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Slav Akimov and Ozod Mukhamedjanov
Republic of Uzbekistan
Central Asian Region

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Table of Contents

Global degradation of ecosystems


The paper is an anlysis of :
* Global degradation of ecosystems
* Collapse of Central Asia
* Findings and proposals

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Regional ecological centre in the Central Asia

by Slav Akimov

I. Ecology in the new world order

Military, financial and ecological mechanisms compose the most powerful part of the united complex of mechanisms of building, but in future operations of the new world-wide community.

At present, military and financial mechanisms are dominating. After the completion of forming a new world-wide united mankind system, functions of management and regulations will basically be entrusted on ecological and financial mechanisms.

II. Global calling and responses

Biosphere as an autonomous self-organising system tends to restore a condition of balanced unstability, violated by the influence of general anthropogeneus load. Off-balance increasing anthropogeneus load enlarges a system unstability factor, for neutralisations of which biosphere realizes processes of global negative succession, i.e. degradation of ecosystems. Land desertion is the final stage of degradation of ecosystems.

Educational and propagandistic functioning of such organisations as a Club of Rome, Greenpeace, and others have brought about forming of notion of the ecological threat by world public. This in turn, has stipulated need of development and realisation of complex of actions, directed on ensuring ecological security and further ecological sustainable development of mankind.

III. Collapse of the Central Asia - a beginning of the end of the world?

Dynamic degradation of ecological systems of the Central Asia and incapability of the local governments generates a number of serious threats, as global security of the world community, so and national security of developing countries of Western Europe and America .

On forming of given process also render an active influence islamic fundamentalism, drug-business and other power, that are interested in destabilisation of situations in the CAR .

Main sales markets of narcotics are rich countries of the West Europe and North America. Possibility of quick increase of drug-stream (before 1000 tons of heroin per year) in these countries requires of taking preventive measures by their governments. Except this a danger of selling a weapon of mass striking or technologies of its fabrication in third countries and use by its international terrorism is exist.

IV. Findings and proposals

There are two alternative ways of further development by countries of the CAR:

1. The First way is of independent "development", which has tendency to making of area of arming conflict on the territory of the whole CAR, with the further destabilisation of the situation in the whole world;

2. The Second way is participation in the development and realisation of international project to create an international NGO "Regional Ecological Centre". It will help to stabilize a situation in the CAR and create real preconditions for the further sustainable development as countries themselves, as well as the region as a whole.

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