children were hungry and they had become the largest debtor nation in history even though they were still the richest. their cities were decaying. their air and water were increasingly polluted. though they schooled most of their progeny, their schools failed to "educate" their people. even one fifth of their adults, according to the grandmother Barbara, could not read and this was half a millennium after the development of printing. the USANS failed even to protect themselves against "overpopulation." they did not contribute to the united nations population fund. they quit unesco. they kept the un in penury. they fought great verbal wars as to whether women have the right to determine the use of their own bodies. schools in every tribal district, the so-called states, were having curriculum wars about family life education, while family values controlled elections. some schools started condom distributions and other schools prohibited any family life education that did not give exclusive emphasis to abstinence. the values of USANS were torn apart in arguments as to what was politically correct and what was not. this is another battle George contributed to. we think he even poured holy oil from his adopted state of texas on the institutions of higher education to ignite, explode and destroy diversity. we have never been able to solve, explain, explicate the confusion betwixt two words in USAN, “texas” and “taxes.”

we see those people as militarily confused as they were sexually confused.

the cryptologists are very confused between two other words in the USAN language, AID and AIDS. i introduce this semantic problem here because it has direct reaction to dividends. both aid and aids apparently were something you could give to someone or get from someone, but aid was something given reluctantly and received because you needed economic or military support, mostly military. aid was a collective noun among a non-collective people and the plural, aids, was something very different. aids was some sort of a plague and no philosopher or sociologist of the era left a record as to whether the USANS understood the relation of aids and that earlier plague of the black death, or not. it seems that the while the majority of the USANS were totemic wasps, our entomologists, etomologists and all other ologists confirm that wasps were a frequently lethal insect. the other ethnics left of the mid and late 20th century and of 2002 were ...

david inkey... april fools day 5031 oce

icons, of peace…
I want to tell you a story about The Pieces of Peace in The United Nations.
It is a story that only I know how to tell and it is meant only for peacemakers:

Once upon a time, only 3,264 years ago, the great Pharaoh Ramses II of the Egyptians and the mighty Emperor Hattusilis of the Hittites gave their courage and honor in artisan endeavor to create the First Peace Treaty of Our Story. We are now privileged, during the 50th Anniversary of the UN, to view a marvelous larger than life replica of their text won from tragic wars 33 centuries ago. We honor our own Security Council by juxtaposing it by this codex. I know of no icon more challenging than this cold copper message and when I enter these sacred precincts I pray before this too disregarded memento.

In close view of the first icon I treasure, I wish to share with you my awe for what I believe is Picasso's most precious presence and present to peace. We have on loan an icon representing one of the frenetic failures of our League of Nations. We have a marvelously entwined, textured text of the terror of Guernica, a total war, totally denounced... The tremors of dictatorship attacking republicans are splashed with paint on the original canvass, but here a tapestry of twisted threads, strings of being and seeing, tie us together in tragic tempo. We do not need nor want prototypes of war, but for memories' sake, we have perhaps the best of the worst of a pre-atomic war in our century.

Beyond the borders of our little, 28 acre international enclave, across the UN Plaza, we have a peace park with Isaiah's wisdom carved in granite, easy substitute for failure to engrave the message into our hearts and habits... Whether old testaments remain valid in our modern times is a much debated topic, but we are here not to see the UN as the East River Debating Society. We come to puzzle together the scattered pieces of peace and to learn rites which transcend warfare to peacefare, and someday to seal the story of PEACE FAIR. I designate the third Tuesday in September in 2031 A.D. for the 3300th Anniversary of Our First Peace Treaty!

If we are obliged to enter The UN Headquarters only as visitors, we see our first icons in the garden north of the principal terrace. Here, our vision and visions are challenged by a great dragon rocket literally being pierced into submission and nearby a worker beats a sword into a plowshare. On the pavement, in humoristic irony, we may stare at an iconic colt whose barrel is knotted to render the weapon ineffective for killing, effective and affective for peace.

Just inside the UN's grand entrance, we may feast our eyes and open our storied visions upon Poseidon, God of The Sea when we still had special deities for all our needs, dedicated to healthy, peaceful activity. We may conclude that we often select icons of peace as portraits of war abated, rather than as intrinsic essences of peace. The ancient Greeks tried to teach us Olympian feats of democracy, though they, too, failed to create a society free of war. As we discover more and more the treasures of civic society, we may choose to honor their Earth Goddess, giving her name to global culture, GAIA. The grandeur of Poseidon may remind us that through many eons we have struggled for simple survival and that now we are engaged in a struggle for complex survival.

The Pendulum in the western bay of the entry is a well-measured, perpetual testimony of our earthness and how we move through time. The Pendulum's movement is regulated beyond our general comprehension and is, for me, a statement of intriguing serenity. No one should want to harness the "vitality" of this icon and no one could harness this dynamic expression without breaking a special, spatial relationship...

Close to our earthometer we have one small gem of extra-terrestrial magnificence, a souvenir of space travel to remind us of our astronomical insignificance in the total dimensions of the Universe: we have a tiny treasure of lunar rock. Let us pause quietly and quickly. Let us not dwell long, we must move on from the Moon Rock lest our lunatic, warrior-driven behaviors become the theme and thrust of further Star Wars. The UN has dedicated many efforts to the peaceful uses of outer space, even before we have begun to learn the peaceful uses of inner space. As we measure our space and our time in the universal experience, we might calculate with Dag Hammarskjold how rare peace is, as we seek inner peace, communal peace and global peace. We are forever failing to juggle these three spheres of our being and we have not even enjoyed and enjoined characteristics of fun into our international forum, though some colleagues see in "fun" an acronym for

"Friends of the UN."


The most clownish icon on our pilgrimage is the art of Chagall memorializing the gift of life and death Dag Hammarskjold gave to the New World Ordering we commenced on a day late in October half a hundred years ago. We call death a "supreme sacrifice." Here we should laugh with Chagall's clowns and angels to remember that Hammarskjold lived an urgent and urging soliloquy, "There is no Peace, except that of the Soul."

The most horrible icon I know among all the UN's icons of peace is The Atomic Alley, the term is mine. Here, in one of the main throughways of the UN Headquarters, we have aw(e)ful and awesome relics of l945 when allies and axis suffered a different holocaust, killing with a new anemia and efficiency. I am wounded each time I pass through this corridor because my own atomic innocence was struck in l945 and, then, was fully destroyed in l95l when, up-wind, I experienced soul-freezing blasts of white light in pre-dawn winter skies and heard distant, muffled sounds from our early atomic testing at Frenchman's Flats, just 50,000 nuclear warheads ago. I am one of the few, the very few, people I know who have ever seen the paralyzing "darkness" of atomic explosion... In the UN, before the fragments of atomic devastation, I cringe again in sorrow for my childhood playmates. Benny and his family from that wonderful land of childhood were dragged away from Our Town Park and were incarcerated in disgrace and depression, just because they were yellow Americans. The Nisei lost my declaration of human rights only a short time before We The l948 Peoples created The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the commitment I deem the greatest civic act of the 20th Century. This Declaration would be my favorite 20th Century icon if it were an icon. I refuse to let it be such. Rather, I insist on professing the work endlessly and I claim a special response-ability therefore: I am not a champion of lost causes, I am a champion of causes that have not yet been won.

The most humane peace icon in The UN is a fragmented replica of Norman Rockwell's majestic art, THE GOLDEN RULE. Rockwell's original, like Picasso warfare, was a mere paint on canvas presentation of feelings. Here, our gift copy is a mosaic of thousands of pieces of peace, reflecting better than I have ever seen in art form the diversity of humanity and the implicit, impatient, ever patient prayer, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This short-long pilgrimage through human "his"tory, her-story and our-story will go on and on and on, throughout all time, but for today, perhaps it is time to move on to other endeavors. Before we finish this trek which I have enjoyed taking with you, let us examine one more icon dear to my being... The enormous and finely toned Peace Bell just outside the atomic awe passage usually speaks silent testimony of children's gift to peace. I believe that this bell is rung only once a year, on Earth Day, but I hope that I am wrong... I would have it toll "peace" in solemn ritual at the beginning of each new day.

The Hammarskjold observation about peace and the soul has yet unappreciated truth or insufficiently imagined truth. I believe it is true.

Yet, even if it is only a hint toward further truths, we must include in our search The UN Meditation Room as one of our principal and most secret icons of peace. Unjustly instead of UN Justly; unfairly instead of UN Fairly; unkindly instead of UN Kindly, this sanctuary is locked and not available for refuge from the cares of laboring in international civil service, nor is it open to refugees in this often refuge silent world.

In closing, I have two more thoughts I wish to share with you who have shared with me my often repeated iconology of peace. I challenge you to proclaim The Preamble of Gaia Culture: "Since wars begin in the lives of children, it is in the spirits of children that we must seed the dreams of peace."

Better students of this century than I will tell you that MacLeish wrote beautiful poetry into the Preamble of Unesco's Constitution, and they will note gleefully that just as we can no longer use language referring to the "minds of men" so too we must admit with greatest remorse that wars now affect children more than ever before. Some will tell us that we are not yet ready for this paradigm shift, but I will assert that the paradox has been perpetuated too persistently. Finally, when I am no longer alone as Unicef's Santa and as The United Nations Philosopher, when many have become UN Santas and UN Philosophers, then we might be able to help children--little children like little ones and big children like ourselves--and then, "Children will no longer ask innocent questions for which we have no innocent answers."

I have tried to share with you a few of the pieces of peace I have found most precious in all of my life. I close with ten anonymous little words from long ago and far away, that have been very important to me in the iconology of peace: "Let there be Peace, and let is start with me."

Thank you for being here.
Thank you,

David Inkey May l995

This is an adapted readers’ copy. The original text is printed in three column format and was presented in the International Association of University Presidents Celebration of The United Nations 50th Anniversary, 23-25 May l995.--

Happy Birthday, Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962

Dear Colleagues, Past, Present and Future,

1011 may be a month after 911 (ironically our emergency call number prior to 9/11), and 101102 is the 118th Anniversary of the birth of Eleanor Roosevelt, a great champion of human and humane rites and rights. In honor of a woman who was frequently declared "first woman of the world," I want to do something very special for her the United Nations and all "we" the people(s), in and out of this awe filled organization. Just six years ago, with a dose of wit and a dash of wisdom, with the Ides Of March, I marched on some misconceptions and moved with mirth from the hidden UN to the known entity... Now I am adding some Googles for easement of the movement within the courses and discourses of the UN...

With WIT and WISDOM as the classic and modern masks and figures of my United Nations syllabus, I offer a large index of hidden, unhidden, and UN Exposed items. With the magic of cybering, I offer a virtual UN to literate cybermates...

Optimistically, david inkey

3 Alerts: Please read the bottom section of this script prior to studying the text of THE HIDDEN UNITED NATIONS. There you will find a list of my priority preferences with easy access googles... Then, raise your sights and puzzle yourself thru my whimsical effort to raise awareness... Finally, should you have answered questions, speculative doubts, or spontaneous contributions you wish to share, I might be able to assist... The UN is a little like the ancient City of Rome, neither were built in a day...


We are not human beings in search of a,                                    The difference between an actor and a 
spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings clown is, an actor plays parts written by
in search of a human experience. others, a clown creates his (her) own.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin David Larible


imagine that all of us, without any early exceptions or late exemptions, own the responsibility of being the united nations! suppose, that we the peoples, often treated more as a clichČ than as a reality--now plentifully numbering almost six billion beings--more than twice as many as we counted when we created the un--are not just willing workers but are eagerly committed constituents--devotedly determined as never ever before--to complete the initial challenge of being the united nations. when we finish that task, perhaps we will know how to be cosmic clowns.

perhaps this prospect of new being will take us into the live poets society and carpe diem, and in taming ourselves to understand time and seeming timelessness we will conceive and co-create the image and opus of universal peace. may this be for us as fascinating a revision of our present vision as was our primal insight when we learned to play, to walk, to talk, to use tools, to make fire, to have faith and fun, and to create community--or even still as transforming as when we made wings to soar above the clouds and ships to carry our curious selves on extraterrestrial pilgrimage. we are blessed that we cannot calculate all the risks that we may have in becoming better clowns than ever we imagine. curiosity sets the stages and imagination places the props for novel endeavors. i believe that, for too long we have too successfully acted on foolish stages--following only his stories’ tragic actors, screaming silently on-board and overboard as doubly dumb mimes. old saws are not always sharp enough for our needs, experience is not always the best teacher, great adventure demands unprecedented didactic skills. how do we see this in the un. in my owned case i have learned some of this in constant consideration, consciously, unconsciously, and u-n consciously. let me tell a trifle of my story and you can help me decide if it is just my story or dyslexic mystery. toward the end of my official years of international civil service i was curiously dubbed by a troika of colleagues to be the un philosopher! (in l984, i had been dubiously knighted as s-i-r david, in recognition of my superlative spy in residence service to both unesco and unicef and just after becoming the philosopher i was named un santa. then something changed with retirement. was it u-n intentional or unintentional or intentional that i was set adrift to imagine and to create newness for we the peoples of the united nations? the un practices mandatory age sixty banishment for senior professionals and other servants below the director class.) just as my amusement from my investiture has not yet subsided, learning in my assignment never wanes. it is from this vintage, vantage precipice that i examine our collective being and invite you to share wistful, wishfilled vistas. though i enjoy 361 degrees of competence in my exclusive entitlement, i would much more appreciate being just one among many un philosophers. i am here to share some of the wit and wisdom i have found and that i trust you will find when discovering the hidden un! the wizards of oz and other magic worlds have given us few clues for discovery, the search is not all easy, nor always pleasant, yet we need not and will not despair! other seers and overseers have taught us a pre-primary lesson: most of the things we dread in life never happen. further, i believe--if we are to have a safer brand of security than that we currently have and cannot confess to enjoy--we need and we will learn greater cooperation, greater than any we have had in the modest successes of the un.

some among us would like to do terraforming on !mars! while others consider such activity ecologically irresponsible. what are we to do? instead of questioning and complaining that our task is a capricious political punishment or a bizarre planetary prank inflicted upon us by either prides of devilish terrestrials or choruses of angelic extraterrestrials, we agree among ourselves, with unprecedented, unambiguous, unanimous, unstinting insight, that we (subjectively as well as objectively, you, i/me, she/her, he/him and us and they/them) have individually and collectively been given and have accepted the greatest opportunity of all time, till our time at least, to create the new world ordering. we should discover answers to many dilemmas and we should be disappointed if we fail to create responses to innumerable, future cosmic challenges. i believe that one of the greatest tragedies in our way of acting and reacting is to suffer with a paralyzed imagination. some of the most tragic words i hear all too frequently are: i can’t imagine that! i prefer respondents and correspondents who have discovered or created the response-ability, i will try to imagine that. i have a tentative creed, that until our own time one of our most monumental misfortunes has been--through all the stretches and shrinkings of our experiences--we never discovered nor created any cultural, educational, political, social, religious, economic or other orderings sufficient to hold us far enough apart, for sufficient time. to prevent us from repeatedly making warfare, nor to hold us close enough together to assemble the puzzling pieces of peacefare. so, at the end of world war ii, we the peoples created a new, quite artificial construct and declared that we would cooperate in untried and u-n trying ways to rid the world of the scourges of war, that we would enhance human rights, and that we would explore human(e) development. we have only one explicit credit line in the un charter, the initial line, but that constitutional foible should be enough staging for us upon which to perform, to act out response-ability in u-n-ism. unapologizing, recently, we began to question the entitlements of his stories and we have established inquiries about her stories. we still seek seers and overseers for our stories, as we continue to confuse the legacies and legitimacy of authors over authority. we would create a lexicon of unwords becoming u-n words! we would learn abc’s from the unaware to the u-n aware, from unbelievable to u-n believable, uncaring, u-n caring, u-n fair, u-n just, untimed, timed and u-n timed, to u-n tested, unused and u-n used, from unzoned and uncontrolled and undefined through the u-n zoned, u-n concerned and u-n inspired. surprisingly, we would become u-n acquainted in ways we never would or could appreciate when we were unacquainted. our abysmal doubts were quite unfathomable until we bailed them out and found that they are u-n fathomable!

where have all the years gone, half a hundred and one of them? they are gone, we can look backwards without suffering the bad lot of lot’s wife and biblical fears, but we must focus on where we want to go and what we would accomplish. now, we all are going to be the un! to achieve this i believe we need to review what we know, what we don’t know, what we probably need to know and what maybe we don't need to know but which we must keep in mind or cybermind. where should we look? what values, structures, programs and proposals could we search for or create so that we would know that we the people(s) are really not so divisible, that we are not too fragmented? we let anthropologists, literati, politicians and pollsters describe the personae and cast us in cultural wars, instead of having them report to us the benefits of pluralism, from which we may create our parts. i am glad that i am a reformed anthropologist. i see this quo vadis of people and peoples “is” a different concept of anthropology than that we usually find in our academic halls and haunts. here i call upon the spirit of that jesuit prince of anthropology, pierre teilhard de chardin, for help. i do not know whether monsieur pierre wrote anything about the un in his conceptualization of noosphere or beyond, but for the moment that matters not. i subscribe to his identification of our being--our task, timetable and taxonomy. we seek to be human(e). (with modest audacity, i enhance his spelling to humane.) m. pierre shows us we are gifted with ages and eons for the task, and in the phylogenetic schema we may happily be in the ranks of angels, without wings. i was only in my fourteenth autumn when the victorious actors of world war ii assembled in that pacific city of saint francis close by the golden gate and declared on october 24, l945 the beginning of our new world ordering. our new magna carta was widely acclaimed and proclaimed, and ordinary and extra-ordinary people dared to read it and assert that they understood the message(s). soon, however, the freezing fears of the coldest of cold war paralyzed our aspirations. i guess that everyone in this room can guess about as well as i the often cacaphonic and seldom balanced scores--of reasons, unreasons, and u-n reasons--why the un has failed to serve the ideals so eloquently inscribed in the charter. just consider for a moment or a millennium the syntax paradigms clashing between unesco’s poetic preamble, since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that we must build the defenses of peace, and my prosaic, proletarian preachment, since wars begin in the lives of children, it is in the spirits of children that we must seed the dreams of peace.
in l948, a few of our most inspired colleagues created a new expression of being humane and we agreed to (and with) the universal declaration of human rights, or we ignored it so that we could imprison and martyr freedom fighters and opponents of apartheid, or worse, tragically we successfully reenacted our greatest tragedy, apathy. i believe the rights declaration to be the most magnificent civic document of the 20th century and of most centuries. in my adopted town of greenwich where we have almost 1/100,000th of the earth’s human population, i stretch imagination and still i cannot propagandize the declaration through the schools. i pride myself on some of my gardening, but i have failed to plant this succinct text in the regular plot and plotting of the curriculum. in a previous incarnation i was a renowned pioneer in global population education. yet, here in a sophisticated, superlative, seemingly solipsistic (purely self seeking or self existent) suburb, i am not yet a total failure! i am my own accountant and my accounts are pluses, for, i have not been drafted, nominated nor elected to be the champion of lost causes! i consistently, conscientiously concentrate on clownish composure: i am not a champion of lost causes, i am a champion of causes that have not yet been won (one).

a quixotic quartet of imagineers--three fifth-grade teachers and i--sensitively, sensibly and a little subversively, have introduced the text of elementary human rights in “primary,” as a calculated counterploy to the rancid racism so clumsily acted out in the greenwich high school in l995. we have awakened 60 kids to the record of their rights. in global terms, we have communicated with only 1/100,000,000th of us. one has to start some time, with somebody, somewhere and we wish that every ten of us can communicate to ten, until with 1010th we speak to l0 billion... how many of us will have to listen to the message, more than once... how many times will any of us really, really hear it?

a special earth-identifying and shocking event occurred in the un in the 1980s. in 1984, when many students of literature and a few of political science were deeply concerned about how much or how little we would adopt the mores of orwell’s classic, 1984, the general assembly commissioned a conspicuous committee of stalwart internationalists to explicate our environmental dilemmas which they did in a super report aptly named, our common future (l987). under the imaginative direction of prime minister gro brundtland of norway, we examine creative confrontation in a trilogy of basic issues: environment, population and, most starkly, poverty. it is easy to be critical of the short-comings of our l987 report, but for all the less and all the more, we have extensive reasons to be thankful, and this report serves as the benchmark to unced, the united nations conference on environment and development and to the knowledgeable and affective “lighthouse” text, agenda 21 (1992), now so basic in study and structure of un work on sustainable development. in l993 our world body dedicated some of its efforts to the un conference on human rights held captive in vienna. you may remember there was little discussion in our media but such as there was, it was more focused on whether rights could be universal than on how we might engender gender equity, when and how to adjudicate economic justice, and where, when, and how to define, defend and democratize dignity. incidentally and coincidentally, the year was designated international year for indigenous people, purporting to increase our understanding of ethnic heritages, just as we were again and again exposed to the tragic treatments, mistreatments and tortures of “ethnic cleansing.” in many respects, and in lack of respect, it was not a good year. in l994 we were tested, troubled and treated again with decennial deliberations on population and this was under the mantle of international year for the family. family values can be as neglected and variable in international gatherings as in our domestic ones. we labeled l995 as the year for tolerance and we tried again to define and promote the status of women--a topic of highest priority with me since 1983 when my wife challenged me with the query, “what are you going to do to guarantee that your one and only favorite daughter gets an education equal to that which your one and only favorite son is getting?” (i was lucky the daughter was then only ten years young, we have worked well together. contributing endlessly to each others education and now she is intending to test my understanding of law, justice, jurisprudence and torts and tortured testimonials in the un trying tribunal on genocide. )

last year, while some celebrated the un’s 50th anniversary, the secretariat gave us another chance to own the responsibility of being the un, an agenda for development, where further concern for poverty of mind, body and spirit is exposed. i have not minded for you nor reminded you of decades for women, water, cultural development, the disabled and human rights nor have i highlighted years for peace, youth, the aging, and many more issues in our efforts to co-create global culture. what challenges me and disappoints me most, is our quixotic quest for peace. let me express a few facts and feelings about peace. we, from this early or late vantage point of story, 1996, can l-e-a-p, p-l-e-a and p-e-a-l in the last leap of this fast fading millennium adroitly and gauchely to and from l945, or 1269 bc when ramses ii of the egyptians and hattusilis of the hittites gave us our first known peace treaty. in 2031 oce we can celebrate the 3300th anniversary of the first known peace treaty. in l992, just five hundred years after the very dis-ordering, so-called discovery of the new world, we commissioned our sixth secretary general to assess something of our post cold war state of affairs. boutros boutros-ghali fulfilled the request, properly and proficiently, with a modest text of 48 pages. he presented us with the provocative and piecemeal work, too temptingly titled, an agenda for peace, seemingly or unseemingly more an agenda for peacekeeping than for peacemaking. i am distraught in that i find in it more of an apology for the militarization of the un than an agenda for pacific planning and performance. i turn regularly to unesco’s tome, peace on earth. my anthropology taught me that in many “societies” the deceased are wished away with rites and rights to rest in peace, but anthropologists and other students of human behavior seldom report societal messages of rites and rights to work in peace and to live in peace. it seems to me that we are condemned to live in bellicose ways until we find enough faith to live in peace. due to the time constraints we have set upon ourselves today--not to mention my failure to be encyclopedic--i will leave only clues for you to remove the metaphorical cataracts clouding your search for the hidden un! you have a treasure hunt--there is a treasure to be found and enjoyed--the treasury is full of chants and charts, chances and challenges, though its funds are devastatingly depleted, drained so low that we fail to see the high tide marks of our unmitigated miserliness. the clues i suggest are, read the charter of the united nations (1945), the universal declaration of human rights (1948), our common future (1987), agenda 21 (1992), an agenda for peace(l992, revised l995), and an agenda for development (l995). for the compulsive and the clowns, i could easily refer you to a list of 14,,000 un publications, but you might rather hide from this corpus of concern and comment, than find the un. uncounted clues to understanding the works and worries of the un are inscribed in these texts. few schools, colleges, universities and institutes give more than one or two courses in what we call international organization(s). we do not even know where to look for courses on globalism . further, i have yet to find a college that offers any courses entitled p.c., where p.c. is planetary consciousness, planetary concern, planetary curricula, peace council, peace counsel, and personal commitment.

in childhood we play hide and seek with great glee, seldom wishing to get caught and to be “it.” sadly, in adulthood, i believe we distort play. though still engaged in “hide and seek” in our educational, political, social, economic, religious, public, private, cultural life, we do not want to be caught because somehow or other we expect others to take care of things for us. we are indeed “afraid” to be “it” or part of “it” to effect the global understanding we may pray for and/or we may in limited, local ways work for. i contend that here, a scant l00 kilometers from the un headquarters we hide ourselves from the un, rather than having the un hidden from us. unadmitting, our media do a miserable job of substantive analysis of un news, both reported and unreported. we have--as close to our fingertips as we wish to make them--the virtually innumerable rubrics of un inquiry . i am a student of global culture and i look for global culture everywhere, but it is in the un that i find my best perceptions. the system is an especially fine framework, a spiritual, psychic and corporeal skeleton of global culture. in innumerable ways the unified actions of the un address culture, communication, education, health, disability, labor, nutrition, agriculture, science, economics, politics, trusteeship, drugs (of pharmacy and of abuse), atomic and other energies, disarmament, inner space and outer space, intellectual property, world heritage, air, water, land and land mines—law, justice and technology—desertification, volcanology, tectonics, oceanography, man(?) and the biosphere, population, migration, displacement and refugeeism, racism, creed, social organization, security poverty, tolerance, ethics, philosophy, weather, transportation, conflict resolution, peace studies, gender equity and human rights, global identity and personal commitment, the ultimate p.c. i hope that you will imprint your fingerprints on several of these issues. i think we have all the rubrics of global culture we need, including those i have left unlisted, to commence our new response-ability. Children, (and adults,) the poor, sick, hungry, homeless, unlettered and unwanted, will ask us innocent questions for which we have no innocent answers.

we the people(s) own the responsibility of being the united nations


The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights This gives any reader the opportunity to examine what I consider one of the most signficant documents of all time, in some 300 languages..

Learning to Be, My computer will not open the full text of my favorite UN publication, yours might. I offer several selections in and around this opus...
Unesco Jacques Delors website Education for the…
Learning to be, This explores four learnings...
unesco "learning to be " This shows about 2210 items.

Our Common Future,

An Agenda For Peace,

An Agenda for Peace (3490 Googles present themselves...) SUPPLEMENT TO AN AGENDA FOR PEACE (Boutos-Ghali's 50th Anniversary of the UN statement to expand on the 3 year young old Agenda.)

The United Nations Charter,

Google Search: "the united nations charter " (34,500 items)

Now, I am studying and propagandizing The Millennium Report.
Millennium Report of the Secretary-General, 2000

If we need "fuller" vision of the United Nations we may enter cautiously, asserting that it is not "your" world... IT is OUR WORLD..
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And I haven't even mentioned non-governmental organizations and The Civil Society....



Make war exorbitantly expensive so common people and even uncommon people will believe they are getting something important. The great turn-of-the-century economist Thorstein Veblen--who so adroitly documented and labeled this value of "conspicuous consumption"--has left to us the application, not only to further capitalize it but also to "make a killing" with capital gains.

Create suspicion around all skeptics and always have increasingly expensive military hardware proposals so peace initiatives are seldom given serious consideration. Advance ludicrous peace proposals on occasion to show absurdity of counter plans to ''military intelligence." Use oxymorons to military profit.

Always use slogan language closely related to the science, facts and fantasies of the popular culture. The great film actor and two term President, Ronald Reagan, used us and Star Wars with uncanny skill, borrowing his scripts and scenes from Star Trek. Our proto-economists and Pentagon potentates skillfully went "off budget" with many military expenditures and relied exclusively on military lexicons for terms like preparedness, security, "peace is our profession," strategic defense systems, smart bombs and patriotism. Desert Storm was a logical consequence of desert invasions. Make the reports show provoked response and self defense. Mirage derives from mirages. Spuds scrub, reversing the scrubbing of spuds, our old familiar term for potatoes, in the Kitchen...
Use colorful language.


Engage in brinkmanship in staff and material allocations which cast doubt on the patriotism of any and ALL skeptics. However, create rumors and speculations that the brinkmanship is a modest response to gargantuan threats from "evil empires."

Show dramatically the unemployment threats to civilians when military cutbacks are proposed for deficit reduction. Deny ignorance and incompetence in transition from defense spending to civilian development.


Isolate and intimidate any doubters of valiant militarism.


Propose multilateral support from allied tribes. Appear generous with special materials. Never appear to be causing hardship to enemy civilian populations.

Finance propaganda on disloyalty and subversion from within and blatantly show treason and terrorism by depressed, unassimilated ethnics of the same or related background of the alleged enemy.

Create. manipulate and distribute military media, toys, medals, photographs, and ribbons which support the credibility of war solutions in other eras, using not only our own history but that of current allies (being careful never to indicate that have been arch enemies in other wars).


Appear honorable even when behaving in the most dishonorable ways of war. Pretend that the worst losses we have suffered are due to some scrimping of loyalty or some error of judgment of an unpopular military commander, leading astray his troops. Sacrifice occasional commanders when circumstances are propitious. Make martyrs of lost-troops such as the servicemen "lost" at Pearl Harbor and "gallantly" sacrificed on Iwo Jima. Closet the most traumatic reports of suffering as military secrets except when reports can show perfidy. xi

Be stingy with the honor of martyrdom. Create a generous supply of live heroes with very few disabilities. Avoid letting any disabilities verify the horrors of war. Be very, very careful to judge the appropriate number of heroes and make them all politically, socially, economically, racially, linguistically correct... Under-represent minority groups among the heroes, because disgruntled minority heroes can make excessive post hoc demands unbecoming to war causes.


Dramatize the comradeship, victory processions, and music of war. Disavow that "since wars begin in the minds of children..."


Create splendid shrines of some utility. Spare no expense on exquisite cemeteries, but limit occupancy so as not to show the high mortality of militarism. (We did not miscount. The military gives many more orders than it counts. Overkill?)
No One drew the line at Ten...

i am now a self-appointed writer for the nytimes.....
A peace for the New York Times........ by david inkey, special writer for the NYT...
(the font used is Comic Sans MS)

Rules for the unruly.......

I wonder as I wander thru Time and Space, Meaning, Morals and Mendacity, while we have rules of war and have no rules for peace... Might we try as hard to obey rules for peace as we ever successfully break the rules for war, without any evidence of effort...

Please cover and uncover all the events leading up to, including and following the Swiss proposal of “a Meeting to Re-examine the Geneva Conventions,” reported upon on page 15 of The New York Times International, Sunday October 6, 2002.

Hopefully, this will include a review of the failure of the first known peace treaty in our human experiment, that of Ramses II of the Egyptians and Hattusilis of the Hittites, dated correctly or not as 1269 BC. We have only 29 years to prepare for the celebration of the 3300th Anniversary of the Ramses Hattusilis Treaty, September 21, 2031 AD. The same day the United Nations observes a planetary Day of Peace, perchance we can achieve a Year of Peace and go off warfare to peacefare... Our Peace Fair...

peace, david inkey

To score, two score…

Click Here: This is a long text that doesn't fit into email... my contribution is.....

DAVID INKEY, UNESCO adviser to UNICEF, retired: When I retired six years ago I set myself a project of 40 years. I laud you on your 30-year project. When I am not busy being a peacenik I try to be an anthropologist. I wish to offer you an icon for peace. Extend your time frame a bit. On the second floor of the United Nations opposite the entrance to the Security Council there is a magnificent icon of peace. It is dated 1269 BC and it is the first known peace treaty in the human experience. If you do some simple arithmetic, take 1269 and 2031 AD, add them together and you can have the 3300th anniversary of peace. Thank you.


Click Here: The Ashcroft Smear (washingtonpost.com)

if i get in trouble with ashcroft, perchance you will help me...

oh, how greatly i wanted a sled for my 9th birthday, that last birthday before my father became an Army Chaplain and the peacefilled world of sunnyside was buried in time. we moved from the little community and never again would we live where i might use my sled. in 1942 my playmate benny was incarcerated for being "yellow."

today, even-ing thoughts and prayers for my immanent anniversary of 70 solar revolutions, i wonder, i wonder as i have wandered thru years, decades, and scores, how innocently i have abhorred war and become a sainted peacelet. today i had a letter from a filosopher friend, email is a miracle of modernity. it moves us from ages of struggle for simple survival to a new epoch, struggle for complex survival... Yet, ever, still, since, now as the childness in me wonders and wanders thru memories long past, present presence, and future fullness, ever to awe and audacity... in the higher echelons of the government of the usa, the very faith of decency and difference are being challenged, being smeared with fears of full and unmitigated "treason." a mystical 13 years ago, i was confounded, quickly compromised, conscripted, registered and to be committed to endless, profoundly subversive, devious, secret, covert work. i was identified as that most incredible thief of children's affections, i was called santa... i was burdened with unaccustomed labors and asked to breach the locked security of the homes and treasured institutions of friends, neighbors, relatives and strangers... i was to labor under the ruse of knowing everyone's name and to feign knowledge when i was ignorant, i was to bear false witness--covering up for naughtiness and badness, and i was to keep secret records. i was allowed to collect any kind of information i wanted, on anyone, and expected to keep total biofiles... not even my most trusted colleagues were to be taken into my confidence...

j. edgar hoover was a paragon of power in his daze, yet in the daze, weaks, months, years, decades and decadence, scores and scoring of my global travel and work, i was unchecked in power, prestige, and most criminally of all, in the popular culture, i was assigned the task of convincing billions of human being that i was a chubby old man who worked rarely and did not care for people beyond the age of my having them duped. all in all, that was bad enuf, but worse, parents like the likes of Johnny would deprecate my goodness, counter treason, i believe, by threatening kidlets with the idea that i was a disciplinarian.... "better watch out, better not cry, for i am telling you why...." heresy confronts my reason! so......... even if i light but one candle, fill but one hope or keep faith with only one dying child..... i am treasonous... for hundreds and hundreds of years, almost two thousand years, people have known that my magic is not cruel... so, if my dissent from the common current of "fighting terrorism," is treason, please bring me to trial...by a jury of my peers... secretly, like keeping a santas' list, i doubt that johnny can find a jury of peers... i appear like a bearded old man with a bag full of gifts spreading joy and peace. johnny and his peers may sum day learn that, to the question, "Santa, are you real?" i always reply without any fear of false witness, "johnny, virginia, YES, i am real..." guilty as charged, overcharged....

peace, santa

and also, if you can help me get a gift i have longed for for millennia....

a gift for santa?

i want to live in a world where the past tense, the present tense,
and the future tense--all avoid pre-tense.
i want to live in a world where the future protects the past...
and, where, without question or doubt, the past protects the future...
this may be the greatest present we may ask for.

i want all of the best dreams of all ages to be the “ourstory” of the future.
i want all the horrors of all our pasts to be forgiven,
miscellaneous errors of ignorance...................
miserably multiplied by unmitigated arrogance.
i want to live in a world where no child will ever ask,
why did you save my life?

i do not want to live in a world where children ask us,
the well-fed, the educated, the healthy, the rich, the powerful,
“innocent questions” for which i have no innocent answers.


Mabel Ingalls, bacteriology professor and "last surviving grandchild of J. Pierpont Morgan," was indeed a marvelously impressive woman. I met Dr. Ingalls at the 1964 Western Hemisphere Regional Meetings of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Puerto Rico, where I was introduced to the then young world of international family planning. I was a young Visiting Professor of Social Anthropology from the Faculty of Medicine of The University of El Salvador and a founding member of the Salvadoran Demographic Association. Dr. Ingalls was a sourcebook of international health and we regaled each other with challenging stories.

The day after we met a population colleague said to me: "You know who she is, don't you?" I said innocently and honestly enough, She is an adjunct professor at Columbia." My informant said, in terribly knowledgeable terms, "She is J. P. Morgan's grand-daughter and when she was a little gir1 one day her nanny took her to play in Central Park. There Mabel learned the greatest lesson of her life. She was playing on the grass in front of a 'don't play on the grass’ sign when a policeman said to the nanny, get that child off the grass. The nanny asked the cop, don’t you know who that little girl is? She is J. P. Morgan's grand-daughter and she can play on the grass if she wants to. The policeman disappeared, and the nanny called Mabe1 off the grass. You may be J. P. Morgan’s grand-daughter, but you must learn to play by the rules.

When I returned to the States in the autumn of 1964 to work in Boston on international family planning, I talked to and wrote Mabel a couple of times on work issues. When I moved on to population education in 1969 our paths separated and I thought she had died sometime in the 1970s. Today, on this cold last day of the year, December 31, 1993, the NYT brings me notice of her death and informs me that for some 25 years Mabel and I missed the opportunity of sharing each other's deep concern for all people's health and we lost the joy of telling stories to each other. Mabel Ingalls was a great person and a great international health worker in an era when it was very difficult for women to be great, successful professionals. Friendship is a fragile essence which must be stewarded as carefully as one helps a child learn the rules that protect our ecos, our home and environment.

Birendra’s Antarctic Angst and Awe…

Peace in Antarctica is older than the ice, but humans and some humanes decided in 1959 that we should keep Peace at least somewhere on the planet, so with an international agreement they treatyized the Seventh Continent. As a king come lately, in 1975, my friend and former student Shah Dev declared his kingdom in the clouds, Nepal, to be a Zone of Peace.... Are we to suppose that I was prescient by being such a peacenik all my life....., burning my draft card in 1953 during the Korean Police Action which came to be known as the Korean War … And while Nepal was "recognized" by 116 nations as a Zone of Peace, only Antarctica has remained peacefilled.


The night before last, I finally awoke to the idea that YES, I do believe in GHOSTS... For almost 70 years I have teased myself about ghosts… and I had this magnificent dream about Shah Dev addressing The Empty Chamber of the General Assembly, about his campaign to get Nepal recognized as a Zone of Peace... In his lifetime he managed to get 116 nations to support Nepal as a ZOP and I always wanted him to take the idea to the UN... He declined, saying he wasn't ready to do so.... So, in my dream work, he does what I wanted him to do during his life sentence on Planet Earth...
After he came out of the General Assembly with an entourage of two or three he was in a little room and I heard that he was at the UN... so I prevailed upon the guards to let me in the room and I requested the other Nepalese to leave so that Shah Dev and I could chat... they did so and I congratulated Shah Dev on his endeavor, explaining that it mattered not at all that the great hall of the UN was EMPTY.... I assured my friend that the message would endure... And, I awakened, finally believing in ghosts.... Halloween this year will take on new significance... I laughed silently to myself and thought that I should write a little essay, fun and frivolous should not be confused, A FUNNY FINALE!

dear editor, unoville, connecticut ... X-XIII-MMII

Johnson and McNeil have, each in their own ways, nyt oct 13, 2002, done a very interesting journalistic job of telling noble and less noble stories.. I always wanted the Nobel Peace Prize until the day my next door Beacon Street neighbor, Henry K was announced as a shareholder thereof. Sharecropping is questionable in many fields and I particulary abhor the field methods when land minds replace mindful food production. Further, I am deathly allergic to the spraying of aerial bombs...

I knew my friend John Rock wasn't going to get the Nobel Peace Prize, because no noble Nobel Norweigans were going to embarrass the Vatican on such general, generous, gender grounds as maternal health and family planning. Phillip Hauser, a magnificent demographic debater, would not get the Peace Prize because he hadn't yet proclaimed a distinction between the people COUNT and the PEOPLE count... He did buy my breakfast at the 1965 PC, Population Conference in Belgrade... The Balkans were so beautiful then and I helped Yugoslav doctors doctor their clients... Yes, I would have liked to be named a Peace Prize recipient. I didn't think that an anthropologist, especially not a reformed Harvardian anthropologist, replacing the study of death rituals with the study and implementation of life rituals would ever a Nobel Prize. So, I just got on with my work, my revolutionary work in population education, my "inventing" the terms POPULATION EDUCATION and POPULATION AWARENESS, stemming through conscience and contraceptives what Ehrlich was in terrorist terminology planting as THE POPULATION BOMB. I proclaimed Clarence Gamble's soapbox rhetoric, EVERY CHILD A WANTED CHILD... Then, then, a less than totally pious PIUS, a pope yet, delivered his letter, ON HUMAN LIFE... I think he was dyslexic... My cyclical schema is ON HUMANE LIFE...

If we are going to continue to politicize our celebrities and celebrate our politicians, we could do much worse than name President Jimmy Carter as the 2002 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. A noble prize to a noble humane being... peace, with noblesse oblige, david inkey

One upon a time? for just a moment
between remembering the past and premembering the future,
I stumbled on my imagination and fell into a series of black holes
where there was so little light and consciousness...
that I will never know the dimensions of that moment
or how long or short the time warp was...

Beyond the black holes I tumbled...
through non-serialed or unserialed
primary red, and yellow,
and blue wholes and holes,
until I emerged back into myself,
forgetting the thousands of shades I had seen
and felt
in rainbows without rains beyond the beyond...

Recast into myself, I remember
--between past and future--
all arrayed on one flat area a picture of pictures
--all portraying wars...
On another flat surface there was a mystical non-picture,
a 1001 piece of peaces,

collage of outlines of every shape of peace we know,
or can imagine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
but all detail within the outlines was missing
and the textures of peace have to be poeticized
for they were un-painted, un-drawn,
un-photographed, un-sculpted, un-cast, un-done.

All the whiteness around suggested splendid, monochrome sunsets.
And all the redness became the readiness of infra-red rainbows,
or reign bows or borings.

The irises of Van Gogh melted into my irises
and the price of peace became incalculable
because each peace or was it each "piece" dyslexically lost was priceless.

No counting could tell us if price-less meant exaggerated worth-less-ness
or exaggerated worth-full-ness...
And thus we concluded that
"war is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace."

A Man named Thomas Mann told us this truth,
we would measure as tumbling, trying treatises
between our determination to make either peacefare or Peace Fair,
or both...

Lest we return from yes-ter-day's tomorrow and tomorrow's yes-ter-day,
to to-day...

In tumbling through the wholes and the holes,
we try to find holiness and wholeness...

Would the price differ if I were white,
or black, or red, brown, yellow?
Would the price differ,
if my religious symbols differed from those you wear,
and those you reject.

I merge into oblivion wanting no more no and knowing...
I will image and imagine and "the sun will be another morning star..."


virtual peace…
I have not labored in making any new stars nor have I tried to create planets. I have contented myself with the task of filling a great cauldron with our myriad cultures and melting them, thus to unify them in a planetary mold , casting a new myth which we shall all know as Planetary Culture. I believe that Planetary Culture is the common numerator of multiple denominators such as ecology, equity, education, peace, prosperity and poverty, participation, integrity, imagination, identity, international and interspecies cooperation, culture, conflict, and creativity. The initials and ingredients of the denominators constitute Epic Ethics.

We the People(s) of The United Nations should be tired that our diplomats have for fifty years used our good name and nomination in The Charter of The United Nations virtually as a cliche rather than as a creative construct and we should now, after last autumn’s Golden Anniversary of the United Nations, own the response-ability of being the UN. We might want to believe that in l945 the questionable victors of the Second World War promised a new world ordering to rid the our planet of the scourge of war, but immediately the great powers began the great cold war that froze the disinherited into further deprivation... Our “Security Council” structures “security” as a continuation of military models instead of creating a peaceful pattern of “security” through trust... Our Trusteeship Council was defined only to eliminate colonialization, instead of conceiving of and creating “trusteeship” in the sense of common stewardship.

The Quietest Clown
i would be the quietest clown in the cosmos,
 if i could find a simple place
 betwixt curious complexity and the unlimited expanse
 of the nation of imagi…

 eons ago,
 a speculative supposed saint approximated or plagiarized
 my ever anticipated autobiography,
 ages before I found that unauthorized artist-author’s delightful drawings and delirious drafts… 

saint-exupery’s little prince was as golden crowned as i, 
he only differed by blueness in the irises of sight… 
 he had a serpentine ease for his escape
 from a short planetary sentence, 
 i am sentenced to life and sentenced to death here,
 never knowing the indeterminate duration.

clowns do not work only in circuses… 
 most of us wander thru the universe
 without any sense of circling the crowds we encounter… 
occasionally, some are caught in universities…
maybe clowns “play” only in circuses
 and work in the “rest” of our lives… 
cosmic comics…

i would play with pandas,
 rest with raccoons,
 and…………… work with walruses, 
it has been said, well recorded…
 an actor must play the parts created by others, 
a clown must create his/her own role
 i am a lonely, quietest clown…

All the apes asked me to ape them….
All boobies wanted me to know they have no booby traps.
The condor caught my candor…
The donkey wondered why i thought he was a burrocrat.

The elephant helped me pack my trunk…
The frog wanted me to be a royal…
He wanted me to introduce him to a princess…
A giraffe gently grounded my grief…
The heffalump hid so carefully I never found him or her.

The iguana ignored my ignorance…
The jackal joined my joy and played both judge and jury.
The kangaroo pocketed my pretense.
The loon lifted my spirits…
A lion lost his pride…

The monkey taught me his business….
The newt nicely noticed my new necktie.
The wise old owl easily outwitted me.
The penguins taught me to play water polo.

The quail confessed confusion between tales and retails…
The raccoons raced ridiculously round my riddles…
One of the skunks thought he smelled a humane being…
The skua suggested, "SHARING..."

A monk was locked in his cell until released by a monkey…
The turkeys thought they had all the keys…

The unicorn blesses all, seen and unseen…
From on high, vultures view our vain, inhumane vulgarity…
The walrus wonders with wit and wisdom.

A lonely xiphosuran wanted to play horseshoes…

One yak yearned with all my yearnings…
Then, all the yaks yelled, YES!!!!!!!!!!

There were no strikes against the zebras.
Except for the candy stripers…
Zebras had all the stripes running, walking and standing, still…

The Quietest Clown’s Epilogue

peace in nine sizes of cosmic’s comic sans ms font



Dear Colleagues,

I wonder what would be necessary for me to be named UNESCO Ambassador and Program Coordinator for the Celebration of the 3300th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Ramses II of the Egyptians and Hattusilis of the Hittites, created in Bogazkoy in 1269 BC. We may celebrate and commemorate this treaty, also known as the Treaty of Kadesh, in 2031 AD...not troubling ourselves with any calendar corrections thru more than 10,000 generations.

My UNESCO credentials of service as a pioneer in population education and as UNESCO Advisor to Unicef for over a decade should serve in part as ample evidence of the appropriateness of my nomination. My unstinted service as United Nations Santa since being so named by Unicef in 1989 should further serve to confirm me to the responsibilities I am currently developing unofficially.

My collaboration with on peace with my friend and former student, shah dev, His Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, creator of Nepal as a Zone of Peace, with subscription of 116 nations during the time from his coronation till his death, June 1, 2001, by regicide and patricide, should further confirm my commitment to peace... Shad Dev and I were going to celebrate the Kadesh Treaty, but with his death I am grieved by what will be his physical absence from the Planetary Peace Fair, 2031 AD.

Between now and 2031, I will also work unceasingly to promote the idea that Antarctica be established as the Birendra Antarctica World Heritage Park, Antarctica being the only continent upon which we humans have not wage war...

If we truly wage peace, we may find that Thomas Mann was not wrong when he observed "War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of Peace." I labor to give peace every chance I can...
peace, david inkey

Note: I would only be able to accept the position if the entire population of the Nation of Imagi would grant me permission to assume such task of Planetary Culture and personal commitment... I suspect that I would condition my acceptance of the position, contentedly contending that an initial 100 ambassadors are needed and each amb should be allowed to identify 100 more,,, l00 to the nth power would empower squads of peacemakers

UN, The World at a Critical Turning Point Check out ""
Date: Thursday, December 26, 2002 9:12:12 PM
From: Antarcticu

Click Here:

Dear Colleagues,

Having been through several decades in the United Nations experience, I would like to suggest that ON PEACE.....we may extend our vision...
david inkey, unesco 75-91
unesco adv to unicef, 81-91

Subj: Turkey, the Kadesh Treaty...and 2031 OCE
Date: Saturday, December 21, 2002 10:47:28 PM
From: Antarcticu
To: Turkuno

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

I am writing you concerning an idea which I have had for many years, but for which I never envisaged any specific geographic elements. I want We the People of Planet Earth, not just the Peoples of the UN, celebrate and commemorate the first known peace treaty of our human experience, that of Ramses and Hattusilis....a replica of which we have in the United Nations... In the UN, the date listed is 1269 BC.... Doing a little unsophisticated math, making no allowances for calendar changes and possible calendaric errors, both of which are highly probable, I would conclude that the 3300th Anniversary is in 2031 OUR COMMON ERA....

Now, this is marvelous... It gives us ample time to really work on peace... It gives us time to hold a generous number of preparatory conferences and to use edev to hold virtual conferencing... Pepe Figueres at MIT is Kofi's media manager and several media measures are already underway for enhancing UN and related cyber communication... Don Pepe is the son of Costa Rica's reknowned Peace President, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in an international population conference in the Republic of Chile in 1967... And, I have met Don Pepe, Jr., also a former president of Costa Rica, at MIT, in the Media Lab... The Media Lab has a fantastic component working under the title, "News of the Future."

Unicef has designated Turkey as one of the special focus countries in its current program of prioritizing girls' education... Turkey has a good 20th Century record of giving women political rights...

Next year is the International Year of Freshwater, water issues are a serious problem in your area, and your government has just signed a 20 year water program with Israel...a vital factor for generating greater peacefulness in the region...

Some of my friends consider that it is entirely Quixotic to project a Peace Fair so far into "the future..." I started working on the idea in 1992, upon retiring from UNESCO, from being UNESCO Advisor to Unicef...1981-1991... In 1989, Unicef conferred upon me the unique honor and task of BEING the United Nations Santa, for their outreach work with children in a New York foster care program... Now, 14 times I have served beyond "belief" as a successful "impersonation" of that 4th Century Turk from Myra, Saint Nicholas.... If Hittites were trying to enhance peacemaking in the 13th Century BC and if Nick was trying to further what the UN called in the 80s, adjustment with a human face, surely the Turkish people and their government representatives should be interested in proclaiming the significance of Bogaskoy Click Here: Google Search: "bogaskoy"... We might even be able to get Bogaskoy onto the UNESCO World Heritage List...... Turkey - UNESCO World Heritage sites - Travel-I…

It would be my druthers, that 2031 not be turned into a big international confab... I would prefer that it be a media event illustrating "peacefullllllllness" developed during this important incubation period, 1993-2031. Obvious apologies are necessary for the strong military language of the Kadesh Treaty... This item says 1280 BC Click Here: Egypt: Ramses the Great, The Pharaoh Who Made P… This one says 1269 and includes text.... Kadesh Treaty

One of my favorite publications in the entire United Nations arena is the UNESCO opus, PEACE ON EARTH, which includes the Rames-Hattusilis text... I also rank LEARNING TO BE, in high regard... In 1970, in Kathmandu, I had the opportunity to discuss the formulation of LEARNING TO BE while Edgar Faure was working diligently upon that masterpiece... that was five years before I joined UNESCO...

We are now in the second year of UNESCO's Culture of Peace, and nowhere in the media have I seen, in these terrorist times, any reference to Turkey's early role in working for peace... It seems most opportune to me that Turkey could attempt to reveal early struggles, with midterm and current difficulties... Google Search: "culture of peace" On an advanced google search of Turkey and CULTURE OF PEACE, I note about 2,810 googlets..... You should have the proverbial field day.... On a google search of Turkey and INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FRESHWATER, you, we already have about 77 connections...

On girls education and Turkey google responds about 1490 times...I haven't done any checking whether these are praiseworthy of faultfinding, and I copy only the favorable one of UNICEF collaboration here.... Click Here: U.S. Fund for UNICEF: Girls' Education: Press R… I worked in the UNICEF premises during the directorship of James Grant, and from his earlier work with Turkey, Turkey enjoyed his fond attention... Turkey responded energetically, and with great effectiveness, on the universal immunization efforts...

I could go on into other peace, ecology and development issues, but for now, I believe I have presented sufficient detail to indicate both Turkey's appropriateness for early commitment to The First Planetary Peace Fair and my own keen interest... When not referring to myself, amusedly, as the United Nations Santa and the United Nations Philosopher, another title I was given in 1989, I attempt to be something of a United Nations anthropologist... I append my resume...and I hope that you will "entertain" most favorably my interest is seeing you commit yourself to this long term peacemaking...

Sincerely yours,

Of my several 2031 items, I like to share this one most often....



Once upon a time, long, long ago, and far, far away, just about as long ago as yesterday, today and tomorrow and as far away as here, at the neighbors, in the community, in this region, just about here, now and together...some naughty elves suggested that a great clan of Santa Selves should be bonded to a special Santa and he/she did this by creating and misplacing an apostrophe... Since time out of memory, Santa has been set apart from his/her companions... Now, I, acting with authority and equally unauthorized and UN AUTHORIZED, want, wish and willingly declare that we are all frequently guilty of “the misplaced apostrophe.” By dropping this apostrophe into oblivion, we will all recognize a glistening new reality and creativity, an imaginative state of being... We will all be SANTA SELVES...

Further, as we work in peace we will also find time to rest in peace, all the days and daze and nights and ‘knights’ of our being... WE THE PEOPLES (cut the s, WE THE PEOPLE) will find a way to create a new verb, PEACE. not really a new verb, only complexly neglected... We will creatively see that PEACE PEACES PEACE. We will not have to use warring terms in our Security Council, for we will define security, as that sensibility of inner peace, community peace and planetary peace. PC will not be only some strange degree or declaration of political correctness and a type of computer... PC will be dually recognized, at two magnificent extremes, as Planetary Culture and, the ultimate PC, personal commitment.

We will have both peace council and peace counsel... We will grow from local, state and national civics, to Planetary Civics... We will exercise some personal constraint and we will be free of burdensome personal constraint. I think and I am, but more important than both of those curricular activities, I imagine and I image. I count my sensibilities not as the traditional five, touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. I count on at least ten senses, adding, faith, hope, LOVE, humor and AWE... maybe, twelve, wit and wisdom...

Instead of having just one United Nations Philosopher, David Inkey, we will all find ways--wit and wisdom--to be UN philosophers. We will own the response-ability of being WE THE PEOPLE and we will not inappropriately delegate some of the major privileges we have as humanes... We will, I trust, acknowledge the Universal Declaration of Human(e) Rights as the greatest civic document of the 20th Century and of many centuries and we will embark upon many new millennia with the imagination and imagery to recognize LIFENESS, the relation of all beings and non-being one to another. We shall be neither utopian nor dystopian, finding that entopia is our goal and our place. We shall never be free of conflict as long as we have imagination and unmet desires, but we shall learn conflict resolution and fulfill that ancient dream that we are not going to learn war anymore...

In that short time span from 1269 BCE (Before Common Era) till 2031 OCE (Our Common Era) we have only 3300 years, to mark time from the Peace Treaty of Ramses II of the Egyptians and Hattusilis of the Hittites till The First Planetary Peace Fair, commemorating our first peace accord... Now, in l996 we have a scant 35 years to prepare for such a global celebration, where we want no homeless, no hungry, no unlettered and unnumbered, no needlessly diseased, no totally unemployed and no totally driven by heavy employment. We want to share, for I believe we will learn that indeed it is in giving that we receive...that giving and receiving are identical.

let there be Peace, and let Peace grow with and in me...

a santa.......


Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 10:54:48 PM
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Norwegian - FRED
Persian (Iran) - SULH
Pilipino (Philippines) - KATAHIMIKAN
Pintupi (Australia) - YATANPA
Polish - POK”J
Rundi (Burundi) - AMAHORO
Russian - MIR
Sanskrit - SHANTI
Serbo-Croatian - MIR
Shona (Zimbabwe) - RUNYARARO
Spanish - PAZ
Swahili (Kenya, Tanzania) - AMANI
Swedish - FRED
Tamil (Sri Lanka, India, Singapore) - SAMADANAM
Tibetan - SIDI
Turkish - BARIS
Urdu (Pakistan) - AMAN
Vietnamese - H“A BĂNH
Zulu (South Africa) - UKUTHULA

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